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Full text of "St. Cloud Tribune Vol. 21,No. 21, February 06, 1930"

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' Whole City To Gather In Big Progress Mass Meeting 

Bassetts Will Build a Summer 

I Peeping Into Politics 

Residence on Lake Alligator j Knun tin* number of in’Ihoii* limit Flit* K. Ihivi*- nay* Hint now Hint 

i ® lire mi ni limed for the offlcv of mayor the pupci* Mild (lint lit* In n mm* 

♦ ■ i ■ |u # vj Clmm. It would n|»|M*iii Hint the ot(•!#«t•* for county ontnmlNtdottcr in 

Mr mid Mr*. C 'V IIiimmoH. owner* (Off or dmdring opwidl <le«lgnv nod $200 per month *ulnry -of by the « 4 ty *ome dl*lrlct, he will of cotsmo oof 
of tlto ProuviMudve Stun* Klio|> oil comfort. Ilo MtrVml a* foreman In onnuiilaiflao, after tin* adoption of tin* make tho iwimn out n lint. Ito want* 
UpiMiichu»ott» ii venue, Imve hough) u the Walkover factory lit It roc ton for now charter npproW'd In I hr Novciu to lio roniiiil**lotkcr In *t|Mtr|ot No. 2 
4 ^<idlfnl t»lom* of i^round and will In** n mimtor of year*, having put In 17 •*"( i*l« 1 lwi, miikc* I ho* pn*ltk»n of (KMmmool. opimmIuk Kriml Macl. 
in vary «.ihn to imllil a mndnrn Hun- .veal** of mtvIii* wllI i tlmt concern In iimyei-couiiiil'udouer very dc*li*blc ttio pro*cnt Ithuinbciit -Kill**, of dour**’ 
nlow M Alligator l4»ke. with a vio« toro leaving It to enter tin Dougina However. it miiy Im> wild to tho crmllt wu* Jut* Jolting when I •* nnld "m'Iiic 
.. f making Hit** tliolr Mifinuor homo* In Idnnt Ilo wm* thou with IhiurIii** **f mnu* of itio UMplrmil* !•• tho office dlHtrlrt.” bmninv ho tum attorney for 
iin, |„ r , nhiiiiihtuluu ttroi’toii, on von yoitrn, touvliu: tho world-famed of mayor llml thoy think tho »ntnry tin* county comnilmnlimom ii fow ><** « 

'timtf . where tho couple tin*. Ih*oii nboe*Miaker und Inti ffnvhfflvr of ton hick, und will projioae Inter on In ago itnil In familiar w ith till dUtrl- U 
t tending Hu- Dimmer month* f(* tho Ma***olniwtt* to iro with tho M. A. Ito emnpnlgti Hint If tin \ ale elected l.Ill- Dnvl* mi mo to OhihiIm ooutit> 
nluo yon in or alnot* Mr nud Packard people lie bn# Iron In tho that the .Jury I*** cut very materially. f troih JacktoB county. nod ht* fntlior- 
Munni 1 1 ounio hero In Uhl und *lw*o IiiinIhonm 11 year*. .‘I* of which At hri**ilil llton* *Mi*in» to ho nu tvn* will* **f tin* |»M*tiilti«'iit inciol'i rv 

••NluhlUliiNt tho iitondhl hindio **> they h« liu* lunl llh idnultiff wifi* nnffh’InhHl »|vo»v(*| candidate* fur the joh of |»hiin of the *tatehuloliilitre InYlicdm• when 
now tnko in-Ido In luiinngini: *tod with him in vnrlOVn cnimoltlon, nml ' ||> «i*nnulN>lonor. tltouuh there ulr Florida wm* not mi hlv n» It now Im*uni. 

Every Man and Every Woman Appointed 
Individual Committee Of One To Come 
To G. A. R. Hall Next Wednesday Even¬ 
ing, Feb. 12th—And Bring Another Also. 



wi i/iNif st ( < kss or rrnut^iTY 

>1*01)1 tint; |x*i*uuull>\ on M/i"^Motin»n*llN 

vour* of whi* Ii In* hn** o|h intod twu |»him* I«• ho filled for n two yi 

Tie* RiiNN4*tiN Imivo won ii whl • I*.m*i In St CJittwl term 

*>f friend* nIiioi* they flt-l iirrlvmt It 'll 1 RiimH ^ |*e* Inllae*. in liedotn <* 'I «Wko nml C. tl. I*th«* nro 

M. ('lluej und the new* of tliolr In • ho«» tnukltUL mihI. *»Mt«*«i rd«ote. I*, the only two aiHKHin< i wd oimdhint**- 

• onItOtl to the full : our hole mte of ♦bt* on**tiindt»i« iwurttlMiner* of f**i umyoi . nut of tin* elulll lnlki-d «»f 

t» |ho future will l*e rii-elv.**! with «Mtlio|n\y In l'l•ulul*tll» Fhu-itlu f»*» tin* plie-e und Mum wi) tlmt tlie 

«<o|lkht. They njiIi! that tl»e> Imd It* Tho ltn«M*tl« ur»* l*»*» wiltlue lot minty •tumid lie out. I'lo* rvfil (MX 

,*»no* mii ih. uly Mold on tie S.rtdh ten* to friend* buck nmlh iioquulnt imycl* of ihe olty think *•• t*wi 

r a two your J uf tiolna. Ilo I* etw- of 
I mi«m| iihlo hiwyor* nod u 
tl. I*rh*e are I t«*r for any |»rnCTo««dvo 
I oiiiidldhte* i uit.du rtmiiijr. 

o county • 
mm i hoi* 

»vo turn t In 


I*mil' MO 

Thoy Miild that the> had It* 
ili-ojdy Mold oil He Kiridh- 

loi- i ho idiii* mot I he- ki> tlmt tin* I >vith uImhii fmir timuno coun*> law 
oilmy «lioold In' out. The n*nl tax jicm wautluK Ho juti of *tuto • mi o-- 

id Hu- oU| tlduk m <*•» tin • ouiianth Jmih nt 

■ - ■ I mill nud onl,* Cut .lobuntiHi of (W**>ln 

llvirNlnM, funner olmlr 'comity uiiununcttm from HiU |**i.t of 
hooltl of (Noiuty ComniU I Hu* diwirlct. it Ca.’^ht «m>iu ttmt I'm 

Ml) mIaoo tin* now inovouo'iit on Ihe I IKS Hiem wttti tin* u«>«iin*d ur»*ut fu 

mil t of loiv-ntllV to dike up Hi" city'* 

rne Mite* nod Imllil tlielr fWtHIu h 'inc¬ 

ur St (*loiid The) have hint a 

flatlet Ilia offer to dl*|ioM 

tU**l* ( nmu of Hie lionrd of tNonily 

•tatied that It did not only I hunloe- 

i llUM'll- lilil have wlnltCt 

re|in**otitlUM dl*trlot No 1 , 1 * III l*o in the rufuilnu lor flint tiimty 

. on v I in.- them, hut *Im»uIiI any o 

,i di lltidl t* «**iumill»ll> In elitt lug i Of I’undhlaO fm iuBtnilMlulMt fWItl ■ -i ,,,,m ’ ' n.».o» 

nt h lari;. i* ruJnth.ii within the *(•»•«»» pd.m|m*i|»> I hi. dl-irh t In the .Into* orlnmrv Mr If • *ltff Hnitt* cnti |»ro|iorly m<niut IhnwW 

ant n|||lti«fu iijriillu Ke«*|» up the |Hil>lh Ity work l« III* j Dvctwirts i wun given the iiiajurlly lliy tflmnl In hi* t’liw for repre^cute- Tlio rorlvul ut the CMiHatlrtii ehuren 

“l.lllle' ii' Mr ItiiMM'it i ally ip. ml vice to alt uoimI clttmau*. and. It** vote In hU dlMrlet for re-olectiou tv* * Hve In the in'Vt < ••*h»n *»f the h*g|*l i culiHniie* With UtiMlNItml miiccc* • und 

v*r a hiding wife. U one of Hie main piolaildy would have nddctl. "do >m I L W m mb*i. I*ut dike to Htv off«*.-i of « Ini-e. meiiila<r fr*.m im**vdu rnuut) Ihloi***’! At each ^ervl.o the innll* 

*av «* the Progl’o«dve Shoe Shop, nu» doing hu> and hulld on one of haul hill. lUMkilig the wlado county he will iM-eluifd) have tin aid of nil h*iitt»n U fllhil to It* foil venting 

ta« hiivltii had hDuttl c*p*-fierce i ' 1 ° ,,r (^hoM ladore Uie uroutKl Im all vop* for ii » ouiuiIk* loner In |J .» prl the cow toy*. In cotHtu olt*otcrt. YVln* ♦ufaelty anil the lutere*t uainlfoNted 

• Id ItiMst It, tM*||evlUK Ihnl Ih.> entire • p totting Id* frleioU Hint he wilt In Ilk thill •*iitn|ialffli 

I ei*iiiinunlt) Im cntciing iI|miu iiii »in of | 

r m il largr p ThilatlMi 
^ elaldcen innulha 

•* I llll,." ... Mr 

vIHilu the | If tout prkiM|M*il»> 

It t’llff Itiuii* onti |»ro|M<rly m«*«inl 

• Im- tmring Imil hminl e»|v f,oi*d In our Mg hikcH Ivfuro the grutt 
he Kinornou enlnldlnhltof t Id Hrm - Mild when y*»u will Imve t< 

4tiH where *he had rllltrge *>^ the cm*- dollble pihv* fo» It n •*»u|kh 
^••iiiM innde department wton tin* hulld- fr*an now 
ug vvii* de-lroyed tki IUOTi by Ilo* v\ - 

ii>Jo*loti of it ImiIIci Foitiuiutoly. Mi- HT^TKNN I NION IM)'* 

Hn -H wii at home for dlton i when kl.iHMI.OO KK\Y \I(D | 

• ffmsdlHgfder oceumal. HIm- I* *MlhMl — ■ 

in^ho art oi uoikliitf or im-inllitr *l’ *o* sinu lff It.ik. i of INdui Hon 

Mold when jmu »)lll Imve to |ai> tt imny »which Idll ivio aflerwartt know*? The Sturrl any* lie In ruutiln. Iiwiipp* the *umv*4i*i of till- •umpiHan 

d'.uhlo prior foi it a i-oitph of \#*«ra j round to Imve Imm-ii rciMuihd i wn* n no* of IiIn own. und refuar* t«» l« nne **f the largo**t crowd* over iiHacni- 

from now." I.,Minted out In the final tnhul itlon, ‘iiiuiinii d M by it more "flabnrniNH." I bled In the city In u revival tumpiilmi 

* * . . I vi r\ « nt. r|>ri*ing man ami 

*^' loml a* well a* 
*** til* • *it Ml I .Mil mu ?iil > will u;:itll(l 

^ 3£ # •< • h* \ i iiiv II ill lo re on 

jp Jj fa jh5rM " »"uht I* hriiarv 

! I* ill* |Mir|M>M of the pro 

1 h* to in-iki lh»M one 

’ v ' | III the fctcAl. si projfre**.* meeting* 

* 1 h* Id Ip thi* part of Flumlu, 

_., ami tin iiivilatiovi i* youra to €*• 

w ^®dl lumicfiillc* alike. 

*rlie high pile* of impiirie* 
M UOK I’M I, i KAMI iiiming to tlu office* of the pub 

r.vmurclod Hetty rammlMlun w'lll be plart*d 

lie it rlvnl ill Ihe < hrl-Hini ehtirvn j,, f-videueo t<) ihilMf what tile p«:o 
Iiilnu. with tin* told I snne* utul ,, o| tlll %vof | (| H|1|lk of |his 

or...i A. each servleo the uudh | or , 4 ,p und iU phu, to perpet 

mm U H ied to It* full amt hit ||Mh ;lH {,„. 8o t ( |t!, r ( * ltv 

Hiidty IItill tlie Inferraf uainlfoNted - ... . 

nircN tin* kUi-ov* of till* eiimpM Ian ° „ or,< n * . .. 

.. the la.iioM. crow*d* . vo, II-M-I.. reports dinctikHiona nt 

■d In the elty In u revival > aiiipnlgu I 1 ' 4 meeting art to be of *urh 

MVIOK nil, t K\M( 

Kv amreliht 

•"hilime** With iltilihiiled altci 
liter***'! At each service Hi 

i npaclty ii tiil ttn Infert Nt uuinifi *h .1 

< and J O laitder certified an Ihe 
I notiduee 'Hil* vwif only the dl#f h i 

greetid fcvnngcIM liittl Ciank nt the **ut*lnniling magnitmb and in 

Fivi itiiinly • niiiiiiixMliiiioi- ami ttui*. * a|tctilnu sorvlee Sundav evening Mr • re-t that no one can afford to 

eiindldnte to th nrt- I ineintiei 

of ihi* eoaiity -• lead tgg»r ! I <‘rank in I'omiwndod Miifw Crank hen* j rimain at home on that evening 

iniot Ih- ••hi-iod lid* 'ear. 

Sltellff Kukel 

of Pidui Honoh 1*01111- 

Iha Name AM It will Im- mm*u liy Id **t tv |» holm* |mld reward hy 

f*v I* the eiiN* wllli M* |ln,*» tt Ho* NVe*tcrn I nlmi Totegraph (> 

Interscholastic Debate Anniversary Lincoln’s 

and lit the *enice Sunday evening 
, *mig one of her «oloa Him Iiiim |due<*d 
' her In the realm of uniatrulhdcd go*- 

u I ton t v o'clock. Kcbrunry 12 
Tbt ro is nothing political what 
»cver about this meeting. In 

To Be Held Here 
Friday Evening 

Binhday To Be 

|M*I Nlugor ICarh Horvhv hna abown f nr | d>, ,»|vji rt is anything else, 
mi llu-rmiM ill liilereMt und i.Hemhireo M | lf , n>f t |„. thought of thoac moat 
Itnd tm* mvlval L-acaon from cotiquor. lK . t concerned to carry on 

lm . .";;; M arii^r u.. «r,;win« 

ine*N)igeN deHrored In (ho inii*dcrful . , t * Z, u 

»ny In, v. loon- (Tout), ii ltd nil 'l ,,P< " f " f "°"" n h *" 

i *.. .. o... I a civic U i nil tie I*, such as Fins 

at iN'Irny Hcueh. Florida. 

• ; t . \ t . if • ii - Ha* M-Niilt •»! the •• i c*'-t und *oii 111 1 CI wUII UlUOl III UuUQIC Klllllf ul Oul j LIIIOUIII w "u Iiutihom hi luleriMd and alfemlatpo ,4 heing tin* thought of those moat 

. W I. .. Br-..UMI-. VMM, I.f ffnirr M Hi....».H.- . . ... T B(t i|_|J II-,. T« On <II>.I JW- r«vlv»l ... . . <nrr . „„ 

•Jt ..... M ,m.l .. J«. IVW. ,, K v 31 . .vho «VIT» fri |0 D 0 H 6 I 0 HSTC DlnnUdV 10 Be "• . .•*•' ;v'’ \ r,,n - - 2 J 1 f»rtll. r ll„ ilrrmly urnwln,; 

, I 4«ld !•» t*** Hie only ciinCooi dim da> •Mitetnsst to fifteen gnd ten yem* . . * im'-aggim do hoicd In tin* mnatClTuI % u „|tv of action here in 

oiukec |u eemial Fl.nlda I*. .|dc 1 ri«N|Ms 1 l\« 4 y in t lo I lei Ida l , oultlaty Cfl H O Y7 Pl/D 111II O flhCPTl/pH " l,y ‘h'"*' large crowd*- and nil * .» » 

• 1 him fo» tivAtmcnl, rt»<»djit*tu»ei»u |t|o**duh*. ui thv |M>lnt of tt pWUd. I llUoy tVuninK UUOvrVvU coucgilc Miijiii frank one Of the ablest , j 

1 <g ^nf f«M*t nn*l U'gN, from alt part* of the held up ihe opertor 011 duty In tin* «f -— ■ •» 1 cvnngclUtA or tbr day lll< Wlo*trn 'ano * “ 1 " 0 ' N ' m ' nmnw 

It ?»'gUn*ulii, an well a* to have him floe of Ito Wenterii Union T«*h*gniph 1 Followlag tlie uhiiiiI eitNteui th* Ihois hy woal |»lctip’o are nmrvelou* ""..i' 1 * T* . 11 i , * S . S j 

nusNur.. and rut Mhm* for H».**«* IMHMI f«. ut Imlmy Heueh. Fh ilda. on th* Tto logallv. deliato loam of Si v |( p,,».t u, si, ('loud will nhaer%'.< M,, d e..ui|*h»lo I•» the iiikI detail The Hie ivliuli- luv u p invited, un.l 

. . __ night *»l ,latiuur> 1 * 7 , while Pi>. » «'*"»»d lilgli -• ho..| mm i* the ufflrmu |h<( „| Ita | v «*r^ar> ..! Ahiuham l.lnndn M " " ,,u ' n " •" '' '* •(*' ‘ifwl • “ h man and woman is him or 

, ra U I,*UTU 1TIIIV wulH.I (Ml I Hide In nutmuotdle llloe * ,r Hl I'«• !. county Mkh uto IH . X | WiKlneMlay. Fel»ruut.\ ll\ w till ,H,V 1 hcrvclf a committee of om to 

«»'d Prlc i were urrnlm.od In »“ F»idu> ukht in the Him Inter- „ appmprlute pr**gi-iim Ilk tho 0 . \ It »'«'•»••( »he t S. ., . m.l bring everybody else 

* r nil eiMiiV/ciwvIluvAitf criminal court of Palm Bencii county *ahclwatlc delaite .d the xekiMou Tla 'Army In IMih having sciv.mI In ihe _ 

1H r I AIR III. v \iir.Mi rAiw #m j WIW Mrntonce<| hy .fudge A (J n^m la (smii|m»«*U ..i It uy mend Ken- | V , hf w p| mul ., Ilt u, t . | lal || llt | Phllliplno*.. I’uha. and the World war 

lliirtrldge within 11 few horn* after hIm! Madelyn lb ah*, with WIIIIn 2 ll0 p |n <in ,, f orn , ltl „ .^itimn f a . li < (he oIok* «*r tho World war KN JOYING FIRST VISIT TO F 1 ,A. 

It * V k’UDuingliain, likalructer *»» ! Im Ium Mpprobendml lt*»M*nthiil. altenmte They will argue JnK , M|K| ol1 KK»vg*mti Mini*!, march wl, h Ito ««ria*<l rank of lieutenant _ 

rV 'lllure III the HI I 'loud m IhmvU. - against tla* prnctlce ef Inatalliraii! ,.„„ t p, Now York nvonuv. thence north ' "h'lu l having hoen twice around Hie Mr and Mr*. O. J. Iteniger, of ton- 

hhnmjnU* hy Walter 1‘adgctt. It..* MAJOR CRANK. RVANGKLIST. buying. lit Ti , Mh ysrsl Mushm hma tts w » r *d and hovlng s|M*nt onmddonible M leh.. arrived Tnemlay lo Np.*nd 

n T>*o". John tong and Itrn.-t I yVII.I, IIOI.D HKKV.f K FOR At tin same time the Hi fiend wf avenue, then amUli to the (I A It Mine Mtuilylug historical Nreiic< In Ihe rvornl week* 10* gueot* of On* formerT 

dar -m *1 iideul mon.lM 1 * of the Si KX-HFKYICIC MF.N OK COUNTY ftrmiitlvo bum. the nicnitom of which llnHt wUt%r% , !fl ,. fo ||„ w i„ K program lias ll,,,v bimda. Since entering lie evun- | iril || M »r, A If. KoiiigkM- The vlidtorw 


..grV •illturo In the Ht Cloud ocIuhiIn. 

..♦^..iiilNUihsI hy Walter Padgett. It..s 1 MAJOR CRANK, RYANGKLIST, 
•mv Ty-oik. John l^.ng and Rrmnd I \VIEE IIOED SERV.CK KO 
P«*(#r*4»n student mcmlM i* of the SI EX-SERVICE MEN OK COO 

Ik. 01.Mistral Imi Team of Future! _ 

iXi no 1- of Florida, were kucsIm at I MaJni Paul frank, oxuiiiiMni. 

are Jay Johiiftoii nnd Ppntu-e* fotlB. I | MH , n „ r r«ngc.l 

^iniem of Florida were fftxc*l* at I Majm Paul ('rank, eviiagillal, In with Mary Parker. «lt»rni»te, will tm Snug- ‘America by tl 

•the South Florida Fair III Taui|i»i rtuirge of a Miles or M(*rvlceM at the detailing the Maine iiro|a»dHoii with InviM-atlori llev. KrnnK 

pmmduy, where they gn\e a demon Christ lull chtirel), will hold a *|iovlat Okceihohoe high whead at OkeiM-lmto* Mualeiil Mvleetloii 
aim lion in toatlng milk for butter fnt, im-vtliig for cv a>rv|iv men and their Them* tiiaugular debut.** lire U*lng l.liu^iln’a tlettyaiuirg 
High liHkOol** from ellloM all over South fuiidlh* on Friday evening Fehrimry hold mi Ibl- date all over tho state Coin ratio Hmalmau 
jTlorhlM w»liI iloinoiial.ntUui lea 11 m to |.|f|, ,\ iM ,rdlal Invitation Im extends! ntid are tho riral Ilk tlM? **tIon t)f high MukIcnI m'IihII.ui 

jiarllol|Ni!)' lu vurioua demon*! rat Iona t 0 ull e\«.ervlee luvn and I hell fiuni achool delwiie* l»y which the champion Memorial Address, Itev 

en arranged gdlslle field lla* demand* for revival tholr home In lamalng In Oetuhe- 

S<uig- "America by the uiullence. cawi|ialg»i* Iwvo Iwu niorr than lie fo V | H |t (‘nllfornla and tlo- fveat eouat. 
Invocation- llev. Frank I*. Htmtdard. ,,H *‘ ’ M)i.i"r frank hua bold ri * • tossing Jkl , untry via Toxna and 

MumIouI MeltM’tloii. enmpalgna in every prltnitMl city In \,, xv \||>xh, to N«*w Orleans, l«» . 

I.lneoln'a tlettyalMirg Addrcas. by '* M ’ Florida and III innu* rpie* where Mr. Itetilgor. who l** tho Mentor 

•amide Hmalimin. / - I 1,1 ,ho north and weat. meinbor ut tho lleitlgei ( •^n^ trad Ion Moledloii (OottliBUOd on Page Four.) fv». of I^iinsiiu.'. iiliioulo.l 1 l.n NatUtnul 

Fluring the fair 

Meiootlul Adklross, Itev ll. N. Camp* 

will to detamdned Tto eonteata are I H^nHlon. Itev (HI* (i. 


The W I*. T. 0 . will inaet In tlie 
Temple Friday afternoon. Fet.ruaiy 
*T, at 2.,'UI O'clock. A full attendunee 
t lu uKi<*«r na 11 program of Imiautance 
iA ihe fulou u aUdulwl Htrangerv 
.re welivMio* 

American Legion To 
Undertake Work of 
Park Program 

I ..|*oks.>r«s1 by tin* (hoienil Extension | llirH | 

DlvUhm of tlie fniveralty of Florida rp| M , 4t itntulttiM« In etmrge oxIoiuIh a 

Agriculture Class Aid 

inointora of the Anierh'iin toglon, Ht II.Mli Iimiiim buv*- been .‘.•aoh.'d hy 
flotnl I'onI H 0 » It wum ugteod to plant >fr*. Lit ora he. public N|M*nklng. omich 

liclil *mi Mil* Male all over mt >oate (Viuirado Umalmnn / — 1 1,1 ,nr ,,,,r, u “iui wem. iiumuImt ot tho lleulgei fom-traction 

mid lire tto flr»t In the »a>rlea of high Mualoil ael«M*tleti | (Continued on Page Four.) Ob*, of EmiMlng, attended the National 

Mchmd deha to* hy which the chaniplo n Memorial Addre**, Itev. II. N. Cutup* ■ ■ - > . 1 ™ Aaaorlaflon of (huioral Ituildem Cloo 

I lies in Ht flouri nud in OaceolM rounly. | blah m*H«ni| dd mi ling hum ..r Pl»rt«ln | M .||. All venllon Prior lo coming 1* Nt (loud 

will to determined The eoniealM are llenedloiIon, Rev ntia G. While* WIS1 1 QTS • T0m All omlfiS u,,, 'k. Mi. uiui Mrx Kemg«*r an 

h|nm»soi»sI hy the ih*iM*rul ExIeiiNlon |,, irH | ^ joyeil u delightful at»y In fuba. 

DlvUlon of the I nlvtirally of Florida •pin, itunmlliiM* In ehargv exiendH a Arp Pp 0 |Ctprlll 0 Kenlgefa mm. II J. Keniger. 

nml cona!»t ol dlalrlct and -tale de* wir rt| a | invltiitlon lo Ihe |0lhllc to It* MIC IlC^ldlCI lll |0 general 11111 linger ef the Kenlgor Con 

lmi« v following the irbkitgleM tonight. t ,, ||4 | 4||| M memorial aervlee at tho hull, 1 q. mi ■ *tructloii (Vimimny. who la at preneikt 

The 1 oelHNil I* confident that Ml|t | a || vHerutiN are urged to la* on IH \f lilQLIfl vlaltlng Ht. iviernhurg. a 1*6 expect* !«• 

IxMli of It* teatua Will Im* vkiorloiu hand lo form the line for the |Mirn«l ¥' v vl*»ll In Ht. I’loinl. 

und mi Muallfy fur the dkt rlrt, the w m march the whorl dlatnnciV ——- Till* b* ito flrnt viidt of >lr. and 

*•*«■«! w rtoa Of debate*, on February | N .f (ir ,. t |, r program togln* m A glain-r over Ihe tourlxt reclwlcr Mm. O , 1 . iteniger and Mr II. J. 

ID It In urged Unit 11 lurge audience |j |C p M p jb( publicity lieiidMUiirterN will reveal Iteniger to Florida. 

In* nt the debate here tonight to hack the fact ihiit people from every wiute 

Hie negative apeakem. THE JADE SIIOPPE TO In the I'uloii ar»» now hi the city. Not 

ll.Mli tea him have been coached by IIOED FORMAI. OPENING - very vlaRor mlatora at hend.pmrtern. DriHoD CncrinOOr QqI/C 

Mtm, Ukkira lvoe. iHibllc* apeaklng, €?oach KI»M*wtore In thU Uwiie Im the an- hut the number tlmt come ahow that DI lUwC LIIKIlIbbl uflfv 

and (hmimUI of dlalrlct and Male «h*| wr r,|al Invitation to the public to ut* 
tote** following the triangle* tonight.. ^mj (|,| K memorial aervloe at the hull. 

The IinmiI achool lo confident that MtM | u || v«MerutiN are urgml to In* 
IxMlk of It* Ionium Will Ik* Victorina* i,ui„l l«i form the Hoe for (tie turn 

Visitors From All States 
Are Registering 
In St. Cloud 

la* lit like debate lletV tonight to took 
At the monthly bunlnon* meeting of tin* iieanHve NiwaikerN. 

•mtorN of the Anierlenu toglon, Ht II.Mli 1 01 him imve been coached by 

all »*brub In the planneil cRy |iork on ..f Hi CI.mmI high m hind, and bnvi „ oU , uvmcllf of , tll , j„,,„ K »ko|»|>e. Kla* Un* pnbllelty through the work of the 
Tliirte«*uth *tnx*t and New >ork live- work(*d hard In pro|iart 1 ou lor the*e under the muiiuaemeiil of Mr. eouuulaalon Hum reuehe<t every him'IIoii 

l/UUHIIIIVUliVli «»Me, and Ihe mubmomHou wum made that di*buleM 

m 1 ■ ■' ■■ --- 

YVUlK ulv.-n over MM .hlldreikM Ida V giokind ST \TE s| PERI NTF.NDENT OF 

\t a reeenl lkiuelNM»n of (he Pub- \\\ >| I 10 PONDITT \EE II 
III ily fmumlMMloii. Ill whieh Ihe mayor SESSION IN ST. i ’Mil'll MON 
’Dm* agriculture eUanoa of the Ht ««•* |m^‘«I. b rather ...tuordiint iIIm 
1 Moiul high aHmot, under the i|lr«*etloii eiiM*loii of Hu |a*rk w*im etigNgi*<l In \| rM j| 4*, p«M.|mutk, of Jackaou 
of ll. L. (.kinnlnghum. Inatnirtof, have *Hd pi|M‘«*hnIim»m on the |mi rt of !(*•■ M «k|N<rlnt«Halent of Ihe Womun'a 
<•• «*!!My fttmlHfuMl and |>IuiiI«mI for | mayor llml the elty Tatheia wen* MiaMbmary t'nloa of Fb.rbla. 

nnd Mi-h. Tiiimetuiom. formerly owner* of the I’nlteil Hlikt«*n. 
of Tenney *n Style Hhop, | Today we oi»|»y from the lt*f 

stNK-biI reduetloiiM an* made for the | U. K May tug. Margaret Maying, 

W. M. I. TO fONDI IT ALIcDAY thiwe' flmt duyN of the opening, Frl* ' Fr»»derlek Detrlek. Mrv H lUMrlek, or 
SESSION IN ST. ( 1 / 011 ) MONDAY day, Sal unlay and Monday. Head the Mnrakftlllown, la. Thl- Mr. flaying 

udvcrtlfu merit on iiootbor page In a brother of the matt who ntnlceu 

Bridge Engineer Says 
Road Will Be Ready 
Next August 

I* a brother of the man who nmkea All hririgv* on Ito work under way 

I M*h.Mil 'Older Ilo* direct lot. " . . ' l K,,k u " ’ cum* ami In Mik II t\ pcelnmti. .1 I,.. U* 'O' III. — I I Ike hOVOOWlft^N labor* .-a*v to- nmk»*H.,,„ V | n l« nawi No .*1 Which pans* 

* ',* of ll. L. Cunningham. ln»tnietor, havt and exju*ewNh»n* on lln< tout of lb-- M t«i*'i lutoinlcnt of vI m* Wotnan'a lti»|v “ 1 

> .rceuMy ftkiJilrdu ii and planted fbr | wnyur llutt the elty father* were t | M Mlaokmary l nlon of Florlila. will ^ .... ,„ T » <••••- *• l •••• .....HIv.., 

♦ tie t'liy ..f Hi Cloud n number of ^eioly to bark any nni-wnwiblc move oeeapy the iwlplt at the Fir*! Hap* Ml SK'IAI. AND ( OMMI NITV SING Newark. N. J . NcImoii p. oatrander (M*>n enmpletiol, and w ithin two wtMik« 

T I. aadet •pbkidN on tto I*kc»hote r,,f ,,M * twRiW^kmeni and bean ,| w| ..jiureh In thin elty Hundny morn s| NDAY. FEIBRI AKY 9 , 3 OTMK K lU*ne*oalaer. N. Y , J F. Olbbun, Ht it M * la t bridge will have beam ftnlahcut 

» boulevard Dear the uttno live abetter* • IfU'i»t••■!» of the park wine received atnl «.n Monday will bold un nil- — UhiIm, Mo.. T IV Hontufl, Ht. Utul*. Duly ibe aide* ralllngH reuuiln to be 

t v '‘oioinicted on the beach at the Inter «(d' unntilmou* aigdaUM*. t |„y at the church auditorium |. Cornet und HuxuptmiM- duet: Mo„ Mr. alal Mr*. I*>lw. Krdle, Ilo* 'Ymared" In 4*oicn*ir to flnlah th« 

\ ♦ ctkMk of each aVenue with Ihe tonic- -— lu (he tut«n*MiM ».f ito work of Hie ml *Hwcoi and l^wv" Hamby ward lleaeh. N Y,, Mra A U Ogdeu. work, aeeording to tto engineer Tlo 

^ 4 t.. 1 ib. i>.i 1 • nil to« HI 1,1 ) \ I »• '■* \\IN S 1 * 1 * 1 /) A \tl»*lonur) 1 ni.-a Mr-. .1,) \| X ,. r.\ nvut M Col tom HogM IlltwDcaatle Pa who la new -footing Oah lima Creek 

' e(u«*i‘H wen* |mki by the city fa. their! FOR SPEENPIP GARDEN WORK Peolmnn him head of thU |»rmik David and Andrew Ijing nt Hlxlh Ntreet ami liulliina. Mr*, long 

. • ar«»rk of wetting mil lla* pin ui m, while I local ItuptlNt woman** orgutiliuitlon j, i^die** Quartette: F* v “ J* Wiidley. of lleilevlew. Pa., licport> In the Tribune that tht 

Ihe Maytag wu*hlng machine. 

through Ht. (loud on Thirteenth Ntrcct, 

Among the otbrrN ure Henry Mnck. oxivpt one ul Crab tlrnaa Cnwk, have 

UhiIm, Mo.. T IV H*u»toii, Ht. I*ml*. Duly the aide* r«lllnff> reuuiln tn he 
Mo., Mr. and Mr*. Kdw. F.rdle. Ilo- "iwamt" In ouoerrte to flnlwh the 

tut "Hkkwi nnd tow" Vtarnby ward Reaeh. N. Y„ Mr* A It Ogden, work, ai-cording to tto eng Inner. The 

(b) "Vhe I'Atnonr'N—(VMIege Hogg Ureencaatle, I'm., who In now Mtopplng Crab Grn** (*rw'k bridge In 25 U» few 1 

David and Andrew Lung ut Sixth afreet and Indiana. Mr*, long 

laulle** Quartette: Hva , 7 . Wudley, of lleilevlew. Pa., lic|N»rt> in the Tribune that the 

the plant 4 Hiwucm-i vcm were aacurvd III 11 bulletin aiuit oat hy tto Flor In Florida for a luimtor of year* and mi*m Mtldn*t HeHM. Mr* Helen Know lea bdnpldng «t eTnth *tre«*e and Indiana road would be cnrophiu* and opea for 
ir..n. jh»- grhdbl nur*«»ry and garden* Ida H»ale (Ndlege for Women, at Tal In well nnd favorably known over the M!*n Flnr.-mv IUimh, mi— la*ora Mix. hiventie; K, A Wallace of New York, truffle by July 4 . all tho way to tto 

wtUumt (n»n|. liihuNMoc, ll waa *tnte«l Unit .\IImn Huth atute. 

Ax /Mturv IwiiNlioMia men and civic Yale*, of Owvola countjr. won a »u*h The public In cordially Invltcnl to at 
' tvddefn, the hoyw In tto agriculture prlxe and "hi»norable mention'* for tend Hn* wrvkH* Hundny, nud aloe the 
• Iunnu* are nftlvely Interested In elty her Mpletulld garden work. There were mveflng to Im» held on Monday, when 

tonudfleaUnii hy the planting of ornn twelve other young Indie* In varkma n Inn lutK'hmui will to Mervmi at 1 Rending: 
rVi. iMi\l plum • itnd flower*, and Mr lairta of the *Uite that |airtlei|Mit(Hl now. “Oretna f) 

. 1 . Violin H<doi 

(U ) "Hereiunle" Pleflir 
(b) "Ib'reeuar" Anita 

Mr Norman Ibuicloird. 

metktqA plant* «nd riower*. nnd Mr |Nirt« of tlie *Ute that pa*t ,c| P i| e a "Gretna Green” Mnvkey 

/shigliighaQi tkth(«'M Hint ttoy lm|n» to In tide cIiion. Ml** Madelyn Trout 

•-» oi|t pliud> ft*'»n tto aehonl gartlena — - ■ Itev and Mra. F. P Ht^Kldard, Win. ft. Community Hinging: 

wtowever And wherever an opportu- A. G Durham returned to Detroit, J. Itowtey uUd wife left Mouday for Mr*. F W llenk*. lender 

nltf pMnanta Ifcwdf and on ovary oe- Mleh, IunI Saturday after 11 two Miami uml Coral Gable* for a few _ _ 

xmktu |v*M*lt*to weeka* *tay In Ht. Cloud daya. 

Mr. uml Mr*. I. L. ('(•Mon. Mr* Julia |ir«(vard county lints are a bit pm 
1 ’ Welfon, IneatiMt now ut 401 ! North (nature, aeeording to the bridge en 
New York avenue; Mr. and Mr*. W glue«>r. blit ooiue lime In AuguM or the 

, 1 . Rowley, of Amvtnrdnm. N. YV : Mr*, tirwt of September In tho date that I* 

11 . II. Ortovold und Mr*. M II. Grla- now eX|K*eted to the work done, 
wold, of Wttahtnglou. D. C.. and The county <*>fumla*louen' have Sen 
Frank Iloerflinger, of Ravenna. Ohio, riob nvorlng to koop th,. old road In 

other vlnltor* In the elty ure indeed good eomlltloik while the now road ta 

to (ViII at the taibltelty «-oimnlMNlun ot under (*on*lruction. A |«ortlnn of tto 
flei* and regtnter ao that friend* tnay road near l>e«*r Pork require* eonatanr 
b«' able to towte them In the city (attention to old traffic. 






Airplane Owners Are 
Held Responsible 
For Damages 

I, M J’stkru 

• •tl'UlV. i* 

of di'^ilmnd 

St. Cloud Growers Association 


lUilKDUtoJdlOJCM ■ ttld I if SttKWT*mjH l[|£)(!K£MiJ P>f cKUUKn C KLlCMfR 

Dates: MARCH 4, 5, 6, 7 

NOT 1 UK smj: 

Monthly flit* iieiudl pDhber wii* Id 
the office of ii reel i-statu broker when 
n |HI rty mine In fur *<»di*» iiisu rupee 
H p> happened tint I tint tutllil Hie be 
hut ItiMcretl wn* mi ii i.Vaere (run 
Hear town Tin* ageiil n«lted the 
owner l lie |ii Hi' i*f I ti e farm The 
rvM|feON* rniiH'. "It in k,,i for aide." 

When (he OtNUPVWu' ,W*eeltilI"n Wii- 
orftliutal'd uIh-UE II yoilf JI KO I III* Millli- 
pmjN-rty eeictd luivo tawu (wmitM a I 
u my tow rigtir* This nil waft rue* 
mir IH-Urf Mini now Jn the lime to I* 
cel I hue your farm avtti. The fur tut th 
H it eiiiidhtf from thr north. ,fi#l ntiil 
wont Tli mho who lui vo Imu'Ii meeting 
wllli tJio urower* mrulurly timo «r 
gn&liltig knew only about I ml* llu* 
face# tuuv utl ending I ho mwllnio. 
Wo would wafer a |il ok |n oroiim cone' 
Mint not n number of tin- ue,mh- 1 ii 1 |u*i | 
CM toko Die uiomlh rrilttti roll anti *,ty 
tia*y know fid |mt iviii of the mruili r>< ' 

Chmted C'HiIm of Vofiipin enmity mid 
liy Hie eoinmufatal tfrfhvsr# and In 
*-lit'ii to .thlhjL from ilirfiuKlinUl fhe 
#Lutr. X *t#*elnl tuilldhf# lut* 

Ml vi-n oii'i to flic fh*wrr -twnr IT* 
pJetil bln I*. iwmikifts. unuaiws, mid 
Qtbrt varJelle# w|t] In |»1 iik in Hlv 
biilhltfW ilurlUM Hip tayun^ of lb* 
#h**n tu L.ivo ii tnipHji ilwvrjillvp 
off pet. — 

I rUlf ii i]< ittfi ei ii'tttn iu’j* tin ru 

i rpixhtv! in ite ^i#( few moRitio in 
^ bjy mm* H> driumgo property 

or fad mo iiymwib# on tlie mound ‘IV t> 
hniiit* nfn* *«*! iiti rin* ui Floral Ihtrk, 
Uftts taUQd, »'v ifiy nlrphtm* felling 
rtf i i bruit AJedhcC i till no ‘tiiihuirv I 
Off in E j hfi»|ta^in Hi*i tIk" when 

ft pnk'ti^L fit© jiVhliur Mi oil rtip 
V. ST A tailldtiue In New Y*ft*k 
Aiiuilii* ity«.T Inruk*l lit n tfowtl of 

<vif]»kI, Injuilitg ntwpitH 

ti> lirn< imil 


J>, M, V \ it h I It. I'rif^rnni mil l’n hi telly 
S, \V. PORTER* l i* mm ill it mi ArrungvnieiiU 
{ \\ LINCOLN, (iroiiiiiUumJ Ctmreubtirti* 

It V ('UNNJN(*HAM ruri'lindilg ('oitlvnitlLu 

MRS. H. O. MANN, - UrjnirimiMl 

ll. L. IllItSHEY. Prut's .tnd Premiums 

PUn now for the Fair, Make It the great**! event 
in the history of our city. Plan iti advance for your space 
and display. See or write the Msnsger or the Committee- 
man under which your business naturally comes. Keep 
the dates in mind. 

tikeulMor two* lifni kikhd ti> Ike 

| JL*»i of visdalii tMihi fittRiiicia Thi-i 1 

i-iicklor U iiinilo In p Ripwiailty m>ii 
1 >[iiithit jiliiuL ii to I in riurlvwl friii ii 
| thu tHAhu of ImrdviLiud and plUo thutl 
|oibt'rtv|«p Uhh Ij 4 *'u iiMt'ii in fh+ w+Huf j 
I tuTufoi t . -uye 11 ip IKnJn lUtmoi , n 
I'IuuMI m* pii'*1oi t Jut# Iippu pouwHihI 
ltd ii ii iiM-t til U} firodui'i thnl fltul» n f 
hotly wik "ii i iir nirirkH, h v wii 
kill I# ut the hpflil uf ttfO iiIli utifur 
turiotf roiumiiiy. ami he munirt* tlmi 

t In.*! 1 ,? Jh mo he I i row . .. In thut 

fc**rlfo]| tu h*H| t\w mtuiviuv Tor ymiFH 

uiol yriirn. 

iieij n ft nw mmiei 1 

flow c’ii11 u t* 1 'ivi*rt<*i 
inti'i tinpro any way by wiik-h the 
lutKiuwher mti jjnmuit ulrmift from 
**ro«wliiE liU lutul f 

If u Ntnujirr rmur# your hi ml 
vliyifRit in^rmLwIoii you ciiti huvp the 
on him. tf in* rultlviite* your 
luiul, tin* ui>^> U-Jimgs to you If hr 
I ml UN on your in ml, ymi mrti tJic 
1 hulhJlme. 

Tluif In tJio Dhl. ’*'T,lU*l hlH' of UflMl 
: trnunv \on imi«l tmnnl your i fthtn. 

| f'jr If you do not tnki* u* 

n tn^imiM-r for twenty at Uie 

eiul of iluit ilmr hi* mviiN the Uuid to* 
\h **vupy4nt 3 tf ymi don't put n Uir- 
ilfT aettsw the i*i Mi which niu>* over 
your laud purl (fa,* putitk* um*h Jt for 
twmity yi*i* U bucooini a yjMlt* 
thOtuuffhfern. Tlnw i*n* tin* lnwu In 
the Nbilm wdw*rp thi* KUKlUh 4V,mmmi 
Ijiw run#, uml in mo*l uUipi' #tNtt*** 
hy ufrilntp, 

l'ht«' ii n* Hu* la we of Up- •orfecw 
or thi* noil. Util Mi in few ifutw ilmpur. | 

Ymi t Avn (find all ihi* way to 
fee wafer vf ih** narilL 
dig ti wtbII. drlre n mini* hhnfu Imre 
ft tuonH tmdur y*mv Umd, wlthoui 
your ivnwi f KXi'^iU whore rimirr- 
*hiji (ff miip'mlii In ivi**i r vf*j to tin' 
>*iat>* 11*1 In New VurL you own nil 
Mo* goliI, i*U, bxm. nun'll net imui of 
whnt nut that limy Ilf hfiifrith Hip 
utiffics of jtTiir Imwt. You uuiy Ihm 1 
«*r mil ihi-**# Hubeurfece rlshta wlili- 
oiti '»jii|iu rhur yuur own tfauw of the 

Tliftt N Hit i:»‘ii*uil law uf ilir 
■ k'litlu uj' the nartti. 

And yin! imii 1 hi' nir nhovi* your 
III hr! fUl Die Wily U, the tuUruwmt 
JlttUt# of Tlmt, i* h* h in mi old. 

mHI Nil mkf rif Lin' Nolimty tnay 
build n nvruHiiee ivhkJi over hit 11 cs 

pi ii|#'My. 


At Uif growers' imvtLm: Mnuiluy 
fvi'tiltia nil MlhfT imthioMt wjih nkle- 
iHi'krif for Hif full I'lii* priwlitriil 
irifd to ei * #uma Interested In plant 
Uiit t#'iim* Noihlnif "doing,' 1 they vn-ri' 
nil fair Thai 1 # u mighty uhs* 

oiotnkihli' MIjiIh uf inlml In (h* lit 
fnlr mlHiiitl. 

If uimill In* a ijiirtHikl atlitink* for 
11U to aoitiUD' and rHajii* ihe Hty, 
ttiiool, rhunlL IimIjU' olid cfi-ry a vt*- 
mic uf life f»l£ mlndKl. IhOhcr l# 
It a Lit 11 «lfif4$ In IiumIrihir. ThuJ's 
1 to* lit Eltiiii** of thn firowiT# n( ihN 
ilme nifci *1 t* (ituinlmuUH- rm* ni- 
Utuil** ti**un# ovary Indlvklitai who 
ilful** in ah) itmanif «Uh tha fair 
thruH^h It* nrinuif'i' or ttiUHifli the 
1 nrktUH (VtimaiHh u tn rf,vuy tmunru 

Come nil nuu. Hi's laiike il 'vtuiLipy / 1 1 

The wffk't**^ a Eul vgqusilt«(SVa will 
Dr* inluliiy kti*y Uii» lust day# and' 
JU'iir* of |trr'ptiml lull. They lutro 
plrUty i*f tine to you 11 bd tulk 
ivlth y«u DOS The ^ouoer you plan 
for 1 lii’ .*|nui' for \*iur dLuphiy Uu* 1 
mnre cqmdileratloa you w-iil gat, That'v 
ahy Wo urse ymi to uiakp jwttr or 
rsngemr tiK i nth It # to your later- 

eat u# well ii - ill* Itiioreiit of thr tuna- 
cisunniil ft" *Ttilr" mlmh'al 

MARCH 4. .1 
L. M. Parkk it 

Tin Yiomi; 1 V"|iICs III hie eliD**» of 
ilin Met ttodUl ihiirvh* now inoctlna ul 
the uffU 4 *' uf (,. M Parker im Tenth 
street, emit I uUe# to lm*miMe m mim 
Iht sihI Interest, "fhe lcs*oii Tor next 
, Smiilu> I# it rev low uf the Ikm*r of 
1, evil leu*. The key* ward nt iho (Hmk 
t« "llollteW' wtikh npL«'UN tlnSS 
Tite kvfrYtitm of llie IU feltk] In 
i'liuptii IR. Verw* -♦ All u ho h-ive nnt 
cJiiirvli Mrhoul hoiue« urv luvltor! to «e- 
tend You wilt receive 4 ^*nMi+l 
«rtti Inc 

yk* rtuesejutfui woa |he nr**i niU>U 
ai Hit* VoIuaIr cmmly tiilr !n*t 
ytnr Unit. 1'Diktat nn* piairiu^ Hi from 
HiWdi hi*c*i\jerH all iwer Ni*‘ rulii#! 
HUtU'^ f**r thl* yeur*e kid. whleh will 
h*> Id id ht 1 nHjuuI i\*itnoiry it, 11 |& 
H iiud IT*, 

I VV Ii*}HhJ1«'1ij .im 1 i (* f^naor, 
<uvni*rtnieodoum, hnve listed vt 

art! lirvoiU to tn> glvtii m«nl|lan In 
the *dtow and mher hnwil# hnvirtf 
#yifflo : rtiL iiwrli may K. lui'lutkvf. Tte* 
lirkax hnve tjoeti m> lainiad ihsi a 
lui# IjiHii mH'e*«jry l*j uLUik,* up n hu^ 
iHosmeutnry pmuiua lint Th** ,lmer- 
H*ua ITUhOhHUa Rubblt llrndtN a**- 
stR-lsthm the Affierhtjn IWlenttkm 
of Vivw Aul,, id Hrei*dii'r*- yn> itffetlilis 
sPWdI 11 wind# for the fltvt time. All 
uuiirrl# will lie luitdo hy (» W Ods,, 
IU*eiw^l indke. 

Tin* mmuaJ nhow of tiio t Jmnis Ik-lt 
UaWrit Dreeder^ A^mielatloii w*t| t»- 
held in *iinjumik*n with Hie fair y. 
L Ikifertou *t>cr«tsry nml treueurer. 
Ntatlirt tirnl fetmiu mobtlie npo rale 
bit hmdljig wa# prmilonJly nnkiMfiiu 
111 HjU *eoUam TcmHi,. iHo n^ieliiliioi 
lum m iiiemfwt-H and hKLiUrhw an* eon 
tiuiwiiiv * not Pie in rnmi rs^rthem mb 
nit lire*’ilor# win- mi ihlnklmt of m«v 1 
It'* to ItOflih Boit'iiLj:*e ef the uniiu 
I'llmate lilt* i^reivtaik w'limu Ia nil 
the smr r-e nd limbed ..f wdy a tow 
mniitJi . ii - ftp Up* Vimh 

plairne nrr* nUll hirsogy idoUbpsi at 
HtitLe liuhtalIon, Up. tW^Tiil liotfiT- 

picnl will revoke lh*i .-f uoy 

|iiJo( flyina olrM'r tu Uh» RroUIJit fets 
.v#i t*+ u rose u* ii# lor un Ur* uuUim 
id la US g\\ 11 ml d|Y*m who do iu-1 (tom 
stute Ilmw deb t have 10 hnvo u he 
l*Uii IV*'tup*. 

With the fuUlLliiloodJm] of 

tJ*' \ih*'i“liiin Har AfHr^inr ,-u Lh Rf|f 
fe|f Iiftlfurm k*Elid>ttk*it i^.*vcrhip dniii- 
;icv4 dotie by dyurt 1^- [nfllgnuv or 
iuiVkiiL iH-biwnn*' Idaho, Imtlitt-a. 
Mary In ml, Mlehljmn, N>indn. North 
DaroUim. Nunh Dakota, HJeitie i*.jai,d. 

| Mou 111 (‘neoJltM, Houth Dukiin. Ten 
;iriMv, I’tnh Venuont ami Ww-mUhIo 
1 nr 11* alnwdy adepied Iuwe< inn# lay the 
o*t»t nf the plane imNe Arlnuun 

rtuti (VmiivtUiU mnkr tin* |flut 

Hut aowhero i«n you prevent any- 
liod) ir*'tu UyUtJt over your laud at 
(he legal helchL The si\ up liirti U 
■dmllnr In tluu of khi.' oiriier net 
uytder4ted lie cMh iin*yent anyutie 
fiwin >(1*1111114 Ida oyM(4^ t ur tattliHnc 
liieftt *»i drlvVttc idle# on UJu miturtery 
ed In nil, but ho can't hUft anyone rfruu 
■uiriiia u rw4tt. rtn tlw* water urer ih,* 
oyster tail. Ain! if an tilrphiiu*. fly inn 
fu litali Unit y«u I’jfii'i nud rim hretu*,. 
nuraita'T til It, niHM.11 yiPtir Uk* h(»r%e 
i i* nm away mm inwfc lu h%. that ■ 
your JuinL (nek 

Dr Ituwmrl A. Kelly, itbo oum the 
lllra^k «LWluy« Park Co orange Ofimty, 
D* one uf (h** imfMUfi of Enirirery fa 
Hie John# Ibrpkla# I'mVTiUty at 
lUlUffinre. and a. rey;Diar Winter rkd- 
tor to Florida Wta-u s«ked why fa* 
rnixip to Florida, he -udd 

“1 Like Hut Ida In winter for (fa* 
#iLiTie mwQ Northern Kiir»|»eaaii Ufa 
Holy, ruling thronch her m»oa- 
Milro and lake rew*rt.«, rewrlUttg In 
Jn*r Drlght color# and return Ida how 
lldcn will* tuuvenim fr»r (ho i>w foe 
nutate, t hive the tropical 
«d onv nui tdii, her trees Jiiid plauti* 
I'-1 lakec and IdlU, her My mis m*d 
^1 *irt 111,1 nil her tawuUful to 
brwithia Idrd and auliunt Ufi* 

A# ii hori«'li;ih>tfij*i. deeply Intar 
e>tid In N jiiiiiv unit kilty U 

%Miki'<i, J fiear Hut *,ni‘ fnidge riKnlww 
my ado(dad «tate, and Him J* ^b* 
*nn-v jj 11 pitta Dua for fteake* Mhe do** 
n,,1 tte^ei vi* and * nnuul auHntn t oaa 
m"ri‘ rnitUv,niikisi within u Ow 
h'.iii- ri New Y'etk Hit/ In « ttnyV 
hum ilaiin 1 rtooJd Dad in t i,,ruiu it 
I VM'fi* tu tjevole my eDcrnli** tu <>t| 
it' 4ne for the ifrmd of u year.** 

The atnU' iH'iuorraife uxecutlre tmiu- 
mltTou hn# heeu (.tilled lu meet in 
Jpekaouvlllc Friday, Fcbrunry U, It 
hn# tteen nuntmm-Hl by II. H Welle, 
elifthrniftu. The tnivtlny will W for 
the purpose uf hiking DKWiih aetUro 
to provide fur Hie regular i«fty prl- 
m li rli'd. whit'll win he hold in June. 

Snejj a bia ttiiceem wna Hie vuiKOmn 
fi'filviii held ul -MurLumm ihe ,-mly 
imrt uf tlm winter Dial 1 tu* evoal t# 
now to be ninth* itcnDiincul nml un 
uraniilsaHtm Ima lut'd formed in Mur* 
luutm tu rhl# effect. Iji#t November 
wIipb the event wim held it l# ***11 
niatid by the Vl.itlotitub Plot id mi thfti 
over TiVOtw pfaj|*t# attended 


Naver In the lilMuiy ef uur uiiMK'la* 

Him him- wc ihc develop' 

Liietil of ti crup 1 hat Mil# men* innm 
talug Unth oiir ptiiaUi crop at the pro* 
win lime sis wet*ks after plahtlaa 

we mill ii Mi'll develetHd, iiutaliH'n 

ti l l lug ujl KOd Ihi* vluio- wvll develop¬ 
ed nad liLmimlns. 

Then* l# I ml line dangL't it 1 ihl* 
Ubn* -1 liii l **f Ullfit TUI# may lie 
urevi'iilid If 1|ii' cruWer Will rlno Hie 
uiiviomr) (it 1 mu Hon and npray. It 
i# very fa-i|ei|ilw. | T tm' HordeHU 
and >*pri»y NnW stpray aenlu I11 
TEN day# oral Ibi'ii again (n Twonty 
-lava lie n yni) will Im vs no hliahi 
nr truidib- ntnl you Mill Ft- mri* *if a 
inunpitr prop of t|*iata 
Thl# along with *be tpieudid iirire* 

lilcb will Unri-iou*. luuHre# kikmI tv* 
turn# on tin- In vet 1 client Itetneuilwr 
Hit! aiivt.v RPR AY You may net 
(Hive I'liglii If y.»H Jo (Rd -]Mjiy tt 
you wait to H'# ami II aji)nNir« It Will , 

lull itidy U tdft late bill loo Nad j 

Agiiln, *'h.,f u-* «l*ruy" 

The fmirumpfed achutiiwr C'atl»**r- 
Lne (I. Kcntl ut Mi ill lie, tin* fli<[ ihi-ihi 
lining re**ol ef **t,minert 1 (n iuJI at 

Ho, (#irl of Port IHurcc, Jm fakir s 

uhunnl a m rau of HK(,ms* fiH.*t uf I mu 
tier fur «liljimem in 11 riilau (w‘rt. 
Tli** VMw*ra etitrimro Lm«- jiui r eiuinr* 
day w 11# unimitnred by Hie lilun likE ef 

flfi* city fire direct jtn*| Imlled by it 
thri'iia tif Im i nl) iiiri-it'htud ■pi'ctutrtfii 
m tin t-rowdid the pier#. 



Women Suffering 
Bladder Irritation 

Tf functional Hlndder IrrltuUoU 
dbi irbi* your sleep, or eauae# Hurte 
(n(( or H rhlng Sensation. Hue Each#, 
I^Jfr Pallia, nr tnuu-ulnr nrhen. inok* 
luu; you feel llrcil. tie t< ren#(*il and 
dL: uiuratfed. why nut try the CyaSna 
d# Hour Teat? Don't give up. Get 
Uy*i» v today at any drug at ore Put 
It tu I he teat Her fur yuijranlf how 
qu.rkly If work# Money hnt-lt If It 
dot HtiT bring quirk no provenlent, 
and satlafy you muinle uir* Tw 

c>»tci today, only nth:.. 

Ilofliii'* * ni' ii (ti m LI | hi f 1 h uf dt rue 
h'lorbhi ore (a Luic (lit unified HUH- 

kcHiJiic phiii# •fNiciMirud Icy the federal 
farm l##ird i-ipUlhod in them nl civic 
Hub JitncheoUK during Ihe next (hilly 
duy* by |ir r TlieDdere Miickllu. beW' 
in ihe -lute ri*t>rt'*4fn£iilLiipr (hi* f, .(eud 
farm relief itgeury 

Funeral Home 


i'rifa tuirii uf He. rjuiirl made tunny 
li'Jamia who. »rc* aanlictlnr edi thta 

urea sluu. 

1,-igiMl J f lyke Wiis I h if ci In New 

JiMPey, J .. 2k. 1*12, Rfa] .. 

to Kile Otnpfy In |#IH Mend of tklr 
t o l iy life M ft# lived In Hartairorecfc 
11ml hi# early mlheaihiu wn# 
apt Hired In Hie , util dry wiumJa of thuxe 

In iMii when IduiaiJu niHed rur 
,'iiNijNHi vtilnnlcndh he left xhuol nuU 

t-u rolled a# n privato In Ho fan in John 
w It radon's t'emiisny. nitb Pi* 

V ohm leer# tut iliriN* y*mm ur for ihe 
-hi rut ion uf the wur Hr wiu never 
iEti!H(tii( from lib cciiuutnmi (mill July 
'<**> lHtii when he wras wooislial ul 
Hie he 1 lie of AHsjitiL fin 

At Him Hate Mr Dyke wa# Kent 
Mtipjr of the HegUtu-nt und when 
wcrtWiih wer** anfffchmlly heftlivl lie 
nj 111 lied fu Ufa euiuniund and w«# in 
Hie Grand Review uf W«*hfai:ton on,I 
wu* 111 u#lerod out with hi# ■'urnmnud 

The FlorliTa t'LlrUf Urowers' i’h-urj- 
jok iliiuac Ahsou, ri.»fi has tjikt-u off Hi 
teal 11 lid roiled up ll# HlooVen premia id- 
tory to oMiiJnlug n# mn* Ii relief 11# [*,. 
nJUlt' froni resirktluu# lu the tltrm 
avwfveta eitUHi'd by the MtiHUTlclueun 
fault fly, H# of Thla I# 11 eel a re A state* 
menl he# Juki liecu lustieil (jure hy the 
(Hefiilug Htiiua* tncllihe en the lirow 
er- in ioo(ieriite (ci I lie f illicit eftvnc 
In (he Hean-np work, which fam#e of 
the eritdhiiHun pt-ogrum (ifoluihly rvlll 
be of ptirniouiint t(ti|#irtvnee This 

NOTARY HlllfilC 
Real Kstatfv FIve Irnrnnure 
tluorm, Uh, Irrnagr 

Nine Yearn —1 o. O, r HuiLiUag 

Oam,* lo Ut HUmtj 4od Uvr l«*v 

ThVi mirHeubir m I retell of ruilroRtl, 
rtinuhig under Perk uvenue, J# cmnnri 
by Hu. Ni*w Vot h A Ilai huii uurf leucwd 
h* Hu* New York OntmJ Tin* mil 
Hid wum only (fa* imekiiite msirf*, 
end roibU# Uu (pddleipt, ijr ofarhiE 
un#it piHjir# tvM.wrvm the trarks urnl 
Ihe rigid to build Inure build tug* -ocp- 
j# it tint liy lliota* falhir# f Iti« Hu Hein 
rmt*l fa vtilng (he Orntnil for Hie reiila 
Hni# rtsidved, mcylng H Icsietst to llu- 
Hen I rul only (he mUr^nd hue 11 ml 
lift (In* nlr eWfilu. 

H would iimn, rlirn. ut (Iroi uiane*- 
Hint Ihe owner tif Hie hind rjaik eon 
Ifol tin* nlr jitaivi* (t fiM n j* hi- iltM 
Ho- depHo* (#,'(11*111 h H. ir 11 inuu 
drlvtsc u teurii or 1111 ftufnjiu'h'h- ar-rie*** 
your (11 lid wllle'Ui (Hrriul#«iiiMi he lu 
u (roupasHitr. TlH'it I# wri tin? idhrf 
*if nn nirfanbr* wlio lib** over your 
IIIml 11(40 cl I |t*-*f h 4,wm-+r ? 

'Hie 111W 0|l|NJt'||ltf Oirs UU 

foil Mio f«r duliuifte- and eol* 
its t 1 beui tf flu* ow nt-T or pll*J uf 
nil nlrcrrifi. la n^lauisllde If 1 be flyer 
dtiC-u nity ftc-fiist duioagi- if he ahim- , 
|N"*it-- your hi tile, fiiWhii*ji# your inIIeh 
emv* sen iron# your iloek or umltry, 
■aoif- your Idmwa lltlo nilblbtJuf tiwiiy. 
Vuu out -lie h*r fliitnugo*. lull you 
Multi jiivof* dmunife. Meroly (lying 
"ver yinir lund i|r#*s not ilNiiuige you. 
w* far a,# I In* law trf a edit Ion tui# tas-n 
■hdicHii Hum far 

(if {snirnn, If H n airplane nr n dlr 
taiiilt* idlgJdjH on yimr In nil, Ll fa n 
Irospiiifaer And If, in iilfahliuu. He 
icmUouMtlr or liy accftdant, *t Injiin'* 
ytttir tnAfai t«rvsiki* <Mm yv>ur fruit 
tree*, kill# ufiy of ymir llft^ctopk, nr 
-hr,uuge h nny of >our buddings, ymi 
enu ,i41wl danuiEi'n far IJu» Injury. 

I<iw* toveruJnn (fa tip*rii(|on of 

Kollo wing hi# ariiduntjoii rrom 

! HoukV runi mere In j tmtaud in Kfp, | lf , 
mi*. In lofalnes# In ihut eRy far n few 
ytur# limit hi# eleethm fnt tuiimy 
treiiNijcer Iti I Ufa 

tu 1ST I oJlh (YlfH. I r Lytle Itiey 
urKimlaed Hie Krlt* Hiutrd- uf which 
lit- n jj. mtuli* He 1 lU'iiiiunitH- After 

h'SVlhlf Hie ciitinly treiiHiirerta offlec 
Mr liyke ufiii in Kntnai mid I'mtugHl 
In finluiriK Pir a fan years after wkjtfft 
be returned *0 Krfa run In bind eiitvr 
,■1 l|ie t,rf|ee of J 1C. IhiiierHtti, f-ir 0 

niimta'r of year- ... i« } t edun nty 

where lie Kein tocii n lo-hteiil fur 
JONhy ytnr#, 

Me I tyke hit# been la ineiiiltei of Hie 
hspitac elbUfeh for Inure Horn do yenr# 
nud foe itmfiy ypar# H teacher «ir thin 

•Any ..I (the writer uf this orthta 

wjta ii fTpriner hcetaher of hi# ehiaai 
lh* Ini# Hi way# been 1111 active* Mieud#-r 
i,r the 0 A. R mid 1# Alined from 
Hun orpHiJaatJnii srheuerer ciIchciii 

kllMT the death of SIfk. Jiyki*. ien 
yettr* ifi, he hn# cmide Id# liume with 
Wh (Imikhter, Mr# l> W Jtcnkln# uu 
Sou 1 uj avenue and for the jiiihI rd|£in 
year** tavii u whiter resident In Mt 

notid, Fin,, Mini fa tu electlem limliJj 


— nrv CcHt — Radis# 

ii#*uii.#, Mikbr *cnl l**«ft 411 tfandiniMt v p*u *u 

» to* wmm» (hwi kni tk- yw, n on ro urn rrm t 

AAA H«ia — rw 4iit snntf ft (iutu 

ItofVlBt T+m at thr him mucoko i. u vl-vcun 
E^j™, rr-dd^l Cf J jACROCMt, 

"tor it' 

mtiiiNim mikt'tKY «* ihm 



The Maroon and Gold 

Kiibltibi'i) in Mu- InU'rcM tif (Ki Si* QuihI School as * S*cHor of (tia St. Cltnui Tribune 


E<4H*f III Chief -MiKhlro Hod* 

I Humid Pc tafiltor. - FrniieuN Conn 

\|hlHir WdlPor-*. Raymond Kennedy 

Nfrdrir News MdJtor.„..-Ju> H Jotmnou 
jmiM New* mttot' wiiiiK Rosenthal 
Ktphnjiuiro News UJitfit-JiA VV rigid 
rn<i4»ilt» News Rditot- Alnion Dun let* 
Ktfi Hude Newii Kdltor. IjOuIi CotauuiU 
Tlfi Ur News Ml Flon*K» HclwfMd 
U'lemi-riliiry Krliiwl Newa mil nr . 

„„___„*_ MH ^.hdiui BniwnlQV 

l* T. A* NVw* Hditor M\m K (luff 
Msiienil Ncwn 1410or 

I Mu lull tin llkhllliltt 

taAKDKN, Mill 

AuiHmuh phiylng wlPJmui Muir onp- 
Inin nml miltT, I to yon on I Kr untidy, 
tie 01 Ulnud IwtfiC in mi Journey isl to 
Wmlrr Plantar February I (** tlflwn 

tkfl* 0p| Stile lit ii ill Well rim()Ml<H| Oil H1I •, 

wit IM Harden liwta I In- load twice In 
I lie Mrst *|HII Me r , hut Nl Cjuilfl h-d 
thn onimm Oh Iup| i|tmiir»r* 

Tin* Iti'M ihh»i ni i In gitim* wn 
f*-«t niiil by null’ll nmglllN--*- on Win¬ 
ter Harden'- itart, i mi t AII Hin wm» 
Mm unly nut* to mu veil tHi.V «>f Ihe 
fiwullInt; fi’i’c throw* Into iri'hltN. 
>ntnimlh< ploy* d lib Hr*! with Mu- 
vinlty nml illd xory rredpinldy lie 
n ml lnlinutoQ till mat id at uni 4 nunid, 
fttilfV MiImoii 1 ilii(lie fllltUf i!iirn'il 

Tim' renl nf On* Hnmtp wu* A III 

n i T p*dnl*l him] TlfiflMU Ml Hilt*), 
r orwnrri*; U mauil tin v I6 ia»ltit «) 

* i-ikl* i 

(toi* 4s* fly? l)onr ihh! bF rhru 

:lif Mill. 

\ sr .inks III IT VYN Ml ItT. Hl\ KX 

Tin' ii Irul of o of Utah pc) tool 

plays will 1m given In |tie high ■! 
nil*! berime P^Hdlij nig In. INdtrudry 
l«lli other* will follow during Ihi* 

. jniu^ on Oil | in T)ii'M' piny- »*-i'V** n 
fell nmil fur ilrvrlc<|inii<|il of ■*¥ pros' 

• tun miimiK high »* piopf poplin tl has 
Iwwi wild lUni nil high sulionl limihl 
have a t'tRlce fm di'0<lu|iliill tdulnh 
m wifi ItafenM - rhi-he |.ln>r. kire put 
mi Ipy i ha vtiriats * (iftiiinJxit I lulu vv Mli 
t lita i«iP|p^’ m vk« VmrkniP* orron 
ixallmm In tlio «’himl will *iaiiiKnr 
ttiMK 1 pliiy rim one given Feltrunrj 
144 h will lie nimiwihHl hi I lie ha^kei 
inll taiyp niitl girlv, 

If In d phiy tlenlJtijj with enllegi' 
life Ihnioy KloyJe, jin fiiii»ii|ililwt Icultd. 
t«U I InU'llm-l u/il aiiihiiv him hi. Juhyi* 
ttnr* t pcm and t*» iho i-lly to 

herltyhite enlMge 

Jnek Whitney hamlKMOc nuti nilile- 
tic At Well up Mhig iiniipuit1l> hrlllhial, 
Univt-i' 1 1 ip lUtle iiiiHmfiim Imm, In a l 
t efel (ulli'si' JNiify uml Juck Unvune | 
iffy in in h intcri'Mteil iri eneh efltcr. 
Miiplr* Mnrpuy, u vum|i from it 

HWLi lieui" I limey V IhiIimv ih eiHi ih 
I nfo With Petk Hlie MluH h> win 
him ict Any emd N|ir iHU Phiiiey tluit 
.tack in very wcaMhy. nm) j* only ’khh 
tllniE her ahuiif," sin lie wenhin'i eme 
^litar ntiyuiie him ilhln't hHVe nrlNtn- 
i-rulle uunvIiiylH. Mu/.le telU ixek Hie 
Him# thhig ntaiiM Kfcetii-y. TliJv urmiwi-n 
Ihtuey'K nlnl .fuck'* ftabling hloml find 
ilM^y tarlh ttprldc to win their liniirta* 

HwmeyV muTnmflto. Ttutn , iiml Jnek'n 

friend, H»h. a re annvritifl lliln JHintie 
enitlr pnfeiit*. Mr my unreiiinlugiy 

home took Keeiif'H ore nine led. Ihniey 

and Jink ladli moke u dev|ieitita rf* 

furt in be "Utah Klyei x '* 

iHmeyV eutmlry iiutit -iml Ittelr rent 
|h i rent a njP|tejn «m (lie preniv r rhl|lg< 
Ivvainn t iiini ilh'ii t«M 

Jrirk ond Ihiney are ►elei iini in m 
ineNfU ihe luMcge Ih a m hake Mitd 
el'll I ur I III taijiliaM* Inn hove lu'"ii loo 
hupy ‘ Tlylh’ Utah ’ Ai (he emnml, 
-liiek odtukth hM jmyi-rty niul iiniken 
a wuiitieifm itrntluh. 

Hit* hi re Will* I lie ivmie.t Millie 1 * 
tan ii* ure ntn*e( n Idi iiJ in 1 inek'a 

«iavcli* Her brothnr* iulib Mmniy. 
eoniev In HitiixleRteil nml M *ip411^ ihe 
hennw" einiiiriilug lire wlmli* nffiih 
Afh r PMlI Il lUll i - ktldWIt. JHeh, I Muiey, 
Alt'* I my 1 1 ’ o h*t > I r. WI ■ h i re,\ me ke 11 
pi "ihiohle" Me |i* ilie fdny Utah 

The “Utah t-tjern" 

Pdirwtr) lllli. 

mil he Iwn- 

MHMUlMOIfh NMilltm imps 

Uel Tm■ »du y 0f 1 r t mnm 11■ ■ • i|d«i 
ne*ie all U |ihiy«ii lIn- M-ven I Ji uuide 
icirlMt ih fi iJilne of Ihinkellmll Tin- 
Nipiimiiure giiix mm tit to K r 

We hud a|h eh I lie lioiier roll ihta 
merit Ii V] hi red Mowvi l], Ji/yee IJgr 
1 1 tan ii, *1 mu- .Tftlnvdnrj . VI nr gore 1 I d v- 
fngwhtn, Knihevktn fTi’Uhk nml Inn 
Mae W rigid 

KchhinIi’T ciamlhatUiti* nw* finished 
ii ii 1 1 we urn oil hpt*t*y eni'r* iigiith 

TUe> "*b Pehn in i'^ II. 

S( i | til |i ti ||{|*n Willi* *TliOMi 

ota \mhi tkaiw i% ro n 

TIm 1 olrta (ilujed 11 new Plylo *d 
hihUc* | lti | ii|| Milntdiii oiglil eiilletl I wo 
dfvlidtiii t'HPiirr Tliey »«‘i*iii to *1*i fil'd 
OP wet) til lh| « -tyle uu i hey ithl I tie 
idi| anj 1 . Tin Ippinte givln lint Ihioiigli 
mil I be an ne- niul Nviu-r^fnll.v «V usd 
jhi urtandn re My tn th*- ft mil <i tie iter. 
The 1 fie■ iiji f*p|hpw« 

.li|iti|*|hg refit w. Lbyb'ii 

forward. Mile Puliner; ferwnrd. Kn- 
lib'e Hok- ghiivd. ^nnu i* i^uin ; 
limfd* Mtiry llrlrr*: guard* Inn Pny 
I jit heir Xu Hi It ill horn June .Ifdnedmv 


(rn kb yd fnmi (VtniKylvanbi ruler 
ed Ole htalll itrndh Hll(* Week. 

Hy rn ho nke t w o imme* n eiv ninltlfll 
from ihe f if III grin In limine roll In hi-t 
iieekV imi»'r. They Were Hoppp-h ttaria 
mol Mu i'in ret taiWe. 

<*01 v in Wait I eit. Minute Mur. h****Mi, 
I do Mav Atidor-on Mini OvoriMii Mil rah 
huiidcd ill Ihe Im-jnI fifth mode emu 
j and Han a lm*i week. 

The iJdrtl irnnle tieii two of M* ineiu- 
ln«' lfip*1 week, Jtetnuf Hen Jem IN nml 
AniiU- TrlkifpihetU OnrdPih-r, Ptoln-rl 
inovi'd i e Oviniai t’lm ldn. 

M.n On ifidilitMh end tail 1 1 no V\ov 

ten iveii el INCH 1 from I lie aeeeinJ grade 

for *.-T»irnf sin >m King llerg hiip 

»bn i( (iph’Ii) K 

Ole'. (f*H.hvln on iii'i'enni of klhn-^K 
we* nrielde In lernb Minidiiy. Mb 
Mnwlej' (ought the grade In her Miner. 

O v rrkt It*iveinlinl wua t m redrrriHl 
fl-niM the KlftP'Jniiio-e -ale ml In the 
loiirlti tfl-llije | hU inak. 

dmij iiN'mlHTM of On* fifth jnnh 1 
Ui ia 1»k oier the week end. 

Wlint He fly* m- "My IMgb" «Nd 
ivlU I 'etirmiry 11( ft H 


H'igieln*v On l-digllfth elo»*n "Jubunyi 
hike ihta ftrulmrc ’taotil iIn 
from Hu' jHiOttn-' u )mt imunl ' 

4oh to iv "Du- * 'iiw, tiiil’em /’ 

* * • 

"Nahitfil I eon I HIlMM ay* 

t \ rlreje 1* o bieml MOttalit 
Jktie uMli u hole In the ntkhlh'.'" 

- (jfngltNllfdi I- (Inti If (liare were 
limit nhonld fly it Wily 
M. tMgyrglM Wit# hmmh'it hy 
tHNEjde Mrliil luid heeli elun N1l*l 


Ihm't min- 


m h> ii tail" tii 
Kdiniws HIM. 

(lie Iftgtv Situ tn| 

Are l/ou 


When if our 

Children Cty 
for It 

B«liy hiA Ikttta UfPHti ul tern* AM 
jour tmr* canmd prevent »Ti "in, Ilift you 
mt ba pr*yaretj, TUmi you mn itu wlmt 
*Cy *aneri«nced mir-e wenid d a mt 
o«t pkyairtanp would tall you In o 

* few drops «f jtUlu t Heho ug Ne 
SCKUMir dnu* ihmn ftphy U i»e p 1 hr i) r* ! 

Ii just ft matter of meineiHp, Yet y oil huip 

«a«4 rcur child witboiiL ith«> ,jj n ,i,g. 

Cuetarig if ,i i h 
So Its Hf T fcl lift* ClfU'll jM fto in 

ku »«J little |>ata yuu camrni 

Aid it's alwiyp ready W .. .. ar 

P*N|T» *1 or i*o 11 atipit 1. .pp of -i .it 

fBM) nlfWthi, too* Ur older < in 

Ytemfp fies mill «m hcflfri i* ,ftuten 





Office Clerk* 

where llo-x may ftjsmd the w Ltd nf. 

1 ta i*-y 

L r 



druid, Florida 

vtaipurs will not find the ajiori wanting. 

Cm liner 



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ler rn Hr history, and It ta lu-Hcvcil Mm) 





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It toned In tlm courts uf ICnglHiul In 



Hutton 1 


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Ml** fifteenth century. In onU'r thot 


An intereoi tag rlMo* nm-Miig wiia 
held taxi Tinmlriy »unn ihirkng the 
retniJur |k'ti«Hl fnr t bein' m-llv Hies. 
After Miimmneiiig Mint the limkni 
a ho fad MivigTiim hud tami nrniiiged. 
l*riofidi>nt IdmeMhlhDt JtlngP^itiiilli «ak¬ 
in) (tmt Elie elfiiw e.i|ireftp on o|dubin 
iiD (lie Mealni UHJty of giving n jilny, 
on ihe advice of Mr W1Hturn*, Jioii if 
HjimiHLir, M wiie deehhHl 0* give igie 
d nr Lug the ki<*r pin of ihe > emiug 

Tin’ Inn hit' glrta are ihv’kilidy imtnU 
aajijied In Ihe Interetain hnekei tail) 
(iimfw llary llrkw ta the only jun¬ 
ior on Hie girlK vo rally iiltboiitb 

Modtdyn Trout Ih on l lie niftmtl None 
■»f the id her Junior ulrla Imve token 
[m\'t in ttie glrta’ uthlHlrtc The jnti- 
Lor# pftmnl a more thou even rhancr 
uf winning the tatyii lionkel hall ahum 
ideindil]!,' hnWi«Ver* flnrii Huy I’hulolt 
ii ml WMIIh l EofM’iithiil nre regular* nn 
lho hoyn* ii'niii, ii ml Hcverol other ex 
rli"in xh| idnyer* utw rtvuJfuhh- 

HT. (TJKI) «0VS* TKAM Willi’ 

Tin* Kt i'lornl hoya muse Mi rough tn 
lieiipry Hiiturday night to break o 
hmg toning Btreiik 'Idle gome wim font 
with oXfidleM pfikMtng hy tatih HaiUi*. 
Wlllta ItooenTlntl flnrred wit la li|« ei 
ivdlotM h In nit lug. The line lift follows 
Forward* Korl A Miami; furword, 
WMlta ItoaenlliHl, oofltur. Itayttioml 
Keninvly* (en|pL.j * giitird, Alta-rl MlM 
■mm . annul. Huy Till hill. Sulwlltu 
Ih»hfp Joy .InkuMin ond Nidwin An 



TuiHMloy nft*ruoon n I five oVInek 

the film] mum* iif the fterkiw wun |dov«il 

(up'liVfieo the -n|dimmirc nml Mmlfir 
giiK' Ian nix. Tin- hi- n lor a won hy n 
ftOfire of ’.it u, i is lift, mnk big ilmm inter 
aloft* P'liomidipliH Tim IlnetlM for Mil-' . 
tuilne «u* rt* follow*. 

J| 1* no eleiru^nliirv |irWe)j*lo that 
tn may ijImiim »f Ufa ttien* rt ri* ron- 
»t motive mid d«i*lnicflve r+/r«i- Out* 
ImJtdo, Hu* other ihadroy** ond then* 
I ft n eoiiMnul xv or wngeil tauwn-n the 
two, Du* dadrwiUva farrai lire right¬ 
ly re gut'Mix | ns i*nA>ltiip to Mini mu 
ivHfjifo mol num ever xp*ek“ to nlhie 
Itirtle them. \ T eL they lonlimir l*» eg 
bft. M eiidng olde ro o hiuy* Ikud *ftduo 
wnik nrnii to nitack 

Men In fmldtc lift* nh< fnoiiieiiily 
eboW 'nhjeti.-. Xn nuttlor hr-w %-a- 
iniMtH’ Jimomilde or tihnm*h>.' mi unit 
ter rlie helgUta oltalniHl Lti ijiiUii- 
ofjltittai, limy iiiioi gininl numtuiith 
ncsilhi‘1 Ihe diwtrtlldix-t* foriea <KHu> 
r*yux| ii, ii riMf* (if iloioi* who tvjnkv 

In rehirhitf eixotiuiiH of the knovglnu 
lion iim fuel*, ii (ro MitWlif In w lal p* | r 4 ! 1 - 
lug ottumtali who tm* ijtilch to iwtal 
Hie I mill Kvojj t in* ilend nre not aiife. 
When ihoy nrt* No lipiiger hilfv In dii* 
lend 1 Jpoiuxdfiw, the I'epurnMini they 
mode In nMmrkiHl 

mi exintade loke Mmni-e Wjix|i 
liigtiin* win* devotivi hU life m hrying 
I tie rottmliiHmi n)xjii ulii'Hi tiHlny 
•tandft the world'* Aaniuwl nut Mi, 
mn| "a(ioh- idi’ih ii niilvemirr wi 11 U’ 
t 'i did i in I i*i I lid* motif h tine enu liwir 
mUMlguMy n'jH-niiftl *ti«*rh** Mini are 

dlrmiiHl tigiMnal, I he immita nml rkNir- 
liefer of ilie g-mit; Aiiimlniti in 
Miefte fttorb**, l|io IlMtwM of which La* 
olijparifttll). in disd my rile hinds I till I 
mirrmmil till* inems.u'.x of Ibe Iwliniat 
,r * m l|)ii|rtol' MINIU IlieldelK im 4 OWgll [ UlM| 
"iiud lusiite lo n|-|*-fir ihi ti different 
( l tain find often they him* ton the 
I vltahf**H l»nnl» uf trillli* 

T*> rigid ml iIm* Unddumi* re*iiltH 
wjileh tuny tie enmmt hy tta* efftat** of 
(ho f(e*drtierlve fYipre* In MiU roajieH 
nio| ftp ke*^i iiietiiMlnl Itw m*’linery *if 
i km t lull grout i mo in the Wieddngitiu 

ejoty uf Alexmidrui. Vn n.m iriHixl 
the erLlHn uf llUltiy of ibew* uhiftiiei'eil 
JII«I| nym" PArmr) *toi # * uml tm> t^nMivImt fa*!- in 
nr* vt* m Me mmrt rtidnknM fhwr rti*s' 
-i-nmliiti* iihH idUfiy fnlw*. 

Tflta wadely wim ilr**f orguniAN ml 
Imnniry II, Imm*. by WiMdlinufim'* 

I long* i inn iiui i ■ frlmota Jimt otm uri* ■ rtf 1 1 


lrrjh-l uri! ion ef ihe nitrite Slid fnnir* of 
VVo^lilniHmi )l evUtixJ for ntni**ft1 iVl 
veins, ii«iii|H<rl»g minpiig It* iimmta’rH 
min of Mm If tale-at Ikilrlbslugl ond 
morn I fttrindlng of Mu* init lon. 

TIN* rt*et»nlH of Mi In Niw'My lui vhta 
ta'i'ii *11 gift i vemt* H H’iih fell llrrH 11 
vhoidd In* n-vivetl nud Hiftx*nlhigl> on 
.toniHiry H, 11rjs, ihe rout a^titaot loo 
wriH iiffsHM) nt. MndHliy* TYiveni 
where the ortatnii) wndety hod twen 
ii iiud tiHo bo ltd nit nml illy-eight 

yerlfs JH'fui'e. 11 Ini ** no 11 * ifuriiefte 
live giving of t ml die find (ft*niuiiteiit 
etr|>ie*a!oTJ of itevuttmi u* Mm mini mid 
the |rr!Nc( 4 i)i« of vlflta 1 uf ifhMi Jr 
wun Uie nviimii'ill It. rtluo iifnift fn 
gNfdpit hi 1 lie prexcn viiMon of ktatorletil 
I’lTneea In Pnlrfnx cm inly wblt-h were 
OK.«oi-1iiMft| with Wr,ghlngtoii. und lo 
iMsMNtilnntu biatorhul daifornunion re* 

gnrdltig I'venift ixniteiiiiff*riineoiift wkMi 

our tlrnl jireaUbml. 

It# riK'iiitH'mlil|t 1* enuipoaod of !oyaJ 
Amarkmi idllsciiH who sre ever r>'od,v 
to defend tin* good tumm mol eblTtah 
Ihi* rnmoory of Mint ilhiKirlooH mini 
and Mtiwn, Ceiwgi' WtihlafUiti. » 

doy iifjcrnone Ytr« I irujHT la ;\ 
Vu tiled uei|iMatiieii mp Mir chib. 

From the Pi me iPley won from Of- 
hi Silo, the h pi'id HlmfflcrH tisive not 
I lei'll oldi- In follow op lludr sidvmi 
luge nt Lille Wilin'. YVliiler [piiveii 
nml rirniwihr Tile VMm|iiL*lpml 
Idayera tMTered mi ullh)p< lu-i Timm- 
dny ni iIn* (Tearwiner tOMriiaiue a it, 
ii'd vvMUfHmiilliig the I* mg fltafuoec 
Ihey hii't to ro'gidhiPe Mint May TTiey 
lire hi*o*r m inii 1 oaiudkimre 

Whut *110 he iieenoifillftloHl In the 
■dhidnut hut tpf -inr play or* \vu* Mi’ 
monxli'oteif hi at TllOftiluy at the *kly 
pait'k etitii M' wpieo Mi^rn*. Andorftdii 
nml P'eomrm. ilark bur«c* of the p*lmf 
rhd mo hi n gu legiition* trim mad ihetr 
ftpinmonlft, kiewrg. Fin h-tan mid Itay, 
notl liy Virtue of (heir vb toi'y WlM lie 
po'iil lo pile fttotc hIiiiI riidmuril ImOtin- 
im*or at taike WmIcn mi Febntorv 
niul III* with the huHtf- ua utt'TlurM *:, 
How the mighty full* Tiler Ioivp' l woo 
juviPuLhh- all tee thu Jiiuintui-gMoii of 
Mie ahiifnHMnird h'iihii until ibta 
om-k when their hmreift were wreHled 
fftiro 1 h * a o hy tludr otiie]Urbirft. Tn 
the vtidriix hHoirg Ik*' ujkiIIk, hup 
arbtdlier Mm x|xv|l" can he ndrlnrad 

ri'iiuihift pci i>p «een 

I HYN4 I s It. K1LKV IfKAIl 


lUvgPalrrnJ f||ifnb>idriftl 
Mt. n«NN| Flo r hi* 

s i .daiHl lawlg* N*. ST I 

r* A X M, 

Hoc I a neootut olid fo irth 

Friday evening of a*** 


VI nlOng ItrHVire» WtlrNS 

ITTFR ii. A* K. IIAI 1. 

I* U, AIMMKH.MAN. w. m 

(MN K. AHMttTBONM 9«* 

I. O, 0, F. 

m* Oeilii Imdjti- 

Nt,. Oft* I, o. a* r. 

ineeta etory TW«a 
dny t*vetvlfig Hi 

Odd Feltow* Wall 
rm New York aw 
mu* AH vial ting 
hroMiera widcmnr 
15 VOCRBODT. Noble Oraod. 



St nouil tTuipler N*. !• 


vir* From*-" H. Itlloy* u ivetf known 
iiiol kitaldy icH|M’etift] eilJm-n of Ki. 
rfwinh dlfi nt Mu* nnniM Oom-ml 
h ok| dtut Muiuitay morning of ihi% 
week Ttn* funeral Nerrlre will Iw* 
iftinilUrPiol from the Fl*4*ileiii Ilrrdhera 
fmieinl |)Pirhm* Sun day, FehniJiry ft, 
u( If nVIrti k |i. in tt*o L M Itarker 
Ui charge. 

MrnT ii rid third Thftradsy lo the 

.Ill nf " TIO ji, m.. t fhi- *J, A H 

MnM. Y'Jaittnjr fin'inta’ra freleoinc. 

WUH, FERN DAVY t LBT t flw'j, 


Office UT«r Bnnk n«i , si]ii 

KlrtMlmrocv, Florid* 


IhpruMiy Ihirher u fonnor ■ituleiu ipf 
Ihlft M-l i pie I, w Ini lout ln>e ii u Mi ■ m hi it 

..;' ... tw-np-t -ni.- j nfivi- ui- ... iii.JUni.-.i i, 

per* loo* rein rued and ta onroMcil u*< 
n NK’mlier of Hie junior eta an. 

On sK-etiiiNr ah'kneftH, Mnry YVnTkei 
(vie a linenl fitiin fti hitfil hurt Frhloy. 

Ktcini ilolhrmik la split tfliwiiM from 
ihe nlufh ginile bocimae **f pile Injury 
lo hef ntikle. She wTU return home 
tram Nu v *n id In rJujii Mils week. 

♦ Tirlatlm* Jlh-kmiin N atilt ntiiihLe 
Po ii leiul iter p'Iiou-n taH'iuou' of HI 
ne*M*. Wo nil hn|ic ihnt In n few more 
ihiya hIw w-Jll tn* nhle Up resume her 

YHa* Cordell lta<taett, wloi It** *n- 
i'i d h*i i Mil ft 4eio p-uter tn rho gonJor cm a*, 
a) a 'lit l a at TKurwbiy and Fridny In 
West [iitin Munch inking licr mill- 
(erin I’KulJilviol lulls, 



*n«e Jftjnihreta *t)a'lh«r yegtab^xs) *o 
fur In Mu* kTorhln ^adlktig Jtau )■ 
IH lie MtaM \lory limtl uf Kt IVuth 
hui'g. Kl*e I* nine yenm oh| nod Is kli 
tlii* fourth grade of North YV«rd 
Kp "bta d - HI. J I'nd *n rg, 

'n»f MorUta Kindling He* U sfawusFr- 

e*t by I he nem ixil Kvieisahnj Idvlsdoii 

fpf tint V hirerg|ly find In It* Urs! yi«r 
him si 11 no-lift.) ttcurly one hundred 
M'lppwpi h in nil {virP* iff Mo- Mtnte, The 
HI, Atalift'w n. h.ftd m si \ii*in«w-. taJ 
Hi*' hitwn atbnd In reelatar fur Mie 
Kfieltlng tVift-. 

In each of the seltouta ciiboloa the 
cimfeat nil lOidKldnu aivtling Ihh* will 
1 k< ta-td |u dt vhle (lo* chu m|*)p»n N'lwdlcr 
of |tic wTuiul, nod tt l* thta ha-ul lax* 
which AJmy Reml tots wun in Vp*rih 
AA + ?i rg| SuJhmt 

She will rangwlp with l wiwity rlre 
uthvr aiaiiad ehsiiuiihme nr iio* Idatrlci 
Kjw ihirw Bom on Mnsiy III, *n»e 
wthuer nf lhx<t j .1 ji-^- mol Mie niniior 
lift In l.bift I dal i lei lice, ivltii Itm whh 
[ non In other ittiMirh t* uf the *Miie 

llslaiimMutnil kuintgy ... ta'gauii 

fi*r FKIMU AUV ft 
Yin 11Jkbw 7 IL*; 15 i!7 
liev Kmmod |i prhv* 

Wtnt(*r real den It* In Kt. iTmid are 
iimuiH'nieiit-mlltdeiJ. nml n mujorlty 
of Miem chiHvRe NhufrielHiaLHl q» » rrumt 
imiaihir laistlmi-, The eonna are 
ptowiIihI with jlcvolCft of Ihlft ii iliftae 
moiit dully, ond Us mcml*nratdft In Mo 

, ii, **.* j * ^ il4 ri , i Ki. cloud Hiiuffl aboard dnb l* grow 

| will eiuer the Ktab- Hl*-llkng Hih' nt | , 

po- ii.—ft.™ -r .. -..... I™* npnfl1 

Shuffleboard Craze 
Covering Florida 
Like Dew 

f|l> FRANK K f’lHUNUT) 



Vile -eveiilli gruih 1 glrln sifter ih-fcur 
Uig Mo- righMi grade girls hi a tatakei 
bull tmirruiinelil |ilny«H| the ao)dimm*re 
i'Iiimh. At. Hop eml uf I lie woud qilnf- 
ter Mie fti-vcnlh grndi* whh siticnil txi) 
|i> (Hitting tjiypoN KiimuooM* vnrwlly 
jumping ranter l« lu Jump the au|iho- 
isvori* liroiight up the «nrw nml W'mi 
by a r l nn I iftMinl of IfMl 
The rulhiwliitf Is Ikn* mwonMi grille 

1 tie*ii |* r 

lopfta Italrytntde ftirwiiril. FmiKftrtl 
I In r Idas i ii, forward; Vera Hull, guard ; 
No l her ItauleU, guord Margaret 
italey, center, 

"Fly lllgtr with iw Febrtinry I llh. 

tJoi f nl ve rally of Clorlilii In Molnc-. 
vtllf* on Morsii ?* 



Do* l iiltiftt KNiM'S Civil ftcrvliH' 
Cumiiitosloii unntUirooH tin- following 
I s M i etim | ad 11 ive ex si m I tin 1 lopa 

A i preaeii i there ft re tdim courio In 
| rorwhibt o|H-rsiMori. und Ih 4 ' is(nl{»- 
nn'Ot |w tielog mhlrftt froth llilie U* ttmc, 
Thai Mo* *{hin id in Ins 1 (h gnv. (o«l 
|M<I iihlii rli>' cuhcelvnblp la wfbltntafgt hy 
the fn*'t Mint Mnllmnrnc lum odih-d 
f* pin* new com In Mi It a erm Willie one 
Fveiiiwilly ahiltfI cLkui nl will iftjveir 
Mie arutc like dew, nod no hint for 

ta-ov tiling o rt'gLM r of piiraona ctlgl 
btc foi ii p|a .Mi Imcnt 10 Mu iitaive limvt- 
Cil jamHUrn, 

A pplteii him- wltl In- received hy the 
wercUty* Fifth Civil Mar vice Htairlci, 
AMfltilsi, Miftirgin, until retirhnry 2K, 
licit!* tar Hita (hpaltloih tiiolsigruidift 

ef Mm siftplkuntn lire nniidreil (u lie 
ftiilpiidiiui in the examiner nl the thm* 
or e x si ml mi I l*m. 

I be Nei cssnry ntppMr-ul l+ui bhrnk fur 
ihi- egsimlnntlinn inny he pm** tired ru>m 
I be lia-nl «rci-elsiry nt the HI. Cbnnl 
| ft o* t iifftev, 

Fm t hr■[■ IbfarnNfckm and npjJlea thin 
bin oka mny In* iddnlniftl frum it. h. 
Cl I In, Ism-uI wei’fetury of Mie I’nlMil 
Htoleft < tv It HerVhfti Lhsard ill ihe jmat 
office In lhl* city, 

I on I une re mny lie cticsuiriiginl I •* aviil) 
Micmsidveft cf these courtm, Ihe full owing 
deacrliitloii of Mie go me J« given, '^Tha 
amine In ployed by Pwo or four player*, 
single niul dun Idea, nml the object of 
Mo* gome In (o place wooden dtas-i* In 
w-mdiig dlugntDin nt cuch end of Mn* 
i-ipfirt hy ini'oin* of h me. u i ihe mmr 
lino* preventing Mil- opponent fnnsi 
aeuiltig. The tdiiy Hp]Hmra quite dm 
|dc from the uliinlta**, but renlly re 
■liilres great skill nml afford* heollli 
fill exorrlMc white helug devehi|H*d 
Klglil disco are mahI, foui 1 nnl ntat 
four Pi)nek ** 

A* a mark of iipeperl for lira, (hairy 
T tan per, whose huabond dhsh memlifir* 
of the local fthitfrUdioNrd dub nt 
temkftl Mm fiUiei'nl In a tauly Inut Kuo 

Thi* eofitciit flf Pin* twritiim *»n Mu' 
Mount* Malt hew a ,% «, f w j|| \ w ni (int 
foinlltar after Mow Min** lesions 
therein This Mine the eftHre Tlh 
cluk|ger ahould hr rear I wdHt rare, or 
I teller -IP II, conunH’ ll Mi oo-mui-y, 
Thta leftheo In ihe ipio rlerly <>iir* on 
TVihiternuer mol Urn P«xl la finely 
mUipled Iip that opplleallon., Thta utile 
JiH-t is one of i lu- moat jiojmTar i«imi 
of the dny Do* neWK|vitaTa have 
sufne otitarnudtug ref ere mi* in alnnvtc 
every Thei'c \m se ed for i litreOh 

of 1 fu* Abrnhuso fdn&nlii iy|je pu work 
mil Mie im i luimI pFolih-to, for ihta im* 
thm ctltnot s-xlsl Indf wet ond ho If 
dry uny more than It nmhl mlvmu-s« 
tadiig bn If Kpive j*tid half frei' 

Tin- Muldeii Rnte, verw 1^. in pox* 
eilile of the most extensive ujijiHcjith'ii 
and surety fm» a direct li]i)ieri to 1|ie 
f|tlenllmi of wiling ohvdicllc I1r(m>r fo 
u(lien* The huotlcggiii' wiPiild return 1 
il If lie was done hy an be seek* no 
jaet-Hl *> tell Hy It* "rlt*" riMit'rft. A Hum H 
Wells any s, "The Fight con I h A mend- 
ment ta simply i be ihtlden Hide put 
Info nnr uuthsmil omiatlhillon, M There 
l» uns* wtsnl In thta ver«t- 12 Mbit hsctH 
|nirtlridnr ntlenplon. It ta the "there 
fori-, 11 Ihivimn* Mo.I ta si guin] |o iih 
iilwn.vw we should Invurlnldy seek in 
tmit i*tflora up to iPiir iilinoftt ability, 
A negative statement, mich iih an he 
foil ns I in tlse writings ipf Cmifuclitn, Is 
lioi ginnl i*in»iigli. Nelth*'r Is lo-goMve 
rcllghm Now ta I be lime Tssr (hnae 
will* 1 id lev** in rJgtilWMtam-ftfl to In- 
japftlMve fu Hie drfctice of tflltb* which 
will ta- a liLeftftlng lo iiimikliul, 

The Hi’s id Ilium- Whu ore enger ta 
evade (be rmiHlIhiUori oiop Ills’ enforce- 
Ini’llT as-Pft life nklo til fhe false ftfo- 
tdscift «m Mima* Who appeuf In ibHqfl 
clothing They are wolves mdMst* and 

lur | k-iim mu | golii will NIMleriuiNe l|r* 
haeir. Hlgltl ieiw ymilh sc<-i»s fo hi' 
(lie target for at I trek, It ta the ndtdt 
urn inn Mini |ii*j|M for win'd Jd(ftlufcinj 
uo iln- jiort < t f ynting men, who In turn 
dan* the girls lu purtuke. 

The rferU rut lull of Joans la most 
leNtlng "My (heir fmUs ye Moil I 
Mom Mwtii." Hy this del erminelif 
inch yogr ceiKdlisloft uIkpiip any id 
eifhotu* Pu-vertigp- Keep in mitid Mmi 
tlkohol Is a 1*01 SON ainl the nvo 
tlmi ta ii lur my*- Mu* mo me a good char 
aclcr i*r xvorthy coridtu-i can »ar In- 
hiltil tip tiy I he use of Inhuch-iiHoii 
.(rink Die vi»ry iipiHistli* tpeglres In 
US'nit wiih Ihe first glass Life in 
Muiinci siiitlnllra shuuld tn- sufficdi-nt 
evidence fipy imy one to rctieh u tun 
eld skull for I Kith prim [pies anil eon 
duel. Tin* rrcmils nf taifh ixmrls ami 
wpHeiy nr** full of ncconiita of daitirtir 
Mum a ml pi PKiiice nothing that *U-iil- 
xmMi fs-rmiPiwnt const met Ion a# m re 
mu It of lifting ihpior a* o tH'Virrngp 
Ii|g i pis sjo* mm im iiegInning to uodi'r 
sturiil atamt (be "fruits'* ond ta now 
dcnia ml tug noli Mel y, 

Thu chialtig tviralde (nm refer cine 
Pu the entire cun tent of Hie oermo'e 
*m iln* kpoutit an well as to the theme 
in horsfj, Ttie two houses tuny at 
flrtit Jtavi* ItMiked equally wall, First 
dime the jmirliml vveuriug nwgy am) 
ironing uf funmlatlonnl stnxngtb tiy- 
Hie strofth of yaara. Then the uwful 
Sturm tprobe nml It wum ihnt for’-* 1 
wPih'ji brought ooinitleH 1 ilentruetlon 
nfler tin* long-continued H-t-ukenlnt 
(HiKf-MK. Both physically awl morndy 
we foil.*4 be aide to withstand Ho long 
Mb *' wear nlld tenr, »« well a* the 
ruergeuey w-lien *be la* or nmy ittin* 1 
*1 ofjcxjs t uftlly, There la a fock 
foundnlbm tlmt will stand uny stri-uft 
a ml iipsm which we enn bnllil Itfc 
stmemre, Thai Foimdolluu ta Ji ftiis 
Phi si nml Ills teacliInga lie did lifil 
dent xvltii affairs in ihe ahfttrnri not 
I n dtil life prolih-mH Mint -tiJ' fft*i 
us a# ktobvldioilk. 







Beaut if til horwa, skillful rider <« clown a. elephant, 
dogi, mule* nrrohara, tight wire villtcu 
Twice daily before the grand »ram1 

Daring Automobile Races Two Days 
Pagcaftt., "A Night In Old japan* 
johimy J, Joncft Show# on the Mid way j 
Sjwcidfwlnr Fire IVorJh 

bihonli CowutitiallVi CcpurIv* *od 
Nulufiil guhlknu 

IVtNs ta Fpf» tV#Httasi (Jsidt*pfw* 

Ollril Florida Etygihn 


rwiK roiR 

JfctG* laaS&ib tin i 

otPt>n*»i<+il fvrrj THnlM by (b* 

TrtlUIUI huildfo*, *i. ci«si FIs 

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\ y jdljfi«ON VI* fr.-tbl'Mit 

v \i jottJfRON iicwiiff tusmiw 

HhtkphI 1# 'null JWStlnf 

p. Mil, t»**FTfW St * 4 - i lfitl*l, FluHrtu 

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11,11 mallei 4 m *i»Jf l^T* *•* l 

.. . tn*. ***“' • 3 w»ri 

[uiinilit *f tte fur ihr** nmutba, •trl tljf 
M|*ibii tn Static* r-+refo(i auHacfotlsi** 
in V-ts* tidon ».ras is+» r**f 

In *Pn* 3 la# In yaw fibwrltiUrt 
«ihe>' « Iip- 1 la-i'r r*rKW*t f*P n*-w •llbS'-TMn*r 


TlilRNilAY. KKIiltl tilt <* IM* 

usr OF .11 Hints JANUARY, m # 

No, I* Kissimmee 

in in ... *rv 

f int. Hin'iV>r renewal «v m-w aofoerllwu | 
r , 4 ,-ta*n/tf*f N*r JMldn**» ^ awe* to ft»U 
ronr aittJi'p**,_ 

i bllla nr-? fwJiM* mi tbs tir*t 
,y . . 11 i.i'Mkib rurttiH* vt-i Itiiaws to 
it* will t* h-nnitwl i‘+ V*r * n 

Letters to the Editor 

Itotlvr, Vfo FHiciiiti'y i. UCH*, 
TO It or THNmo, 

mm Kir H mi; in- hUnrtitiW- 
jokI wiiniuvtmt 'ttrprNui l« our 
fill n-l- I- bitnw Ituil wv iirw mtw 
hunted m Ituller* Vo, iieur tin* i-lm- 
„f ,nir Mriti. ttV did md *« *"i> Unw 
in VhkMxuwi There i> m *ti> livu hi 
i lull Mbit dry l« 'nftw-il hy 
Hu,. .1,-i** run liy 11n* F-niliaTie* Mini 
fOptyed lav Ibe lira roc*-'' It la “ii*» 

I tin 11* for a KlftimnRVi" *>r ilm **>n *-f 
,, Kfoasmon und we fmaulatal U|i 

"l.luJc'* mol iiil Him trail for Hie hind 
nf Slditr Mis** Wm arrived III « ttftVW 
, r-1r hi i ml Imti* ItMh •!*+» Isomd rw 

Hti#sN i Min' of my eleriefil friend* til 
Hr I'lnml has reinliHl* , <l urn tllfil 
ihlcfeeiis iniik" hoitii- i« riH*ni" mnl 
mi* "■’hkfcHj" iiwiy «l*i lliul ill l tv ihlHV 
If he mvi*t ti-u ilmwtsl utit Tlu* Kir*t 
riiMrii Lnu iluirrti lii-b- U *'m -Insim *jf 
laaMilr” hi Tut tn «Jl Li) to Ih’ Uilf W*l 
t-ttiMln* in 1HI* hmciIou of tin? atilt 
%tr^ Mu ft in mremljr todllnl n* « 
.if l l hrtul TvMmuu u In 

Utg nil liitiirnt nff tin- tmoaliif oOT 
4,p t i r frtimiL M r* f w \ Iltdirnti 
Slur uiiiuy th* ii* uf kiiw|m-N nutl dmri- 
it im< written in tin* "t 4 Kib*» H*»»k 
of Lin umi 4-tniiiit^ Im• i 1 r?w«r<! will 
In- It 1 1* «i(l t*» It hum- a nor 

frli-in) *rii**;i nre mutiy fnlrt- 

wlin mi- i»aNly i* 1 - ^turu +imt 
i Mini yiiH' 1 u* until na Jr*»iir limit in 
uii fi-ti Tiiflr nwnun. tt*o, are wrllien 
In n Nmlr mtt you vummt. i?> irHcw% 
h*t i j(,^>f>»iun .>f It niul niunlii m *wr* 
■lfl*n| n[i} t-f Its MinfiiK We u r-^ 
llM-kimi fiirvuitil ht u vNlI rrom Mlv - 
1 ‘ImIu iljrriip’n tu Itn* >)irllii. Wt- will 
iiluiiy* rvmniilu*r In-r work. Iti Him 
* Imruh mill (' IV Kcn ii-ty nml Imr liti 
nworvtiur Inyulljf t*» the l»rinrl|ilo* at 
f i ill L mel lifillla'iUwntstn With Im-hI 
viinln-n fiti 'In i'lJMnr uml Jail -4 -+ni 
»* iMutnl frliunla «i- re in it In, 

HlntTfely yuur« + 

ukv wn vmn v n apamn. 

x*t I*lnn Hirwi-L 

st. U OI H < L 1 MATG IfKTTRR 

Tlim On* - llfiinto Ui Mr tlool i* ln*t- 
lur mi|| lli-t y.-nt rminr] limn Omf of 
Jarkiaiiititle, t+nly 17 -V mllai in the 
mtrill nf Uil» di? la wHl' kiiitUfl to file 
rj*t|i|r>m« ->f tin ii-iijitn, imit ti rtfairi 

r-'rntly «lrn< *-■ a in rlw? "(jaie- 

wmj Oftjf" *'f Jnrkuonvlllo, by W. O, 
Klriff, wln> him lit’j-r i He vusither pr- 
t««rta of Nl i'kMitJ for many yuwrn. wnia 
u |»1i'iis|iig m-lMtlon k" 1 ibe i*uty 
wlalilnif lu kiittn h Inov mmi.v ilnya t*e- 
low frtn'xiiiit pnlnr* 1 RT Ctouf) harl tMb 
wJ titer. 

A Jat!*r i*> lUe Trll-iom from i*. fj, 
rrampton. wtitten In Ji< 4 t«onv||lt- oil 
-faunary ,‘H> wm tnrntMl nrrr to Mr 
vv. CJ. KIm for ie(ily. n- Mr Klim 
bf|» rlio winnlief feimr*.! fur tHIa 
mua-i In ktt*»r Mr Crnmpton 
■n lil. In | mi i t 

p i Iwivi- la-*-1.1 in ill I* aiu tv l-l yi-itn 
nml Nil* iff Hu ruidu-r vrisither 1 thlntt 
wlnen I innn* lw-r- * + * Kl iMiioi 1* 
In rim interior nml mi much Jilielmr 
iilllliirte, It w*Hiihl Ih* plnrnAiiler ilmi'i! 
Mi Hn* aafim tlmtvt "H ttu* thernumie- 
ler. ftinu It la lu JiirkffMiivltlir. Will 
you (4 ta ffu if I v if uu- 1 h-< Um t *t rruPtef 
-a fur. tliia wlntei. umi nlmtil lirnv 
nmny dRjn lu?low fn-etimf lailnt M 
Mr. KOm nfllnl hIvIiik Oh- offlHnl 
wdMtlifr report for nt. ru-nd bir ib*- 
u Inter wown, unit rondviid tiw fnl- 
l.jwltiif ibmi enr«i locbiy r 

"Yotllfi of rilul warn m re 
vrlntlun to me, for I Oumubt yon 
'iiiwty had i* mimlHti of fri",i in In win 
ii-r, hm It. Jiiu tKW-u m enlij on nmo 
\1t> nmj' mnie down thrn% If no. will 

roll wml you. i Itmnk von fur 

ihi- Inform! I bin* Tfotir* Imiy 

a a. riiAMPTfiN ** 

.1 Hik MOUTpillo, Floriliu. 

K- iirtui ry Mm 

Legal Advertising 

'tlUU.H OF l‘l ItHN 

ti, nr ■nil I'mirt in iimI foe 

* .iinir oi i fiflni-ffryi (i«inr»' m lii-kiirii 

* “ ninuA Tkania* ■■ II-trie r. 
-’itirn* m Mttukoa ntlfo -if TkOEbaa IV 

rimrii.,* nml a. If v'ii«r-niiMt m ah<«Nr 

■ -h ti I’llltHH flF 1*1 A 
THIS lit \ M. f.Tui|tri*.in 4 fi-+ul, M ..f 
ai 4 ii' ,tf Florid t wli+t** ...Hit -- i* 
limir riorldA V'JU AHK 11 run 
rv - iT\ni i vniaii to apI'KAH u- fftM.n* 

* nllflMt rami, I., mil uf CtuupliiHil luff 

Mi Cdrd iifbiMii vi,ii by -e-e.ry- M HUdcar'l 

uh FffbrttmPv IT. imo. NuM anil !• hm-ntht 
in ft,hti-ii.M Mt«i , . ri4»iH iBnnaaa* r**rT.r.ifU 
i" "k*ou ivnntr rtoriilH M->na«in* n..ipk 
K ' pa *p 1 B 7 . 

w iTNn.tM lit., riuoooildi- Frank \ 

Stull l) Mbit tnj. tmmii 4 * lU*fu**f. niti) 

‘■Ml flf i Hurt «l KBilnunix-, 0«, ...tlj 

1 -nfity, FKultNt ,, n till- -Mb d«| tit lap* 
uary, Ittui 

1 , t, OVMIIiTkKKT 
in nun f*Hon Mi-iih 

n-.rk iTmuii <Vuri_ 
ftantsila iMvHfjr. Flo ml. 

b M FillKXTi. 

Ailr.riiH't fur *'oru|Hrfiaaai 


fmt utainr an* 

Mittw .Lmuh (Mttln eulerininei! I lie 
nmnilterw **f llie Ruiunlay nfU-ifwa-ii 
Iti hlin- eltih Jiiai w -s*k In file |uw‘lots **t 
liit. N|. rjmiil lHi|i-l AOemllnu wen 
Mi-* ft. a. Hawley. s|i** Klimituuti 
Mi-lwiry, Mra, IlimUbmmu, Ml-ff 
n. Htu, llurknia^, MU- V--rii Jebnwnit 
Mra It W i‘oil roll. MJ-m Ileiitrlee 
i ’ii iiii-Ih-I 1, Mrs t\ \ ha Hey, Mr* W 
UtVl-llr, Mb« LU-'Hiuiry laoidla** 

( Mr* V M mil, Mr*. M. o SdmtimuiM 
JlrK Moln'l Hnu 1 **^, Mi*. HL *1, hlnek 
until, jiik-rtiiitiUe Jo 1 iu-«m, Mr*. 
Airnni iM.»rv* Mr* ii. U liliwlu Mr* 

1 y wiiennmi Ml— .Hmmie I Milk 
Admit*. Mt« 11 L iimlwllit Mr- Kttlll 
t i ifi.- Kuir rn'iudv Mr* V R .folin- 
& >11. Hr*t * Tin* l am e, uml UlA -I. W, 
X\u*t tn 

ijub |»iP« for liliftU wtiH w in 

it- Ml— Ifortbu llmkiu-t--*. wm-oiuI lilfk 

*xtrv i-rlae Ity Mi- KIUiiIh-Hi May 
Infft. mill lew liy Ml* ^ Hu III AN 

imi*rovi:mfnt i li h 

Tin* boille* Ireiinrovniieni i"lub lield 
uit hiten-ai Inu tms-iinu l*Ajinmry ft- 
My*. I,by*I /Jtmnernuni Iwil c)i*nt* 
■if Hie iMTunmm, wltlrb oja-m^ 
is itli mil tull mi "Women of the BlKlo, f 
followed Ity SI men! 1 ttlere#tUrn iw-ia-r 
■ in (111- M -.meii ef t»M iiflit N* w Tealn 
iw-nf * + 

Tb-. neti misiina will l-e Vebnmry 
111 uml will ho H hlub B'liwl tlr-linte 

There will tile nalllil rani |aivty, 
W*a|iifstilay. fVbnmry l- 

The Heti'imw iTnh wi»a invllisl to 
meet with iIn* HI. iTeiut tTub Fehnu 
a ry HHh 



i, Confliuiefl from I'mfo Oa*t 

I 'in it* Tot tfjMvhil aa-rvlrt * iinNua die 
*fM*in 1 week have vkrituitly lua-ta rom 
iilHcil uml mntTfitf lHe*e t*ervl*w will 
kh ,i jHS’hil -eirvlpe f*»r llir* fl A O. 
IN**! nl mi one for the Amerl nn Leeli-u 
uml otte for all -.tidier* of all war*. 
At (til*-’ ■t-rviis-t fi n.) as ini MH'lioo Will 
Iw re* 4 TV*sl for roldlfta, thrlr wives 
HweefUmrla. mil- -if rH" out* 
•Lmdliur Aditn*Hffe> will In* tie* Binjer + a 
own ewis+rleiite, m he sryle* |i f fr.dn 
i-irp teiit to pnfoli. 'n*r 'b-ies uf the 
*ji*h Ini mu-vl- e* In In' imuo'huml laler 
Rniulfly evenlltu MftJOf i l r in*t Will t|e- 
lltvr ItK | s-we i'fni im^amiv Old Time 
l<- 4 iKhiiF k u nil -howhl liuur. 

Fund ay aflvtiKHtu m 1 oVk^a -t»Hlnl 
M-ni-LS- will Ih- lielil ill III- f— |iie*| nr 
the eurlro rtHrBkber-M|J *r( r-ue iln 
Ictiitri'lies tn Kl*dminis who will ui 
1«io| in ii foily. 

\tl nte invdeit to at fond w*rv 

|rt»» ami wlili in* eniili ibe foVlFli! 


(CfluilmiNJ on Ud 1 ‘af) 

hvk fiiuitifb vuitv i iili- vault 

lll.Jf lltnss —H’i| |Htiiii<j>-* fi-f «ale. 11ri l’h 
reiisiinslilt- I fit fir <■ I'Tkltt* (p.iknijt 
An- . slid |Ai t *iri*H . ai jl jfiu 

Kim MAbli Twit nu mrfr tnirtr Nn UI. I 
Nae nr 1‘f,, Nti aa, itu. \.t :ut; *i*o 
Trffei Nft ffi, Ut- Vn \ T> N f . vd, Rf. 
Nm M l alffit l.ttlsi S.». A ii nd U 4 Hlttek N., 
jjt* Tu*rn nf Hi, 1 'htiMl. Thlf iiffijM-riy 
Hill tut Htifd Nt 0 m-'fkfli-m. fur ^ 1^1 I’liati 
Addrp** MviHT, A F 4 riiit**. i im bn Fin 

Jt Hu 

Ftijf Hi|,|' Lari;. Imote siul fW-i lull 
Fivratfi’ wilt *41 tfoait «r i>«rka»ir^ for 
p Ou tlie? tail- l*H|4ifn- IlitS *>V. Sf riuoA 
FlurMfc- £1 Hurt 

foh nf n rifp r-iHiti tifimtftTiiw Ii* 
ntiifi- st anmsr «4 ion hi *n 4 nmv 
'•irk ire Thn l^unir-r r»'**t|i-Hi-e " 4 t 'Jit* 

run ait.F tvh, iinsifHiiUi i.a? i nnd k 

|.l.. ili vv Mf, f t. fii wu i? 1 ,\>I> tt, , 1 - Ht 11 It 

Hi U n* n tikis* I■-f-.itlet! fur mur h.itne a< 
•mw ht*«t’i| ilnUnffay. fono uii’b 

I'llTt H%LR -Tarti I'll* f 1 -flii ji| geil 

hr. rtn Jefany slid Htl| Hi*. FKt- ur ff 

fltiti on VV-li*Kafl At*. Fuiif ouU-n Ittf* ftif 
•ale Call (»i Hi* HI tii till 1 1 . li-r?. f in 
-»d I *tI- tti Kl «Tpf 1 ifI VI II fi 

Legal Advertising 

NflTIf I I flk FINAL ikTTI.RthVT, 

Iff i Is." rimrl nf Cnuntr <Ti*fIh'’. flaroF-ls 
t'qflftiy, NtflU, f»l nd ii. In ih*i’ msttnr 

p-r Urn EitrtU- Uf .MtMwfpftltv* ft Wmitlnnl 1 

mot ui' r* ftKindrv litVKN ir> in 

wnoifi it Fitrijr eiutrerfF )t|H* -*ir ih<- mill 
'i»y *4 Audi. i ii HWO i wit) m-fFh 

Ih. lloFifuM 1 - J w M|llit. JiHltfr Ftf sold* .? tiriij.. ,.f Freirair- f.u rituil 
dluF-hanm 4* RusmIio- i.r it.n -auiut if 

.liiuilhiliir H Wmirliel, d.-r-en fm.| .mil |h i) 

at * Its *n nii' 1 tr-e 1 hui ervM-ui t<» pmn 
Uf ( tny f I let I n till tut ii? IIneiiEur 
M the otld e*l 40 -. 

lUite. this I Mu dn? ,tf frVortiAjri I 
It 1 Ec. 1 i 

UK Mil. K Wi m i|, VIII t i;%, rttiftr 
Felp. fl s |> r a 

Norif'IC III i I'FIJI I TlflN | till 1 1 \ 


^iTick rn MianFiiv mvia tium 
I'ttHb *i Wn ?hi.tirn IfuM-'I’ H.f i;u i vr 

llfhttr N.p 1UtH. illlt+'d Hi? illi i|ity (t( 
J'd>'. wm. ha* fiipii asiii i>tfUfin«m in mv 
-drii* imti iiMris .i|i|dlaa,|lfrn rm i*« .Ifu+i 
t, 1 Issue 1> III ar.-Ptf-t| M lPPe Wills tnw. 
H,i)i| r, rllfli Jiii nini.mni,? ||j|. fi.lIrtH-'llie I 

riiriheii ... »itiein,,t m Owenis > 

*eAiuy KtotIda, |o wkt|« T nHil N, 
hl'-flt Hit I ,’F kl - VltFff l'‘itk r jSrH 111. II V 

fnwnabllt Jfl K.oitli, RaUie Ml Bnsi 

Tbs as*»aaitpent *jf odtl peiprrit uurltr 
th.- wtl«I «ertifleati' kasimd wim In 0.1- i.hoh- 

ill UlllCiinWFF 

Itnlrikq -Aid ertillr iMv shiiH In- rr-Li-xiiierl 

nrr-otrdlBff ii. law, nut f|..,j win .. mi 

Urn Mil p|.p> F*r SIstF If, a 1 1 iiEMi 

Italed Ibis TpiJs it-i fp»f Kelprunry, A l>- 

I !„ I?V Jill BTH KBT, 

itnrk f'lnidf * T «uFt, UaeMiiu Cusn»lv r Fl*r 
IClfeuli WulM htFsil 1 Ml. 41.1 

Alt-vuitder. TI IV 

kveno J v 1?- 

II- *1, (I vv 

h*tMs j 1 w 
dry 11 Ii* X 4 * 

huriieFt, M. ,1 

IlnUmi. K It 
hm keK U. M 
hen rdefl. V t: 
lici*MM*ii, fj. r 
H roil son, irb- 
Rriolfonl. .1 \V 
IbiAs. fo U 
KriMY. i’ II 

A 1 

iVrosiuh. M H 
L + iuup 4 *idi. i' \\ 

1 Fit vie r *1 M 
iluy, J It 
| * *urliw, l leury 
FrifW, a vv 
I’lmitmnn. 1. a, 
FiimiMtiriiL', v H. 

I'nrler, 11. H 

CiFft Goo. C, 
(‘oury, W K 
i nil In* Henry M 
f H lillllllf, lb J. 

hliiWp, j v, 
iiiiunt 11 .1 
Utlric, An run Si 
Kitojod, Win. ti. 
ivmirii. K I 
Kt’lir. E. II 
Fli-mliiii* A Ii 
Fra altler, fo> 
lltm, M. V 
iii'tlliF 1., 11 
it* 1 Trio, j. 1' 
ibmllifir VV 
Giltnwt. K, L 
dlMti-ri. II 
J H. 
Ilnrrj% A A 
ifnmiunk d U 
HoiimII vv k 
llniljem. H ll 
HIILfii, r K 
llarrrlb lb F 
Jolll^luli. J. M 
Jit ti- h. V Vf, 
Jenkins, L L 
Kofo F I„ M 

KlleH, II. J, 

Ki ll a MolHiH 
Kentoii, C. VI 
bnpfur, J. K 

bii)ifor, Km 1 > b 
laikiv VV H 
tJvely, IE 11 

loke, I#iirltj|- 

Vbirir-r. VV , #I|t*i 
Vfmklln. J. K 
Mill it U. >T. H 
Marl in. 11 I* 
MukJhwm. 11. N 
Millet. J W 
M* i ’si iih-j , A. M . 
Nehl, l; |> 

Nelson, Clyd*' 
Nelmtii, A, K. 

Mebl. I' F 
1*171 duff, N. vv. 
I’lmy, II. K. 
Vldppu, t\ F 
I*mill J O. 

Cork*. There!) K. 
IVuliielb V K. 
rmiiekr Gisinie 
Hid lei ho it, J. / 

itiibiTHiin, ttiihh-iM- 

NiHsI, V, H 
Huy, W. i Hen 11 
H .lfo. U H. 
Kuydvtr it. lb 
mins 11, T J 
HilElof. 17 . T 
Kr htnU)!. J. r. 
Kln^lifury, il T. 
SuteUi-hon, vv. E. 
Kuhi n lb 
ritmuti* i* A. 
Kntlib. lb 1 

Hikes, M L 
Kelunhll,, L J 
Kleffr, il. ii 
Vlmniiiff, A. El. 
1'lirnaJiur* (*. r 
Tenm-lm uni. lb 
Tucker* J MVule 
Tllk-r Will ftfu ann 
Tnylur, A un is 
Crick. Floy*1 
Wynn, J W 
WUHjinif, founnnl 
Walker* I M|d) 
Vewell, 4 ', K 
Vnifps, Ib ury 

IVeibirl No, % Shlllfk l hek 

Hniimai, Wlkw 
Ihiinltp A, f< 

GurrvCb 4*iui- A 
Gruninr. Knii*l 

Ji liiUHirt, lb W 

Jolinputi. lb V 

Hrwlitfl No, ’i runfibdl Mluilou 

A1 hi 111*, vv, l 

Jlrymif J 11 
rinrk, VV VV 
FinrlC, Klriier*- 
llUMey, VV M 
Mowunl, N h 

Liukfi VV mis- II 
Lrtuler. H. V. 
Laahnv win ft. 
Jjiulcr, Kirby 
Itwivi-*, *%»> 

Prertnri No, b Kb 1 Imul 

AHn*lb*nf, lkin 
AMIwui. A. J. 
Itlackimitt, VV ,f 
JfiiwlT, I* W. 

Iturke, J K 
hill mil. V. ft 
| huflety, F II 
iCdlile, II A 
Fmwfuhl, 11. t- 
Ch«MP. Frank !■ 
ICeklej , I wi n e 
E*tj*ti*r, VV ti 
Tluftwln, II. b. 

1 (litskin*. Is. F 
Jliillihfifn-ont), M C- 
I Jelllnuer, H F Jr 
I foil. Win 4 \ 
ITeldnavr* L, l T 

L, i T Eidlniv. InuimH 
Frerinct Ntt. fh Ihf-r Fork 

I’amil X. IIif Wbllnker. f a. 

l*riH inrl No, H, Kenun*i IHe 

Aihtint, Fnrl U lltjleeinb, IL ll. 
Hooker, lb VlrujuisTd. Jrn- 

Cokh B fi. IVoMtaello, I* 

tik'kllison, G I* Wjilker. f K- 
Ertviunn. A L 

Crt-rlnM No, 7 . hJiutlmiiic*- 

,V itsliti. ii r 
Duri’ln), J. A 
Itiiss, V 41 
llhffb d Y 
Jim ter. Juti 
hell, Uonrdl 
|1 Funks, Fi F 
If 14relay. Fred 

Hrynriy, U k 

IIjiHht, I'hill 
iJontiitnc, J. b 
IkiyuMit, 43 e* f. Ii 
Hihwtdknri K J 
Khun reuse, J. 11 
Ktllimiel'illl, & 

Kleyil. It K 
Rtlfwri A k 

Ituri'K \S* It 
I fer*N*nf, V 
llnrvey, E* h 
lu-til, Fnmels J. 
bill leftc 1 * 1 , I. J> 
Miller, Il i 

Myopo, 11. A 

Mtnlctb U G 

I’lirllDp b K 
y i-tiiber, r; it 

Tliofnu*. M*iiiip*te 
TIhuti, Kelli 
To-sa, b. lb 
J'ni l lu, It V 
hariin, r h. 

1 ‘rrMifin, fieri VV' 
I'neb. t: 
gujrk. WillJnm 
1 pi Irk. While 
lien yes, ,1 I. 

Hlndul, F W 
Jfotfi-iPtt J. 1 
Hleihd, Ibdif'lt 
dlllfhiin* ll, l« 
Ktonf. vi ] 

J homce*, 1 1 *' 
Wumljili, J* J 
W*FFH|rill h i lei 
WclN d May \ 

1 >* 53 BI I!\ 





HynojMfo 1 

M _ . f*tr I lie 

Vim mirel beferr**. eiikiup-tl lo innrry 

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him m hen In- i-neumiici * it 111 mer 1 kt 
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tin hi on VI ii tell, n frbnul 

him Mheii In- eiieuiiutofn ituimer IM yon know miyitumc fiefme W owiild reply lu* iiewnl tin 

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lobby, mtifou vIntel| + 11 friend of ‘*111* mmie rm' itdiln^+ -*•» Ihm * ^ , r „* L in the wnrtil *whj 

.VturamciV hrotlinr lien. It* uiitcliHia **n iniirli «» Why milk** , WMii* wdfil * u- t j (|t tilnuilil be in.«hs.n*st 

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Her itH-ntffifoea Jilin after *ereii vem'-. I lilt* jumiif fo-ferrip tiw, Mi. VEaiklfoofi. The tridcuU* .>f cnfutioFii h* 

Tim 1 nlithl Ilex Is found iiend with >r Y*m iUfti'i wnnr in In If. I -<ii* r|ii i<hJi i?ti» was only u day uhb mid I nn 

rt-vulver by hi** side atnl 11 mih* ml*I [**»* iureuiitil!lt*s Hinli'im-lkl llrul th* 

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htfli I'ultiM hy tnklnu hub Vlnd* "17 Ibtw cm emAh do I **nm- iuio ((|M j 1J|t ,| t .|uim wore usk 

iIImuu'm uilvlin' Vlotiell foils Muddlnon 117 '* Mrirmiit l l.i-f*'H*e iHinhl nut 

lliler I hat Ue\ n*die*| n eliork for Mi Klrrt rouilliwl ( „innd lun^dfi hei- iWVI) ml III 

Klirlitin-li T|ii*mmiy| 1 Viand* imirtifllbly “Well, ,vmi -I- mid you d«m I, Uo lu , r Mud sjir iti-r-i love 

hIuiuhI by Mmlilfom | Nlkl 11 1 happened H» wireh I lie mmXt * , UJ1 „ W | |U k imu1 before In 

Vmy cm u. ullJi the Ntorr r 1 " 4 tiw nHm 1 *"Z' perenlly ... «« .. . 

V1 J _ . . . N'hw-ks on llir Nwrikiirii A rti*«1i--rn fr , ( .|„ r > .. i-Uiim 

My iMine was fnrifiMl l*s H l did t U(|tlk MnibH where ymi k*-* |s ymv ^ lo- ... mi 

1,1,1 vir,t 14,1 * * * b* 'k id Hull iiminiht. | | tr iviMe artymui, Hin t H ^ An' IHJn * ikf in fo-r ey«- -d 

I linve Imho UUiklU£ 1 th|uIiI-’-i I fil'd Very UdmireJy be leek *mt 11 tut ami ' (o fim i her self t«-l||ru 

mm he was 1 ii>u v Ity lUTfifosI In e worn leather t n«> ffoiil h Is |wwkeb hi Id ... ()ut y^ureM ctiliuiir* 

rli-retht Wr*a1 Afrlenn ipdd mlulliu *j'ib t , f jnt on Hie -teak mid rmnmu*i*'d III . . . jM ^ wnt | 

diode, 11H-I 01 ill*- imivs Uf which H| V in*uie After ,1 while he found 1 rvuMtn wkv Hi- -or 

you Inwmht for H *»tnc h -s ihun h , vhol | H , vvim lo-klim for t^o folded ’ J 1 *'* _ M ( 

yen *,«*. II- l" 4 » M-a huyliw these ^, lN|lf |Hl|h , f . evIdHHly turn font* 11 ™.™ ” * . ' UniI *- 

d‘«‘vs .. mnl thej Imv,- berm m„* 11* amcwtheil ... . r . ™ , lt ". . 

Mofldlly in vulm im Hu- fmt »nd biikr nw a win'-i-lun 1 ' . K l)l(1 , j(l< l(1 |* 

duy in-l«ld yon etiiUti^n ihuiiwiud five (if ll|M . nuil.r ihe mhvr: ' . . . h 

htiiuli'H jNumda l here mine aiodbcr 
J--1110ml for o hirur-r h m-’iuti n 

'bliko Muddfom«- Mntldlnnn.** 
"books 11 lm*tH| as ihnuuh you’d i-r*u 

iiutily A h.'it 1 1 sjitik llionuti h* firive ^ rilifol I if *list-nMidmledly ‘ TH- *h- 

no vIvMilc cvi*lr-mv uf Ills ivrtllhuHob. teetlvF* ahl'i-w d » > - ■■ wviv on I he 

This limit knew ... ihtm hi- htui . . . p nflk( , r uni 111 ibe same Hine 

dmmud tuiild be kauwb. Here mu , .* u,i?inrs* nmn lik*- 

11 erlsU lu Mr Moleir-F iiffulfo which >((|| lMf| . Htir |^} n| * ! If ymill 

11. in till (U lit*s ?nitcmelM tlt*l the dml 
IhfjN off Hint weiv l&ftdYed W-Iis «< 
nftfl) mnl im rh-lnll** wi-i* * sited, 

Vf ii mn r*'l l.rferrt- tO'il-l liid Under 
?totid hei -*-lf; her »Wil <-olili in ton 
Ishi'd her I (nil she ever loviil thl- 

snpvo unit 1 wlie Ntmtd before her, «| 
luin-ntly atm-lfiX. *1* 1ho<i*h lie* wen 
hi- ilenn-si frlemfo Kenn ilmc -h 
nn-- FifonM 1 lull lu- would roml hi-i 
biuililrii uf Him In in-r eyi- ^<e -vn- 
nniflrtHl in find lierself 1* limn bln* 
n ,fw , wlili tin* nceufosi ctilmiu** -hhI 
Hi ii tokr that wm* -jidl: »wM. thin 
p\w Niw no missun why Mu *-?*rf*tnnfij 
siiotlH In- js*f I (H-iiisl. 

- Vty jsk*r i|jirllmr v * 

He H«tk her In his mm- 4*iat ?li 
idH net resfol Holliei j hc niUwiI liei 
. ffM Upw lo bK 11 nd licitisl herm-lr 
Tlilt Mi, J mid hi kls" W O K bis nut her- 
I bat was 11 Hitlerwl minfcifL 
•’fliPNs h iK-flilnu In Hie wot Id 1 
would m*l Me lo mil k*- life ft IlIIAa inert* 

smuiJi fur >iMu tr he wn- -jyiiiif ,h ir 

numey *-t*nbi buy you hur-i-Hit*%*> I 

soil Uf'IU III 1 J tUlTIt ■** ? 1 FE,I il |, « . . . 

iii1*bi *-«Mly l.nd him i*s nilu niul an , htf u^ny i call.. Ibe t **# ar . J**™ 1 

d*s all lllikw* fin-- s. belli*-* of bj« 

+ T du *101 oxiieily kiiow svhut jriut 
ilie niiiifi'flluij," In' sold. Vtj iul**r+ 
I'-U lu the tsnH|iiuy |» a very sliubt 4*tn- t 
niul I was lu-iilHml when I lenrn*-t 
That 1b\ foul 1 let'll iMmt>llM£ hi I til* 

^ * t, Rtn- iuiiH«l fMlidly *1 H*l*. Her** 

NflH",*., ,.H. Itaj ....... - . .h.J.lww. 

I. « ...T.l *’ , wfw , w„. terwt la.M-.Bw 

Inc 10 yen. Itm try on under Jin 1H1-I 1 * 

nte (u ynu. Mat by on tiiidcrJicuidid , f t . R ta , , l -, rf „ t , 

I, .Irl.S. ....I nmt ... «t l. ». lltU.- Urtt.t«l 

M, UUtn, ll,.. 

hrt- .!», Mr 1 ‘‘““""I r M r. 

f ,f ihilur-it her * mile willy. The tailhu 

Ti... «,»rtmv r,..iikjv ,k, ^imL ... ■'““•>>»* '■'«>"*»« 

■1.1,1 .. ilk* «*- - *"> 

.. il? n .n,,i.-rr..)i ..( .im, «■ •** 

n-4-k* 1 ’ VV lint it fisd 1 wns on 1 Im |ilinin* hi 

I’.ir 11 .. l.uln* »#- takv.. ....jii'k ’* ln-<*™.»v—" ««■ »“'•«»* ' 

■Ff .If... won .j fur dulnc ... "“«*•' «»”" 

I .-onM." hr miM .tiMI). .. ‘ ,w f ,u ,,wru11 ' r,,l,r 

t reason M WM " "^uys slnuweriiw hlie 

Mr [ford wn- nut ahnsliisl : Im trim- w,1h Ml1 '* 

I bin limit* or ms on the I able, uml Why^ycu 1 sii|-is* w - I on, rb* 

Is.. Mm fk.lct* a„, aorimiff. * **»'■' tprrltily W.IJ oil lb* 

1 Hive yen H»* fwlii-M iN-r- ; ((||r| , ||A> . fl)r ,, itlhUi , u thcHnuud. 1 * 

Lamb, f M 
viilur- w 

linlKieiL Thoiuu* F 

N|kHOC, K h. 

11 K 

Siidul'imeb A 1. 

iuI»#1ifu to unike any InrissrluntlFin you 
Jaike *F|ff ii*s| riic iimwi-t **f Id* dunk 

Hin! I*mk i*lll n elici'k. From where he 

'Yes | tfim* him h clu-ek f*ii Uiflt 


"|»i*l ynii imnT Mnybo you'll like 

I-*' Gotimhr 1 In- sUtimlur** Wmi f(| rt|HW ' . lhl , nmittvrfi .M „f H m f 

111 I * item 1*1 > g i«jmI l-prstery. He had ,.jn^. k y' 

; Hir+naht -u When Hex hint hftHWlit the IL ., u .,,„i uil.. su,. utN. 

etieik 1-1 him, It U the Mimplosi ihim; 
In 1 pi. world lo fovipt h iiuftie, nml 
mi fur os b** Ino! been able lo Jndji-- 
llieie Were n*p flows III Ib-v l^-fi-m- 1 '* 
esMiy lu Hnii do n«--runs uotio’. 

11 X *>ii milI ko what U svr--mr with 
til la t-JJOi'k V" naked Idlkis 

The other *|iuuk his h**ud. 

Al von -niLuesilni; Unit I kio-w rbc 
chei ta WU** farnwir he Raked, 

idicek .*'* 

For h seeiFtid bilk*' was ink- u 

"If there were utij rensoii for dnlme 
**+*, 1 i-onlct," I**- %uid nddlj. “blit I ***--' 
in* reason"* 

Ms- [tint wn- Nut nbushed In- (elite 
im| his liiiiEe firms on fire In hie, uml 
when lo- -H'ki- hi** mlri* wne serious. 

I ve im Hirhl *u tmk tin int ihr *^Mlim sid* We an* merehmifo 
mi l uf man win- would afoiRpi to pnll >,MI k'l+es Inn 1 bate «fw li*li 

a hiuff+m ,1 .. mi like you Hi " tat .. l th**** 

pul my curds **it the inbb- 'Hint elo ek 

Ib’iiidoiL J. \ 
Jfl!tliiit*in, J i 
.lohtiH» 1C II 
V| HlhFflJjl , W, ll 
Via mi, W II 
Vb iutosh, W. II, 
MntJory. Hurl 
Pk-kdn, John VV 
Flke, V 1 * 
ri-ivrwii, foilUird 
Kt-amnii. U-w l? 
Kirns. T A 

Knife. .Iniio-s Wm. 

Tls+nm Wm. I* 

-find ui I. iTny G. 

Whaley. T, fo 
WoottUiDI*-, J t* 
ZoJinm tkwiMbf 

.....1.1 r, |.l.v ,h.T.i wu. .11 „ :1 „ I,,. „„.| | k „„« 

"s *>»“* “»•' -■«•*"» "l> it,,..,- .. ml Tt, 

■knurl,>' Irlnt In ,„ih,iiii I want Pi. ,11 t. l. r... fi.'l 

I-..,.... t,.- -UF.L „„„ ,. r ,|„. I„ ,i m,l.' r... him (lint 

11 . .. “P-'I.S'-I)«- W|| . t , 1|1(l #(| . wlllll . .... 

■ I him 1.1 llilrrmju Mr .. hmr , |f , h<H . k wn , . 

In,I «MI you Ml »lrrt ,„ rl[ ,. ry „ Ih » „ 

t?r Hi-uillMid Vurd . had tin III*-, lull Ll W ould ma ke 11 very 

In spite of hfo av.lf-iHjwMl.ia Ib*illy Uir tHh . .. ri ,-i.k-tiiin n iaill 

you kiiiwv ' 

Kin* sihI1i** 1 fohitly, 

I im is* never iiHkes) yull. I'm wuf 

■ IimI iliuiU i-ii t-m Wo Ijmvi- lie* h 

lamr i|f^|H+rulely My fnib-*r left us 

witn * vef bum. n»i‘ while If cmpi y f'dlihur. I*""' *h-*ir If muni Im won 

| bn if ro«' from hU se«i The Harrow fjJf * llf|4ir | ft(r ; 

p*o Is uiy In-art If that rbm^k wna m 
Rinrry Ii iiiiulil i£--l iln* ili-ruanil a 
)im| tin in*-, hut 11 would make Ii very 
envy for nte lu puli In a c-i-rlulti inati 

ilerful in in- so rh-u— 4 o biive eon 
iroi ml uf KiiFfn-y iii-v**i' lo W It*-1 hem I 
nhoiit hiib nrort-r in M ihe fratiii* 

urge |ti Hu Mil mill I’lll'd immi-lhlnu H 

He uuim rcjflirdlmf lo+r in opudfall 

"I hit I nr vet' knew, my dewf, how 

Hi ihm I womler I don'I ku-s k I l,w I Umiiifibi y*-u bod an In 

him down In the alrecl ini' Hike 'em!*' ' 

Taike'n vyv* were rtverted he imvv ***** 'h*u.k her bend p lld» llnje i*e 
it** Minn iiufll thi* di-l *H r t Iv* 1 hail fill- 1,1,1 r " 1 ln * 

]4 HH I “if naan-y will nivi- ymt a -s-uw- 4 f 

”| ‘id morry T on n't la+lp yiHi." be MHa dtliy and +-f i-utin*** it wlU, I'll 

so III ... was drawn by me *by. Id vlvi- son i-mlrul of evt-ry 

a ml nltimti by in vr rv,il 1 hu\e lu Mir* worlrj J* 

vir DIM r-«o svlllt II -Itfh, Be —\v liei Inemliiknia smile nml 

’You're hw* kind lo ihr criminal “Wry with TiliuH-if, as Munich In 
rlipwm Mr. Mu dd I am,' 1 he oilil. "No ttim ^ Mure of md- lief In- delnctial 

.hr Ink*, in.. tbr hr ¥01 , thl , mi(tl _ Mu,Hll ti.l'.nl",IHIWII 

watiir., to Ulr.'t tlui, mirnilwt. *, n - , ..... fum.-r urlnU ' " ,v “* +’"■« 'trnr. h.™ 

'•’-S'- iliriwliP for I. tiil««," m lunrh .lull I nabr , Hu.-H 1 ,Sni«ltt ><■« hurt nn In 

■J«,t « mriurnt,. (||i)) <lriH . t Inh( . nwf 

..»rt (Iprnnl Ihr rtnor M" ttn>l . KIm shioik her in-ad. 'lid-* lime flhe 

Jmffol he corridor IH , « Ulti . .. hod fill A^llW 

I *k»ll worn lt> flee you Aftitl! olioUT -|f ifosuuy will j-ive you ■ amrt- « 

Mila ** VIr MnreW." b*| said mm r nm . t h| * lp ytMJi +- ll( , +a-i-urjl| ami *,f eonnW H will, HI 

"Why not see nan tm wT -Tim' dusk wos drawn by me «by. I'd «ive von ^nilpol at every 

ll wijH n elmUeilffe, hut buke Mnrt- . . ((y |1)t , c+mi I huV- lu im* worW 

tll**a m MnUl famsf* ll a InnIlKwIl v m ri \ r !, wi , n |||i ll Itfh. Ill- aw her Ihemhibnia smile nml 

Mr IMr-r hns ivnm- In sis- . on -You’re Ion kind 1*+ Ihr criminal V ' J< ^Hll hliuwlf, m* Ho-ilch Id 

+lM|(e another miitler he old In str. Mmldift-n.* 1 lie -aid. "No of UUlulW be d+-1tH’t*a1 

due course we will hMervlew him he W(nJ d,. r .. Ilayms Ml Ink- ymire .. t+ fmuIIihl -*me tfi-Hrure **f In 

X*dlit*r a flood feller—ulx months he dot yes slrocrlly in bin -iffur, 

H- cJc M ,| ihe dtHir no hU vlsllor a- ^ f(|r (l u*-.s.,a VVhv out ThieiM.ii-1- nf men put 

the Hpmruw wm. shown H. (hrmi^h W|p||| (| |imnf When 1 tfled fo ... Ui their wlf-W 

. .thiT dmir vir 111 rrl cnim* Instvb ubout ynur Mend be wonliliTi lei *i(u,c H - m mm* ibitui (*+ d+»—II 

i> Into the nsiiii and flVorwl every ^ | |( , ^ UirW oven," keeps a nmn deudy mnl II will makp- 

cFFTio-r Wilh it lurnr scmflrvy Montfir* Lulu* vrua liirnwu off h H »» iktAlly tairlnem, W«!i" 

1,1111 ,,F..t|-l ,>PPPFf in numup.p MP 

" .. . '"- 1 .. Ih.. him rvrn.** 

Win, « lr,.iir «r.ith.y Manrtir I.nk. ... «ff Itli 

"tliivln Tt.|t.,r, Mr. MimI,II-. n- l lri , „„ |M , . 

ibfiimhr I -aw mnuerwKiy nmn- In 

wMlfft I was WHitlPt Hi ihe -mid -m . . .. Whari( th e iim* 

uf in Ikin' oi ♦ i»fm- lairisoi+af He'n 
Luke m abbs I curlty . ,, 

• Mr I..- I- kfl , m . , u ,„ )ju , ; .. 

yun knnw him’ wm .. Hr ,v,i. fvl.,,.1 

I* r V m , , „ i.r It.-.-" »f Mi i,r.l mihrr 

-A. >.n. . tbr 1 ,.,'I M.... 

(ro«n -i rtlMancr. I... 1 .. v.„, rl „. 

never flint me horifhi in *m -+K-Je|y . .fc-im, 

Hie !*isirr-»w'' *b- was m Ha* ph-itie <i* «nxf-T t i« 

eii( litiPpi -oh- ii" n in,) i fi i r-ii log miine 
What'a the i|w+ H ** H :,r ’ f J delljilitfid Idea 
nriHihi+aV fle> "huh-’ Is Mud jruur hi wye* yoa f t" 

rullirm V* 

ulatiil M-iri ll Fiuoa leaiip o-'i-fWlielitK^I lier wllh ,? 

.like iv n i emidmlb I fo wit- a frfoiul 'bblcii fear. mIic reullwil tor the find 
■r It* vV of Mi fo'forre's. I’d tufher UiWi* Mm eiiormlly of per in-s.-hc-fy 

lint dbuiltMt him." 

Tin* Kniriuw plithi-d itiEMln* tfuthered 
till I be | ni jiers oil which the Milford ntt 

uml wns leri’lfltv). 

"I i rilLton- 4 t is I,like Maibllarui 
Mw-uklmt you bod lHe draft of ibe 

! Vi iiipd mnu Johti 1 1 . Kills, J. 14 , 
ArttoUh P, A Kdwards, A, F 
lilisM-b, G. a Fi ifftman, J, 11 
Hauler, J b Fnniiploii, It, VI 

HlnckMlietif, It M 11-si win, W It. 

CVmtj, J. K 
rnwfit+r. A, K 
bun, W H 
hut) lets, .Mm I* 
Hti-fi-mUirf ■ I i 

J *4 1 * hi I-*« IN, I ■ A 

Kekh-r* VV T, 
Jana's, It, t k . 

shillnMi, J i" 
tidrsjdu, Fcfink II 
t p-SFiJr li'li, K VI 
Morris, Wiibi’f 
j t. >i I c i -, TlioiiUis 
bl* r , 1' I Pne i 
Kirkpolrlek, 1" Iv 
Middle b F 

,|+-b lull on. Jrdm 11 Henhlen, fowl? 

ItwInW No. Ft, Niu-r-fsiMtce 

Harla r, W. C 
14 fnek. W J 
n*airnon. J It 
foray (mi, If M 

fotWe, Hoj F. 

1 ante. ti. H 
Momm. il. M 
rtoehhoffi r Jl 
Thoma -. ll K 
TI son, 1 4 , 4*. 

Jildil, Fred H. 
JennlttRs, foovld 
Kmlihiium, Wm 
M- ICiiL A H 
Mur*l* + J. I 
Mondu John 
lYHtf fonvid 
IforHuIdib K *f 

KhiifiuiiiP-, 11 

Klevi-iis, Frivh-it-- 
Alien, Her! b 
Wnshlnirn, \, M 
Ward. K, ll. 
Wiley, f W 
/hiunoriiiam I. I' 
ltd.he, b b 

ole IteiL hod liradfoerl the ilxniitiifo, 'inleriapilnl ivulrwct? Well, (mdiide 
and Miff*si ibelli Iwiek 111 Id* |s" ket PYeryUllmi H Vuu have the U?l of mj 
Iwsik, awiirflli*flT - ^* ,N - *!l And Ha* eniili 

’ .VolHMly help- Mu- jKillcw/' he sold u * «w-eryihhFtt, Mr iTiforeni In 

dolefully "All bunds nr-- nun Just I hr M mid I-on' no* I'm iu*1 madb* 

(Mltiiral ItltFIldldlt? of Mil* rhlhMell Ilf S Ut| ale! 

Ihe |s«w. I'll I**' kteliluit H 1**11 U,'’ ' K A ‘ «t»lidlh|( hv him ROW, li#i 

I §,. (tffoH-d ii I hup Imud mnl went * ll,f '^I'b*- as *U villi. The words cnim 
... our of 11M mum, Hiu tkiur tc* iimhiuslv 

hml hardly cloacal npmi him is-fore the V'+ore fond Luke J ilMn'* n+iviu 
tclepjHim- Im 4 I Hitttf, amt for Ihe flint *’ 

Mm*- alttee tin- irmiedy Iiiike henrd ‘ *--— 

Hie Video 4if Ihe womiMI he lovfsl V|r KUj£cl |« o wm of ifoi l«|e 

"Will you see me ifHimmiw, Luke? 1 Col*mi'l i'arl Kn^el who will Is- imn? 
Mrr voice ivhs very low rememla'rnl fis mm of Mo- wry MriH 

Nov, M 1 !Fi*iy dnrllhit. lot me altlxeli** nml one of Ihe best ftiuifinrlj-nt 
isniii* la you now r *if kl Flout) In its H+ infant" i 1 ayn. Me 

Hu) Ip-r level voice dented U*m. lUtriv+M hen* wlili Ihe Aejileinlmr 1*4- 
Tu morrow after Ibis Rhiistly eiiraliFii tn ItMtil ttkl was d.iiimilrd fo 

bind lie***, did Kev uwe yun nlif 

in**iN+y T* 

The liniXlPn-btlni'lix uf Ihe *Itt«-s|Inn 

llo- (tnJvnnlxtMl hnlldlau I liar lu n<>« 
Mie Hhs’ii wjirehmis**. 

IV-luneJ Kiifpl wjim f*ir ntan; ymr* 

Piwiriel No, Ml, fomiflinum 

FroflnH No, tl, El(do[iuw 

Am***, F W Vf in nick, .r, A 

A mi s, It J IbM.'hm’k. T, 

Iforlitel Jon Kinrk. tl W 

Unveil, K ft. m-hruMr. I! I 

SfoiU, C, 

iTcrlnt No, 11 , ML C'bmd 

Avaai. K 14 ArntwHiulilL W A 

* iM»k. M. A. 
t Ylbli, It b, 

Fi licit. W K 
I Pell Ian. T A 
1*uiC«eC, Ih H. 
KoUlii, A. Ab 
Griffin, j. m 
I b-odrh k, F M 

KlmlsMI, Geo. J, 
foiwery, J#. p 
Ii W 

Jnrdna, M, T, 

Via Glows, VI U 
VfH'oniifll, VV S 
VV a Iters, 17 . M 
Wells, L VV 

I brew Him "ff bis biihbt+H', nml wlieb imimlm-nt In iFehrull, Mlchfiain. [Hill 
Loll* Mad*ll«siii wns flurried lie wm* Ih-s rilul wdiisil iiffolra, hfo Imsitif** 
inro rlnhly liedwrmh for Mm *01 me Imln n Ma- Hei rob W illow Wan <V» 
reHHiFti us oMier*- nri* |ln«l|irral Iti dm iuiiijl He ll wn* who mud* 1 Hie f|n»i 
elnaiiHpritnii-*—lie Gioimlil |a*i *|nU kly wllh+w elm it* mnuiifncMiris] fo Amur 
for aimr-clk. 1 hit. ■< trmle Hint he learned tn Got 

"Yes I mt 11 Isn't woMJi (llncoMl&f. miiiiy ami I tn rod nets] Into r(je nmn 
He wns bciivily fosured, ymi know, iry 

and 1 don't think ih*- poUry Is In- lb- stTftJ durian Ihe Ffoil vut tn 
vuthlaitsl . , *' Oantiini K 2nd Mich. Inf nml Mt-i 

lie hen HI the iitih k hmilli and *<rew h drpat Miiwd. 

rfflUCrtitAV. KEUKI'AKY #, |§3« 



I 1 HM 




St. doublets 



ft, W- riift«r„ ml Innu.inn. 

Ikvnnld, nf Cot-on. wn* ii 

vtoltor *n CluiaJ WotHwmilny. 

I 4 * 0 ' MUgllit, Milda aunl hrmwhiui 
iivnlilcs Itnlw-r^mV Plnuffiuwy* ‘ 4 ? II 

}>, V ICtootoliUH, uf (*rtnmlo. Wii I 
ImMliirMw * toiler lu HL Omari MnnUfiy. 

lit klmln «r iiiMihiiiif. 
li. *, Ijiiiiiy. lift c iith. 


a if 

V ti* Itiyiiiin uf Kp-Hi .m<. nviiN n 

viuitm tn St cl.. Oil* vibpK. 


Olnu tpwnwhd him [i'lmmil Cum 
a wTcfnl wimtiN l r 111 tu Kuiixvlllo, 


L. C* Kiddle, thrift LnL Cm 

i liullillng. 

AlTM, Auilil W. InA-mll, loMiirll'i nf 
Nf Cloud, lx imw n'ii I it hi k: lit Sun An 
lonki, Tlttlf, 

IKuifcbJ* , ii Tniniififi jiuimiMr In ,1 
II. Iterrin. riHiur M* wrll# Bo* 19 > 
or bull IrnrJs. iUf 

fUliix Malml Tit El rHunmd Mumlny 
frum Lulu-hum, wl icip #hu *[*'<*1 a 
ifiik wllli friend# 

Uril) Kiy Htttulj Hbo^. I Vim. 
nm* IIUi Hi. riiw 91 . tttf 

Mr -i ml Hint ft K. WpolfXi »f l>tir- 
mill, Mti'lr, v Mrh. Altn Many 

la-niiy fur n f<*w ilnj* th to wtrlt. Mr. 
■i nil Mr*. Wtiiii'Ji uity making n tmr 
nf tin- bt*lt*'< 

I L kn4ftg-uift Nolo of Prl-sclftu Ufvnn 
P attern* nml Kofunwits> Mr*. Frank 
tL l hi(|Mrft, Ti'l N. tllhwto tv**, tUlt 

Mr. iMnl Mr*. lu-wv Luckcy, Mm, 

\V. IF Kiufmiiii Mr*. U -I .. 

mnl Mr» INmi tiruuii imrioinl It* Hun- 
I iii'il thu wtipk, MunlUK 1*1 SI Cloud 
Oir h u in,* tiny. 

Mr mill Mm It. A. lJvJnliu, uf Lj ■ 
*ni ft. Y tevctilly urrlfttt to ffteftid 
tnufifhff bora. Tlu\v iirv wadd¬ 
ing n\ tilt 1 ImUIW Mi-* It C. I M'ii]jH*i' 
nil KUtnIi atiwl 

Hr M* B. Cushman Hummuath 
iiiti iMnipnllt Hu urn from # to It; 
! to I. Klorlili Aw, tn| ( 10th mil I lib. 

Aitinim Hi*- winter v|« 4 t or* frmii 
MnrKdAi ft. Y , whu urn vtottlug Hi. 
Clmnl fur tin- flVfft i tiiH 1 Hit* tuiffiD< 
to mi iliucl lUrii’i. who arrival Nut 
week fur ii iM*vrril wwltk' atay Uvtr, 

Mm. I. ii In Lnwtt-iiri' him! nun. ijct*. 
nf Jlbkmy I’nriKTM. Mb-h.. nitti Mm. 
N lv !>«/* of din ml hut-hto. MIrh., 
Inivi* rwtmili' urrlviy] t*> npcmd tin* 
winter mu win In Hi. Claud. TltiY him* 
rr*li||fii( nl 11)2 LVmiKylviiiiiu nvomir, 




f/lOAB 1 ^ ,li> OiH’-(V*iil HnJi* is *HH on Itotwr 

fUl hiii^ rim muu >. ^-11 

Mi mnl Mr*, I' 1 KtllOfOi »if |C*t(*r 
* iif,% limn, am vi*hiiic Hm fnriunrV 
-thirr, Mm. Wi» |*iil|i]K 4 . 

Hi. Hwiil ilmir Htiin< mkhiOi for 
ItoUlfi fhwlt IlraVtli Fnpdfc* (Viritrr 
UUi Ht. A f(m Arm, !»r t W. II. 
ftod 4 , proprietor. tIAf 

II H Eniki rl*. **f AIkoiiax, Mleb i to 

^|H*tnllnt; 'M“V*’lilt tlH tilt" inil*Ht 

»*f liN mini Mr- Vliihrl Conk. 

r«rf> Hf*rt>rr 
I'iriur. Iluvitor An 

mmi Dnoly 
BuiMliv. St-H 

lit and Mi*- TVihMu* llrown, nf 
Mum iln, ft V. i*r** npi’tufluit I tw*lr 
fltwl winter fn fhto HlJ 

Mi. mul Hi* KiiJ Wtieni mul rhll- 
dmt. of klnnirla. ft V hit nnJuyihK 
ttn*ti f|r«t wiiitn a4inMuf) In fu. Obrod 

Wn ru^nunrnil Ifiwnl for rntigh ami 
Kotomiri H llivnuuy T£ It 

lif iiml Mi* II K Anthony uml 
iu*i mm«, nf MmuTlsi. ft Y * ret uiiU'sI 
Mnmhiv fur itintr iiiumiil Mt»y in HI. 

Ear that iold or run fit Rju-hI will 
it op. Rohrrmm'** rhannnrjr.. 


OiafGlHH* llulley. wliu Inild* n 
linn mt nmntiKi'r nt I he Tlcdly M r ltjiily 
rftoni at WjiiK'Iiiilsi, FTnrliH, Mptml Mir 
worlt i'inl with IiIm fumkly In 81 Cloud. 

Mothar Wkm —Bwflf play fm 
iNuifhtrrs of Yrfmui*. t». A, It. Mull. 
KHiiwy 13 , x-V. I Mur*, iiimo at 7 ' 1 ft 

P, M. i’toy. 8:0(1 p. w, »1tt 

Mi mol Mm Froiik lo Ihirla, uf 
rmirrvun, ft J , hum Iwou tuwti of 
Mr usd Mm J, 8. (Irtllii, «r OaroUna 
uvepiu*. Mr. him! Mh, cjrllto an# malt* 
tint n I mir of 11i-«- »iah» mul to 

vi-ti Palm Bum Hi nn«i Mlainl uv*t 
] Uiu-k 

Milk from rratotrml Ajroditrw and 
,p.r»ri T, Hi (c« 4 rd. Qmri l«r; 
pint 3 a. Madrl Dilry Finns, Itriwlo 
«ii Hom, ami 

J ii Htimi lifh Id, uf Utimonjiotlo, 
Minn , who to i toiltuif FlurUli thlH 
yuur for the ftral Mnir to itrentlv 
lutufiiifisl In the dtwidnpmrtil uf tha 
aUllr oiol twirl lento rty in I bn !*n.MU‘lty 
(VmiKito'n todne ontidurti-d hy the rifjr 
Ht m. rimat 

Von mol mil wurry dlioiil (lull 

miu*It If yon tithe Rarol. ftfh 4 ImHlr 

at RohurwotiV PlMhmri. itM 

Mi Wm Ftiin. Mi mw Martnruf Oar* 

lyle. Mr*. Imm ( f lnrh, Mr .. Mm. 

Kn.v (tork, nil of MornvIn, ft,*w York, 
ah* rfwwni nrrlvuto who will upcml tha 
w in. i or weiiMcin lie re Tlito to Itndr flvwf 

vinit hi Ht Lioml. They urn rwldlac 
mi I nl km Jintr* huulevnrd 

Or, J. IK Chioiiii Phy*Wnn and Bur 
ciaa Offkr ik’d *>or to Kirt Bar 
Ufa un IYunwyliauLa. Iliutin af ef 
flt*r and rnddaanv 

Mtm hi I |(1 i hPlloiE fm* toei■ enter- 
i ;i Inline Mi iiml Mm. Win. Hinttll 
Him w, nf 1 ’oil In ml, Mnkm 1 Mix, Sim w 
to v!u*nrtolilml ffrnrrnl nf ilu* tin 
Mininl norMf of Ltoiiplilrrff uf Amor' 
Irafi Uevotutluft wild to ffhite pfraldriit 
nr hmiulitfri of to|o ,>f Muino, 


Flr^ ,\utronotiNr. 1 'lnio fflnpM. Ae* 
Alkali Huroty liomto Aaylhltiif 
In ttio Inmimaer line. 
Jnforiuatlnii mi Kaltw €h«r- 
fully Kurohiiof! 

Tlir Oldnwt Agntty In th* My 


Ural KwtAfr A laittirarue 
Notary Publlr 

torter lihla tonnuylrflnk At*. 

Mr mid Mr* Aiiunwlii* Hnjtdvf oiul 
fn qilty nf I .-nil toit, Koiii iirky. vIslKd Hi 
cimni htoT sundii v nml InfiNdlnkd 
m>mi! nrh-iMN 1 pi'nimrty rrnitul liy thorn 
Mr Nfiydor t*ajn , **wnwl ItliiiMdr ft* lllfh 
|y |,h*EiM*i| with Ht ('Until um| ll- iwiff- 
ffkhlilltr* Mini inf I Kin miter wllli ei 
Ini n | put'iy to Ifn ,‘rtt Iijm 1 > 1 Min tirrpilri 1, 
in no I of mini* fich'iiitr. 

In Memoriam 

FebrwAry S, X92S 

Mm Evtt H. JJmttill,* 

Bwrtfonc ,1(1 mires o IVinner 

Thft moo who utukow hi* hhfffiinfOi no 
Muni olwnya wixh M* Iniftinra* grow, 

|,ifi 1*1 too whorl, t|ii’ world I mi *Wifl 
Tu wiiii|ily wif 1 » nur lutofin ffff drift. 

So white you work .itnl itilnh mul |>lnii 
Ihr every meum* rtf your enminaitd 
I o 11 void llir error nu<| iniHiuki 1 
Vonr follow mun to prana to make 
Tbi C itiamiw Slul* Bunk tnvilnw you in 
To hri 11 you phin stt you mny win 

l 1 he Citizens ftriwiK Bank 


SMtJtll Nt,V Iftdl KhD 

J, K iJ,'lw' , r, fwlhi'f (>f A J l»i'l|iiii 
furumr liiMiruHur In atrlruliuiv In ilm 1 
Hr, CliMiil tehovJff fur it Urtuito t of 
yuHr*. vmi« -nrliiuffty In jurat un 1'hnrw- 
itoy niortiUia, Jnutmry ^1. tiL hi» hum, 

III Hn|IJ 1 k i*(i | liiK Flolkki Wlli'N hn Wjn 
hli hy h Ford tdiiihiu nnt driven hy 
ii ymnu: Ind. Mr tie lifer t wild to *Kl 
ymim old, to iml niaffitd tu riN'ovnV* 
«w |ito liniH'' wn*rr pwii'lim*ih 

Mr. itHuer, ihimeur rmliliUil ,*f 
Ihiittiwir*|tl H nil,I kto *ui), Cmtont. WDfO 
ntiiiiitnliiie ii fhii Mre on ft liiu k when 
lln< mr win ink him ond run *ivt'r hto 

Mr Itnljih lliillwuml, uf New Jin* 
Hint in, ft Y' , wna ii vlnllnr tn Hi. 
Cl* nut today, Mb ruoiher. Mm, 
Munhn IhiJlwuiwl, hu*» I(iteiwtit In rht# 
illy utnl ivuff formerly wm rnNiry tu 
Null. Wjii. ii Lyon, tilv iitoitautfit nt 
tin* Horn!mile Luml «in! Im'eMrm-nt 
(YuapBjiiy, Mr. IJu Nwuml to umrfne 
Klorlihi wllh I lie v lmv of nlthruitnly 
Italdlbf In thto nl ill A mid Ihlliku very 
fnvnriiMr of Hi Cloiiri. 

(. A, If. ItlTI AUHTH 



Henry Pn»ja*r, an vhhuii uf 

i In* civil wfir, iHu] 1u>t Hutiirdiiy m 
tlm inttllirwl fi in uf 8F yenrw it I hto 
home mi iCJtfJilJi atsrai find ithlu uve 
mie Mr, HiiijA'r warn Imru April *J, 
IKift* In MViurUai. ft, V 

Mr, I ton par. with hlw wire. Iiml re- 
luriH-d to Hi cloud four »iutiihw m.*o 
tu W|wmi| the vvlnfui hniv nw hn- hneii 
lI h'Ii* iiiwtriin fur Hit* |«ihI twenty 

Thu ili-ii'imed ffervwl ihiHii^ the Civil 
wnr an u meiulKT uf IJflih Oft., 
1, ,rf New York 

Mr I tout |ie i' to fiirvlvtwl n> hto wi¬ 
dow, Slrn, Jut in h, Draper, 

Fu in-i'li l M*rvk*c*ff were bnhf nt the 
I 'toetoEHn 11row **lmp*L Humliiy uflvr* f 
iiuus nf - cih'hx'k, the rllmiitotii:* rerv- 

... the Q mud Army of Ilu* Hnimhllr 

to ltut nwa. 1 , III'. II ft Cnmidiel), ]wiw- 
tnr of I tie ItoeMhyterlmi ehureli, uf- 1 
fU'lulot. I in mun’ii I wm* In Ml. LYure 

1 Aftll OF THANHS 

I wtoh to n*pt'e** my uppri'rkiil Ion 
t*, frieuito mul nelitlitoir* for Their 
Ihiiiiuht flit new*, lOfpreHaliiBK uf vym- 
im 9 tty. iiuil lieniillftU flu mi ufferlimiv 
dnrlnn my re**vnt toivmTftmetot In the 
dun ill of iny huffhnlul. 


MI Utl hH i^. JOHNSON tllKH 


t'lifirlw I*. Jiihiifforh Hire fto yiarw. 
whow iilitliphii u wiiw In (Juoruln. mul 
ivhu haul iw'i’U n rtaldriii >»f Hr. cloud 
for iwu y*>i*rw., faiwwiid away Tnaaduy 
HHJrill Hi ait hto lioim* Mini h of (lie 
city after ffMffi-rtiiK for a mimlter of: 
yifftr* fton i it lliifterlna tlliieMw „ I 

i- imeni i *wrvJi*e wiiw ittadurled ni 
Mi INdfta oemetary Tin h|*i y aftniiloftll 
nl *' (Vih<'k by Hi’V, o, M. Audrrw*. 
to i fft i u * if t he M e I hue 11 w t h'plwv t] ki I! 
elm rub 

The dnoeiiM'd la txnrvlvnd hy hto I 
widow, Mix ('litrii Juhnwii. nod thrar 


Mr, ntnl Mr-, A* It. Moll entwHiilimd 
Hotuiihn nl thell home. (VeU*oi1ii* 
Unwt. "ii Horn 11 Mu'*'w|itil|(U'ltff « veil HU, 
In honor of the Ulrttohiy **f Mrw M 
A. Cnmpto’IK of v\'o 1 liuuion r iilifo, 
whi* to -|H-mll(iu, Hie whiter lien lit* 
Cnu a idii’ll to mi ii mil ef Mr- Hull 

IV K. in, 'Hi (IIVK 11 Alt I* TIMMS 

t e | h in low, (I in rna ujil r i h ii jif ni to it t 

ho; ni 7 nV*hmk llito evniduc. Ht 
Cloud ehiipter fto. Ih, i ndur of KiMitii 
hi air will itlvo ii hiivd-tluu'it miff Hum* 
toiny mill Hoeini hi the I tot ijv room nl 
the ii A. IL hiiH, MerntJUfft nf the 
Order. Mimnii*. mul lheir fftnilllm un* 
cnhltnlly lufltal to Htlund. The m- 
iMihir ehiiptnr miK'tlng will Hum uf 
K ‘M for the *u*rtol 

AftKim: Ihn nnlriut' rniiitueH iibmiml 
for ih in ihtiihIoh to ii ha id »tlmr* wv«t- 
itbnf. Crlm-v will be litoeu fur iho 
t* xi i e-tiiiriuff, Hafrwdunent- will 1 h* 


t ivtffH to oftpnsfti tny rltwrcn* ap- 

[tn'i |,i Hi m t,i the ef fir hi K of Offreuta 
muniy and tin* nlty of hk Ctmut, (ho 
Uiffl t'lo** oiul tile in n ny frtemto au*.\ 
uetohl'orn for itirir mnny kindnewauiH 
nmf i i t|h'i <,i liaii* of Mymtftithy durbnl 
my ri*n*ii.| Imreitwiortoi in I he Ion* nf 
in* hiiffhund. 

MRS C V 1011 ft SI »N 


r vssp> vwtv cr ouwa 


Mi* Kjaitti* ItBny. fiye Hd yeili*. 
ilh'il Monday or nm n ale Oetierail 
1ioH,|Uin1 }n Orlawln* wlmn* -tie hod 
hiH'ii for i lit- |Nnd Iwn ivuckj* The km 
nudiaiTe tmiffe of lieT* '1' iuh vv ns n 
Hiri>kn uf |ni i"Ji IVm|n, 

Mm Uilpy hud Imw h n roffhletit uf 
Ht Clouat fur ai iiumhnr of yi-nru. «w- 
Iiiti hem fNini MPnhlmm. oml wan* forin 
eily ainltvelv enuoKud In -oninl iltial 
rlvli' Huh work* hut tout been nn In- 
viiltd fur ,1'VMttt yisirn priuxtlnij her 

Citnernl wrvhie wilt l»■ held si9 die 
PtoetolHl* elm |ff’t Hiiiiiliiy nftnuiiiuil 

at 'J i/rluek | is term nut will be* In Mi 

I'lvlre eoiiii 'lery 

\YIL 1 I\M K ('OOH 


Will hi in K. look, Hi yen to of ufv* 
win, wop toii'u hi flitie*>M L k toiitnty* ML 
hioto, n nil who fi *J thv (mr.kI id lu 1 teeu 
to'iirff I m^i ton’ii n rind tie it! tif 81. CIuihI, 
dhit hi «t Friday* .Iminnry !H>, nt hto 
yoMidoiivo on Si’vi iiErrnili fftraH mid 
enrolI iiii ovciuii', 

Mr. Cook wmi a veiemd of tin* Civil 
wnr aim I n im oid tor of the Mimototo 
i tidin' 

Fnnoi'Jit *eivhe were iiUidUeUffl hy 

Rev. 11 ft CillHplH’1)* iffifttov of the 

Pn-diMerljUi rfiuttli, uf ‘l u’elnrk Kot* 
ttoiltii IIflermwo ill I lie KlHdfflobi 
Ih'iiff fuhemk o 1 ioto*J. The Mitomde 
Onlcr wm, tn l iinnci 1 Iniarmiwi wn» 
In Mi. Ivnee, 

Tin* tl«Rfl»nl Ih ffiirvlwd hy hto 
widow. Miff. Mabel L. fVtok. of Ht. 
Clmnl Bin* dn ii all ter, Mr* Ulu C 
HirLilWf. ii nil ti fftop dsinahter. Mm, 
Not Up Roue. 

iCIoveii IiiMmh ,if In (line wi re 111 jduy 
nl the nird party ulveti at the linn- 
ter .Uiiin ^lonilAy evi'llIna for icteiitit 
of I he hotel and the Criiernl ptlhlic, 
Uueffta were roeoEvfd hy Mrs ii U 
htfi’rh. MiH’lft| liUffteffff for the hotel 
dm Ina the wtutor •eunon. 

Tally ffeornn were nddi*d when flv** 
I iroifi'oio.h,iiK uf hrldae were eon< hided. 
I Hah ffmn* |n Ue fm the hidb * wim won 
hy Mi i. H. Hni in mar of Hi Cloud. Mm 
K. H Pitlrin r, of Ht Claud, reot'lvini 
piinllil i*rlX4*. and Mr- Tuiialie, of At 
hniiii. iiii„ low* IUkIi ftcuro print fur 
I lie Lt'idlemen Wtiff iib'u WIihT to Mr. 
Itoieerx* wiih Mr Clark rmidrlna low* 
V I'urdhil UivM nl Ion to exteiiikd to 
the imIdle |,i alleial Mi,’ffe weekly e)ird 
purtlev liiten em-h Motnhiy evenlnf in 
the spiieltnia lobby ami card roam nl 
the itunltr A miff 


A lark*" attriMtaws? a weird Prof II 
L Cnnnlnahnm nn Tiiwtny* Pebrnnry 
4 tH. at ttn* miwltna of ihe ftmtiifa 
HI inly I’Uiffff nl the reffldeiue of Mr«, 
Jtelen ft. Htrnll on New* York IIvenue 
Thv meelllUE wa« In eh■ rue of Mini 
Horn % f|w*ne Alt were euthmilfifflle 
in tludr t»rulm' of (lie pwfraor'ff ml 
drenff, which WA* el ear eoactinr mid ih 
1 nml nut ina. A «hor( «jwIhI mwtlni 
will ho held on the around* uf Mth, 
Ni’t!!,- Kfwern oil New Yelk nveniie, 
tui'mIh y February 11th, nt p, m 
for u ilplnotiid nit Inn of tmtldlfiK. 

The nett tifakr meollna will he 
held ni Ilm rewhlonet* of Mr*. *» W. 
(hiurdrnni, Florida aw line, up Fohru* 
ary l hi h m 8 : 0 ft l* m. The ffubjwi 
will In* Hiirtdorv* itadi'r tha dUwtlon 
of the hin»li*iw*. 

i dil" Mr ulul Ml* tome Mom*- end 
Non. | In t-oid, CufiuCltitn. * Hi In ^lf. u nd 
Mr*^ Jell II Brown. Mr. Jo me*. 
9 'hlndio, III Mr* 1 C, Cuwttel, Mto 
Pen id Curi, ki, Clomi, Fla,; Mr. and 
Mr-. \ 11 Ileitti, Dnp'hnrjr, Cuuii 

Ml*. Minnie llclmi'leh. New York City* 
iiml Mr, n nd Mr*, Uoy MltlVulM>, N*'W 
^imcrffliiwm* Hide. 

Mr* nnd Mi* ft. J. Kiiwry have upat 

*iv ivlutev* nl the Cowttnr lumie In 
st Chun! 


Mr. mid Mm. R, ^1 Hern it ton, ar* 
eiimpanlml by Mr. mid Mix John Pin- 
Moult, vlffltoil In MHIffinme Friday, 

Mr It, Hintfh'ff nml Mi Theodora* 
VVuijiJ left ThAirndiiy for u I hilt' dny- 1 
trip ihnmah the iwnthcra inn of ilm 

Mr- Frank K, Smith save ■* fare¬ 
well im rtv Wiff1heMtu> eveiiltiu for 
Mr#. Vlmmu DhIht wh« hdfl ThBW f 
day for her bumu In Booth Hand, liid, 
liiinsuff were (dayed, Imm-i-, a*>lmf to 
Mm. John Iftnnmk and Mr-, Kblirf. 
Llalit i*i’freffl mien iff wire -eived during 
I tie eventuii 

Mr. nml Mir, R. C WHmiller \ww 
in NI (Mil m in i 'e Hu t u rtli* y . 

MfnN. Alfred Wood. Theodore 
Wood and ft II Hninth™ vtofttHi the 
link Tower Sinutky, 

The V C F* C, I’liVerhi dltol with a 
plii ruiiMt Hat nrdu > rvntlni, Hupiier 
u’Hj wrvatl Id the c,iHimunlcy Ihuiwi*., 
,-overi todng h* lit for twenty one The 
iidde wm* vtsry prettily decora led wiih 
tHmijneto *if led ll lid w hite tomeff 
iianelng wie !ndiilic*fft In Uiiltl mill* 
ntutht. with rmirtle furnlnhnl hy Mrom. 
ftreitoT mid Abbott uf HI Clmnl. 

lift AND llllS B J KMKHY 

On Ttmradiiy aflarmam m flw 
oVIOCfc croup of fHondi of Dr. and 
Mix ft, .1. Emery HaanbliHl on the 

fflHiclOttff lawn lit the hoiur of Mr. ;iml 

Min. A IC. iViwcrr. ljiltifrtniR hernia* 

While the met* inrlteftovlid ill Utl 
uld-iltiEr* vmiihi uf lior«c-ffb**e pitching* 
I be I e 111< v jiruim ml ii Imiinitfid "tod' 
luck' aiipto-r under the dghly i“«'t 
N|irivffdlnir briticheii uf a l>eiinttfn| live 
oiik irto’ 

Tile I'veiitmi hu* -inui In remhilff- 
WlHff* *md gem-pa 1 enaves-Md lull, on 
ih,* front |hireh ami hiwu. 

Ill F F 11 Pope* of Kent, Ohl*», 
who to aim, a pinna#* uf HI. ClomL 
Florid#. utghty-llve yam *dd vulcrmi 
ef the I'ivti o nr, w*i# the tfUCul *»f 

i*lher i^iiuMl- (iiff.'K,aat were Mi* 
Hart rude Itudttcm* t >r. and Mns L II 
1kmt mid dangliter, Kvulyn, Mi and 
Mr#. William Miw* torneu Shu*- 

. Ki ut, niih*; M 1 M Cm He Krnnoo, 

llimilftoii, Ohio, Dr KrtMiorlne Miwn, 
cievoland* Ohlui Mi«h Jidtu Allen, 




1 he I bit standing Civic Fveid uf IBIHI 

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un* Peufflu, Cniv Chora# ami 

F Kllld AHY 33 ■ 3§ 

lhbv„ DL»l $3.lN> ft.on fl (KS 

Wo.I Yliit fllkl 11 , 0 ft 30 c 


AddreffN "pn-Nion Piny* ll.I- 

il an r i or »—Chick ** 1 *ay # bl e— Mu n L 

cl pa) A mlili rlum- Urtamlo 


1 *NAl-I‘TE* t A TKiriA GOftll FILM 

The mind thrilling footluill ukhic 
over fllmwi to now bring |dayod at 
the Arcade then ire. with (Jeorge 
(V f ftrlen clvlna the l*e»l tierRinniinca 
of It* kind yet offered. 

The ideMm* to "Hu Ini p, ,f a* otory by 
Tr Iml ram Tnpjiar ami John Slant which 
John Ford wh* four man lb# in lha 
mnklnir, with Hu if of that time derated 
to mein""* fllmisl at Ihe I'tdled Htnliff 
Naval Am demy nt AnnK|nllt> nnd llw 
tinned State* Military Amdcmy nt 
Wat Pulnr 

The game r|lmNXi*ff n well knit nmf 
iimiMiul Htury thu rivalry uf CftHen, 
one of Wed PolnPn orealmt athkdle 
hui'm'v, and hto hrulher. Wlltlam Jail* 
tu*y, a dreamer tyf* 1 4) f ymilh and » 
mlitolilpmiMi at Animpiilli- Janney, 
IH’lii-Hi to UTtrleii 1# try ink to add hto 
(JonncyN* nvveothvnrl In hi# other 
tilimiphff, deeMe* fu wOflilc mill ter* un 
the f i rill bull field, iihhmiBh he to only 
a mi bull Hilo Slit 

While the pii lure wlllicmt the fool 
ItiiH game Ih flrt<i. rate, ihe grlrltrun 
hat tie make* ll three rhnew ii» thrift- 
log It to like w-utihiim a real name 
1 it-tween iwn (Trent left him from a to ,f d 
tlnli rluhi tun k of ihe line uf fftiflm* 

ttelen chandler, a* Jaimey'* nwwt- 
mart, Joyce Cempiim* the Inlmftuble 
fttepla Feiehli, Frank AUicriiiun, David 
Hal ter anti othiiii <?i«fitote a welMniJ* 
jitti'ul iitoi. 



Freiburg Passion Play 
Appears In Orlando 
on Feb. 25-26 

The |Hii|ttn uf ur-mrail Kim Ida will be 
klvff-n Hie u|i|MH'lmiily of ■’■'‘elng one 
uf Ihe wortrlV used i>ii1n«c unit fain 
Otto firgiiriUuittmiff, the Freiburg Pt^ 
Ulan Play. outnftiaiMHl of |Juyefff fra>m 
KltJlittra, Hernia ny, when 9|iu grartip 
iffMiiiff* n» the (ktimila munM|ial andi 
Uirltim IVltrwnry 25 uinl 2d for lliraa- 
purfitimniiHiR, mi afternoon pfew'nlii 
Hon beinu <rhed*iTi>tl for tie' laittoi' 


The (diiyeiri hilW filled the mm < 
tele* lit the Piifffftuii PtE*y all tbeh 
Uve*- Inherit tug ilium ffiMtl tin'll 
fiftherK and fi we fu tiler* lu*foN* tbeie 
11 to eiiffiomnry nnmus thi'iti lo hmM 
eat h ndu down In non or uetumitt WMh 
heir, (tcorae FitoHaaclil* Jr., who to 
I ho lutuu-Hl "i 'h riff Hto." iff 9 he nephew 
of ihi' pmaHllna |mriniyt*r «f ih 
- * iid iffilc, iiml to the fifth atmera 
linn In the toicl. (leorg Ikamirhlt Ha 
w ild In Ih* oi:o of Ihe glffmilcat netoi 
-.1' uii ilimv plays the part uf 

The idaiyerff aju not pniM^nt ihe I a 
work M# il fftnge lU’etH-iitaCtuti hut a u 
(i mailer of roltoloito iMPpIreflon, Tie 
PtiHtnui piny they presciii. whirl* ha* 
11*luted in written farm wini'i* 129- 1 
A D,* Im llu* fftory nf ihe Ju*t aeven 
itnya of Hie lire of Jemtu t'hrtot. Ti 
to jyjftiW'tailan in character, It to 
claaertlHHl hy nft who have wen ih* 

li-liiy uni probtihly l lie iiiohI iuNidiiu*. 
relikl«ii(H m|kh’|N(’1i* of Ihn tigeff and 
mi imfU-rinkbik that Im* done ttioi- 
to revive the spirit of I rue reverrmre 
a ml 9n rerioirc the wu wring f fifth n* 
luiuiNtj h(»ii1h than nay other, 
tn Urn cmd which will iiraaont Hi- 
IffiriHli.-u Play Ui Ojrliimio, will Im mart 
Hum ®0ft people, tmdmllng a churito of 
tiJiHi> Tima 19 *i and n nu-h wene id 
2t*i |H>i *uiiri, The iui mi cmd ami |ir,’ 
diivibm which was prefertitad nt ih* 

New Yurt nijniifflruiiu* law nvihii 
under M<»s rto dcait. to iliu one to h-> 
ju*e*i rtitwl lu Or In ndi i 
A hi riii* n TI oml u mm Ih'Iii u i i m let i m u-i I 
from all cent nil Florida, mall order 
tff«ur^ailuHN or,- imw helm* iieen'iiUfft 
hy | la* niiiiltnrliKo tuaiuiki-tiieru for 
any uf tin* tbrev to'-rfomuinct-ff, 

Ruttevi*ff a Iltwutarlie nr Neiimlkbi In 
Hft udiiiiti*H, rhiH-kM * Calti the first day* 
and clu-ck* Miklaria In Huff-e day*., 

666 also in Liquid 






A Mill 


A ilui*i J and 
a (iraniiHir rigii* 
ll out In a Hurt It tin; 
toil tie at lira-thei la-oil 






Her I Ji i i-at 1 *le l tt re—l km 1 
M toff ti ! 

Ilcgular ihinto tOr * 2Yr * Th 1 
L Cant bun a Ha fnim J ;.10 P, M, 



While I 7 'ell You Something Good 

Listed right now are some very attractive 
bui’iyaitls—5-rooai bungalows with all im¬ 
provements. good l(H , atioiis, prices to suit 

Small grapefruit grove, gtnwl house, ^it..500. 

Ten-acrc grove, gotxl buy, fjtT.fMH). 

It’ you are interested in buying a piece of 
property, don’t wait: get busy. Now is the 
time to buy, 


Licensed Broker 
Heal Estate and Insurance 


Penn. Avk. 

St. Cloud 







Legal Advertising 

Legal Advertising 

Legal Advertising 

Legal Advertising 

Legal Advertising 

Legal Advertising 

in ihv "f lb* OuilRtl Jmlnf. iH 
,urtlH rniilifv. Htwin nf Fb'Niljk 

In (*■ (111- PaUU" of M, T. Tiim'Vi P die 

Tn nil Ut^fUUirn, l^-i*n|rai M , Dklrllmb'**. 
ui| all is-nml* IuhIok I It kill* <N D* 
intuit* i«n*imt i*!f flMiitu 

Vfln. nnil i-m'h nf pmi. him hunk) rmti 
lk*4l tint j .-|-iilr.‘i» In I’frii'ill a Hr tin kin 

.ml <U'Uinn4ln whk'li jpini, ar -Min i id jin, 
■uv in** I' tfftllliJil tbn rtUiln tpf % T, 
I'liHi'ki'r. dm ►■rmi’d, Inin nf Gowda Cosinty, 
i krht.i m ibi« il«n J. W tuiv*r. County 
i*f Owp-ulii *\midy, nr bin **fn- - in 
I bfi 1 iiunif * I In ln-'-'.ii* <\ *M 

,<alu (WiLf, MuMiNl wllhkii 
n*li I bn friuii tbn till In tintraif 
I in m' il ,t H pi nn r v U. A, H liiTui 

ii n tii acker. 

VluMuHtfulpr *tf Oni fralnt* rif 

It T TR^rlnr. ill’-' .. 

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tVotlrn nf Vpiilh *1 lun l»r 7fcS Uwml 

Nil||iv In howhy gli**n thftt Jin’ Hat Inf, 

liuMcr ut tm Ofillll^U' N«, (MKl'tOW 
-MLH:vr*IU duD-d Dili 4 III iny nf Jftlj. A 11. 
tirjT bun Hind aulil mrtlAem,*-* it* lny iifll"*- 
ami aimin' uFLilbailen fur ta* (Irani la 
i iiurjii (bnriMiu In n n-*i rrl n in "i* with imv. 
HhIiI m>rilrbwira. uttihriii'i" ibu folk wing d* 
wrMwiI i‘i <i|n-i'i v fciftiHitfM in NB«*radii 
Cuunly, Florida, tu-wlH rtl0*4 of NW‘* 
of rttirtJvo l iwiiNiPhlp Jrt aunt p» rnnKf in 
Rial- nuiUvtilml n* ink runt in AW'i of 

HK% ..r HtoUun m (I mliVtil-d turn lubf 
lMarral In NWS "f NIC<4 «f SfcfElftB Hit: 

►ew (Nf mvs ut Hh‘II»« U ail In town 

■ bl|i -tv null Lb. rubgo -7 torn I, 

Tim tt#Bit*tnii-tii r«f an IJ |«m(wrfy unite r 
ihi* miM cfftiirtllNi liMnirat sum in iim 
rtiiliU Of lUlhflbWI*. I iiEi-p* *11 lil iuftlfbiib** 

■ hull Mi Fwdontuml awarding tu tew, lav 
rJm>4 Mil] Ihhum Murrain nil I |i*> 'Lit ui 44*' 
nf KnHnltfry, a I*, tufwi. 

Ii fii i imu ififnii day nf tlnmnirv A f> 


i i MVfcltHTliKHT 
Plurk cinnit Court 

nai'inill I'oiiHj Hurlilw 
rinull i L.iirl tWI Jjb £TE Full U*'Jlw 

In ITrtmlt Court fur fbn Knv#<H(M>inb 
.ImJhlnl iHrrnlt uf Kin p Ida In ttml fm- 
UpcikjIh LHiUfily, Ell rbnhmry i.1117. 

UliMbnib f}piii*|ian + nmiurrlnii, r i.m^ijiio 
ant, rormi* ('laud K Jobnanii, nl, dn . 
finulnmn Nut Iran uf Man In Kb NjiIu, NoUDW 
Im Uund'r pilvdii uy tlm urKtorwisriiiNt nn 
Hpi-i'SI Mnniuf lirindii Httmiriffim ippnlntod 
In rtfjry nit( I he larina nf tin* rtlml ilm-lw‘ 
nnii-reil hi ibta mi nan uti Jn unary timi, 

that to I be lurliiH >4 tBlil Hurt I 

k|nfp-i*n | all ll 11 nffrir tn mm in 14 nd «<|] t-r 

Ikllfin-I nn <1 tinm Mid Flat (Imtnfur. the 111 
t*Ti uia ilf i1nn*l f Jnhtmnn and A Mu V 
Jpkbnann, Iki* Wltv, ll* nu ll Intnnwt m- 
1*114] at tlm ifHfa* of tbo liiHtlfUfInn nf IlMt 
•uli nr up hiwm nitrtviMi, hi Urn fttluwiix* 
dauurllmd ymiMTiy WhUmI |n 
Unurns Flrififfn. via l.nt. Iht 

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mill HU> ol (hr TWn ui m. tlrniii, Flnr 
lilic nenurdlrttf In (he RnUilrtiilp* LmnJ m>d 
luviNiibinm (Vi, *uu if I vial mu itf will twm 

Mh’d III I hr nflrm' *i| I In- Hh'lllt (Viiiri 
t'lnri uf *ul4 (Vmnty and iiuurihnt in. 
flntib "D" f»j|jw« ,TI IIml ril Suld bjM. m 
in i<m .in tin Ittili' Huy In Aini-i'b, A h 

IHfUI, In 11 ll (Ini ItiMd ilill nf Nihil ... 

tu lwiuni Min Minii Jnwh uf *kj*lr, lu-fi.n' 

1 bn rn uri im Line Mimr. ncUaljumon, I 'lnrl’ln 

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Mtldnp wrliii ftuj Hi roman I ■> C i>r fin 

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the 11 in# ■ uf uinhlrtii tin b IrMu PuyelmiH'f 

In |my for dnraJ T(d« JuMUMry vfliiii 1 

Nallii* <*r ApuMi**tint} fur T»* Urati 

Nnfbif It tmrpfty niton. tltrtT AriJrti 
Arnold, fmlilrr of Tu t>ruao*lii N«. 
1H.1L' 'Intiif| (be -Itlk dJiy nf July, A t* 
Ilia?, haw fllnfl an Id hum Ml rule In u<y nfllra* 
mid oikkilu m'l'Mi..iiLihn fat n« (Irani to 
lamin Itu-Houk In inTonlnora- wMli lout. 

Nnid curfittfatn omtir«fvti ihe rnHowituf 

duw-rJilvrd |ipn«iat*y ntliirtiuil lh huriNda 

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ruhjw JU| Mu Ml 

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dfr flu. *riid i-ri'hilHiti. l«Aimd min in tin* 
nuitke nf t'ulLlkfin-n 

flilira* hr-Md cvrftdkufe ubhll 1 u> rra|W'trt"4 

m-rn-i'dhu/ uv H* itra*<| win inmn- 

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J bi*I’ll Ihlt E'Ath (lay uf \ ft 

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t lurk KirauM iVd*rt. 

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I'A- Tnurlji# ■ \ a ndiL.iiu. n fur aM ci -mI' * 
nf .erl JHi-ni*,- will Iw llvM Bl Itm 
hikin', k laitiiu ilmup, riuridH, irntfinniim m 
l*. ki .1 tu j hi rhuiwlny, ('tol i> iiml Nnt- 
nfny, Kolirmiry n, f nml luMh Nr» 
Alnuml Ithifih . «pn 1m rumMmd an in 
■illrwtlnif flt 1bi« urtlrak, A ikfklLeiiril *■ fm 
i*r«kfi*HH|Dmti «r N|iuHi(l tYrtllK’nlira ituiti 
rtqh«- it|i|ihi'uilun in the HIlRu Hipurin 
i.-mhuit rut franulMilau la ta bu I Hu * *nnt 
iwfhtn. HI link a for i.HU |mr|»w uuny Mu 
iriHliuLi) frvtit ihu rnutiiy RiiiwrliiUoilurti 
f*orra>tii( dirairhn: tu -'Ifltm yKaiu|Mton* tm 
1 Heir Kliiriiln 1 r +'fitlLcuti'p iiktiat lib muihi 1 
rftli I he CfUMilJ HO|ii*rllk1i-ndi'nt IwMnt-i- 1 He 
. 1 h nil nation A * VrlllLnitu nf *(*nd moral 

tmr:U li-r ulrtm-d l*y two hhafiOHUiikle (mf 
MUPM. t (1 |fid hrr MrEib uni" (if thn futliiwfnK 
iratH ttmai •i'arunimhy raerh ap^lihtlnii ior 
.ilmtuatiiu 1 ■ rfcm MAnmihutton, FiLt Third 
;rmfi *1 »> itnraiikil Mrudi* Mutt lirh 
-indTe *ai» I' n m nry ram, S|u*in I f_- w 
Mil M\ (he I hiuuo MiifH*rlhh"ndi"ii> liy Sai 
urdny fyhnury lat ibno ir you raie-t l« 
flr»H fur the r ^amhuiUon 

SAM 1111 AM MAH. 

I’ovnly RMimrlfkinmiuni nf I'qldtr 
Itratrni HiiM, Oauravlii Ummiy. Iha 

roll MTV, KliOIUOA IN i^H, 
Tin' J , V"dcrrtl I.Bin! It hiiIl of Coll 
ii iVkrimtulliiti, 



J.yilln OliyimMnrk 

HdTItk Ov hflffltll 


__ ... __— _ _Ifial *iis 

Hnr iiiul My liritn* uf nn oximuLlun tmauiuu 
out ut 11m ---- -* - 1 — T '* 

widow. M III. 


Mi OL'l’ii Ai*J-j 

Till- XTATK ov Pf>oftiDA To Lydia 
iiltyiu Hurl., a wtiinn Hd ttrhjM’frr Ruulr 
vh r.i, 1 murintro. MM Muuii; CtRrar Urtrr 
ui*u Mod John Hob rmunon, her hmfliatid; 
w-rn Nelaub null .toko Dor Ni-hum. her 
lioukiimf, Tolrajn, tlhlu . Uuim iihyncjlookj 
n ami m if 1 1 - fwrauii vneni M#rkfbtri Mlrrar 
TliImIii, Ohio. 

Vrni nod enuli of you nr* hartrliy nrilt-md Court uf OmmIu Coun 

ITnrldn, on Ortohi-r 34, H^H, Itt n t*rr 
:\iur( whi-r*m 
widvM, who tiiuJli 

nil Orfoher 34, 

|mtikll1l|l 111 tUlli] 

Ltidkfurd, r 

H f lujcermno nod H. L I 
m ,-^jm « bich mild 
(VHP limy IimUhI (ill OdatHf V4, 

Ik, Ml 0«ra-kk|N i‘u(ipty, “ ■ ‘ 

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Opr(* ilk-fetuliiM-. 

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it VtHrrh. 11IWJ (1 bull* 
or far fur afiltf nl |ujb|lr 
thb OurlhuUM- 
riarlda durltiit tbr 
- to Ihi" hl|;li^*>t n nil 

rntJowlu«r di-aurltmil prr 

on 1 I 1 - fir it day 
i>j|.V «d an Id i Vuirf 
tMltrrj" fm unnli, Imrori- 
duo 1 in ItihBkuiiuM., 

Ii-ynl bourn of B|I]e 
brail bidder, '*■ ' ‘ 

I 11 1 Ere 1111 (Viurl fur rb» MnarnttmiMM 
Judklal ClrniM nf Kloriiltl In iml f.n 

ll«r>*orn ..Ii ftr (VlHMirut. No fMl* 

C*hla-nit«a trivuMiEimiii tV, iikUttlklaut 
i.iraH- IhlrtPi' Kntk ct ul. •iiMuridniirm 
Knrwf(fl»UD* uf MultkHri' VrHl.v uf 
Mmti'K* Mali Sot the Im lupuoi ptiuh by 
the 11 nd * - r* 1 m lie. I hn apimlul M.iMur ln-nn 
Ik n-lufiirt iir i'flMtui in huts* ein 1 
tramn ui ih^ Mtinl iltnrpo niiK-n*i| tiahtln un 
.tidnmry IflUi. JWffO. Unit I'Umiiunt t.j to-- 
larui* i f antd flniil dpmrrai I ubull nff* r |,*t 

Mufe nnd aulJ In tlm tHj£tl. nt klllt tiehl i.h 

del IJlufiTor, t he IhtmrraMf Hu dfdi iol 
Nttla, Kdfnt Kid a ful mo ttftown q* Kil^rkr 
U lOim ■(»*! ISikmi M Kidt, bln 1 

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t Imr liimfiMnd nil It U. ti MtlKfly "" 
-urh lull-real KijtlHl III I hi .Inle t( f (he Ml 
atifiMbiis uf iM» anil, or him ulure i# , hiiil 
lii (he 1 of In w I tip pluraTMu-il firuiii|Mi>a IraM- 

ted m i(Nipui|.i ( 1 .unis Florid a vh iViwi 

but! id bdf Ulirt Of fflui’k a ’tl r Uf \Y 11. 
P^tPkikS Addition tu tMe fliWo nf Kt» 
MllPSliu-e etty ClMSMln CniUHy. KlntMit Sk- 

ranrtbm to ib- OttlrUl l^.*r or H4 ,iif Addi 
imn Hied nrii.fl rra nrdnl til 11m offtp.- ef Tlo 
I 'lofli uf ileutT tAonri r«f Hi .mm tSntriis 

Kil bl In Oil* I .Hitt* mid ti*-Ulp to I to- aUiiilfi 

*rami QUoriuf r*f thi Hrmlbm-1 ituarter «u 
Meet In o iweiUs-etifi, TusuiiHklii tSLi-m* luo 
W111M1. tlutuTf ftveoiy »dio- l^iai Sstd *alu 
t.. Iiiinr oil tHfi nitlo duv In Mmvh \ 11 . 
IfVliF. f - Mil tin* (lib'll ib*y of H.dd hkoniM 
lift Wirnli I Hi- If'inM bonfa Up ante. |M*furi- 

Hu" 1 ti nrttiKiiau daof. If l>Nihiiii(-r, ir|nri>i ■ 
Nate to tie Hindu to rim hlgt»-*l mid loraJ 

bldduf with rumtlrimraf "M unnh or ite 

bunJt in in my fb*ori*il>m -rem* tie-"! m 
Olio* of UHkkJnu wui'li lildt I Mir’Mad* 1 l*> 
firty for kfiud Ttda Joiiiirtry VEMh. ftKIU. 

whuiy w 1 v vir n mt i! mr 

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Cut I >>tl In-l.'ii KlHHlmnira' Flu 

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td srii 

1 pulr of Duyfon 
"% 2 ycfrltrc-rti 

liEiLieriiriai- motor 1 li nmiit biiKika; l 
mnd icfripurjdui , 1 ivoad (n(’b*; 
“ ; M dlidi luma: l!l nut 

■i; 4 fin** era: b hiiivu* 

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— ra; i Dnytuo 

motor £ _ im 

In 1 ,Ire li Lt Court fur Ukr HuTr-nffttntb 
Judtrial Cfrrutt ol f lorliLi In and for 
Ortoradn Cuunly lb (Tuirnvry. Na, JMO. 
c K Turflu, 1 ’-ills id ill ou id, vurwilH ll. 
tvafu el 4 I. ilufutsdaiita fixs-doNufk* af 
Mortem* Not lee nf Mu.Dr'* SnLr* Nvtliv 
ll helr-hy given tiy the a cute r*d n m -tl 4 . 
HfmcMil VT.udfr hefwtofofu ap|MilDla‘d tn 
curry oirt ihi* lorum of tfci- tiioil dm-rsu* 
KatcirM irt thr> uhavv ntuau uu J an vary VI, 
HWW- that imr^owni II* IJtn imnu of wild 
UhJl dry rob J -hull . f fef for mil* nnd *rl! 
thi i nt" n*.(* k*f 1 he ilnfandniHu. It W 

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Eml Adel I" 1 * k.H f film Win M n. hAfkk 

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M Kill, him Wifi*. A lt«y Kutr; K, ft 

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bar hm-hjuiri nn .urh intcroat rtiK(>*d nf 
thi dwl<* u| the liiatitiiLkitv uf ibi- iiInHn* 

entltM Mdi >*r na ainut- an rued, In 1 h. 
felbiwlil^ dele HI tkl it |<n>akl* - IU>PMt-d In 
(Mriudn I’onmjf, Pfortdu,, rih t Lnt On* of 
film k Thm- of H. A, Robtrinou * AddMkm 
tu ilvu I’tty nr kKaMamra* Fi.-ridn 41 * 
an rdtim f ji slo- re< i*rdad 1*1 m cberuof an 

no .iiMfii thi lujbili ni'ufrij" of Ouriiiaiii 
t'Kind l. Kb-ftd,* Siild Msla 4 jj nucur no 
the Mute loir In Mflrt h, A n, INW, ta-wit : 

1 he (fdtd i(ny of mid ni»ntL, hwtwiwi tks* 

leVLil Mm n uf -nf- on -ltd iTkitd, ftjili* tn 
in- tnmlu Uf the htghuai *nd hrrat bidder, 
wjfli ndiuin ioinit i*f eaata. er dupoplt, 4 * tu 
my dlm-fi lltm ocb« l>e*i h 1 Huh* of md 
toy Himh oid*. I'urrhdpur to tmy for dratrt 
Tula Jimunry Okfb twin 


Klmublt hfUMter ITefebi 
I Vi I Ji.tiiiwf.Hi k'Kkjiniun. P|U, 

V 1 enmnslirataii 

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A HE 111 * tdekl** "Ilulu 
firm . 1 cjnei y whra .. 

■md 'i .iirait mhurtMOi'ra 
Du uni jii KluMimmiN- 
Db day of January, 1 

I, It KAttilNU 
hll.-tlK ef Oara-otn iViiao 

Florid 11 l hi a I In 

*> rillJTK M HKmtm IKMKSTS V 


K*1 ( tHinly |Vim»ri»jniirr 

I rjiwdri' try iiimhiuiiit IhAt 1 aIuiII 
W tl (iitiillil.iir tti fha I N*radc'fH(lc prl 
rdhry Tu Im tiyld Iti Juoy m d ramjldi^ 
(n anifTwiI myaHf n» fViuaty l*ntnmin 
kitwr frnfb IHstricT No li* 
ro ihi* fuilho of iht* wt**r* in mj ui 1 - 
irhd h:nNiimT MAnif, 

Kli'diHtnn 1 I" I or lit a 


TCI NVI1 it im I Ai, ClKCfHT OP 
KtTTI! I'ATTDN, Coaplaliuati vufwui 
C, W 1‘ATTDN, TMlrmionl OR DFR 

for I'tjUji cation tae stjith of 

FLO Rill A TOi IV W ru'lnis, Cluw? 
luml i'siyubikiiii I'flunlv, Oh o 
TOM AtiV: ii tiiEi nv cTiMMANDUD TO 
BM AND A F FRA ft In thr nb< sv i-a'Mbrl 
nsiiHM bi-furr* ouf Ltrcuit t.'ourt it KIwhIili 
njfw + Oauegla County, Florida, mi tt»r (lib. 
liny uf PrhriULpjf, A. IV 3PS0 kinder yi-nelry 
tit d*a"fiie. pm roiifowiHi t:“ing efllen-tl 

uhulnnl yikii in *uilil CNllpe Oik tin* lull a 

Dity In M El Teh. A, r* tMML *o.»M. Utr 
.‘Ifit day flf Mil f>L p a it 1(W WMueaa 
Ike Horeiruldr Frank A* Mthlib, *a Jintgu 
o( ehr- ahuve ubmed OUVI, ami my urliw 
J ia I'lurk L be re of, nnd iho aaijt (if Nil Id 
Ciiurt, if KlnatHitnca', ftawjl* County. 
Fieri da. an Nd* ttm Nth day of TaniiNVy. 
A TV l«90. 

*ITfUfilt Mall 

J. t. OVIUtSTHl; KT 
nnrfc cjrrtiit court 
Oacvola Co not yv J-Hurido. 

It s' W. K POl/NiV Tl r 
Ml 14 ft A Y H iiVKHHTllliKT 
Hob i-1 lut fur Curtifd linn lit. 

KEhUiledm". I ' In rl 4 a • 

Jflu H Pub. C M V » 

NOT If F. fil CRFlrirOUW 

tn (hr Court nf 11m LVurMy Juddu, Clara- 
(Tiunty. K-tute ( ^f Plfkrbt.i 
In ra tha Kaintc 1 

T* fall Cmtirora, 

,, I.eHnti-tw Dial rLhatri H 

and nil Crrrnna hasituf ( lobim or f v timmi ' 
iigntuid aatd HMslhi 

Viill, Hint Mieb of you, are hun-ity I ml If Led 
nml n*oulrraE to \? n aun I iiqy eluboa ami rk 
nannrt* whb-ii yon, t.r uillmi of you, uny 
buv«i Him hi*l 1 bo eutiiir af Julm 1. Ump* 
Uriin tk. d(-*-in eu 1 d, life of DflOftOll* lluUufj* 
Fiorldn, to thu 1 Ion .1. W, 4M(vuf. Ciiiinfy 
Judgn of Umruoiw County, nt hla afffm tu 
tb* CoLinly cenitikiiLipe In KlnaMiiiura* It* 
raifil* iiiunly, FJeNdn. within Uvslv*. 
(WAiitba from iln* data brrrajr 
D*Tid Dcltibir 'il a I A, TV tBClI. 


Karen 1ftt rtf the KnImI* rtf 
.tnllu T ttaw BTowu deewoaed 

I'n the VrrtiPfjL 

nr fl«ci*Qbi OoUBty: 

I Iwrbhy aummBfw thnt I tun a turn 
lUIntc for Itir* nfffcp of uf 

HtdTlk Mid In of Fltirldn, itiilijNl Id thi* 
liftimi of the DetnumllP voter* It* the* 
fHrltiiH ty Hmikun to ta* twlrt In ,fdtif*. 

Sidle* mt Auvlkwllan for 1W 

NUTlCl: IN mcUKBV lilVEN, Thai 
Arttet Arnold, bolder of Tut f>rtlf(<«Jto 
No HWi 4nb d t bi' irb d«j of July, A. D 
Jfltfj tma fluid ra*lH rufliflenie In my uf. 
rliw uml iui)4r i|ipMrntliuj fei im d#od 

to laulii llirfi'iiii in iiurorihetire tvElh IpW. 

Wald eurtiflealu etnbmrtr* tin* folluwlnR 
diMrrtl’id proiKVly aliLiabd In Uinvidn 

County, Florida, tu wli w f 'i. of NKV4 of 
NIC-* *1 *i r(Je|k vt low riHtilli :Kl Sosjlti, 
iBtihs* db Ka*l 

Thu NMinaiuimnt of *1011 property under 
1 h ip a*ld earlihrnii la aural vs.ia tn ilu* 

hjirtiu if tl*a. M.Hadrn Unlm* triid repll- 
rleHiM ahull bn n-drauin-d loiyirdim; to law, 
Ihi iffd will 1 a* lie rimreou oik (lie Nth 

day uf PHspifiry, A H ItWW 

Datnd thin Ntu i|ji > ef JftMUiry A D 

For Milr Hrffi'walhlin* 

T lii'pnliy iiDnimfifNi niyM'lf uh it cmn 
llduhe for rviiTi'ta'titnUvo of Oraswiln 
(Viimtjr* kiiI>Ru-| tu il.r Ih'tnnmiUc 
rirhtuio t« Im ItnM nvxt June Vs»*r 
d|ij*xft will In* niiprivelHlL'il 

a w. hrunh in if 

te t Jr-uli Conn r.«r tin- msuntni'iiih 
Im(Infill 1 ‘Mi iilr *d PiorbJu in nnd r 1 
tlM-natl) Cniinil til fhfttii kK I l orra-|i "* 
ore ut u«ri«nitn Funny Vs l*oM"*r, « 
WlifnSl l Vsllljlbilluiiit, ip flulir>n lillbk rt 
i*i nl. Defhhdhiita tirder *d CuUlinMIi-rt 
The INI util of Florlllil |u : Kfcruior* and 
vt r 1-0 lulu In Si nl e Rnnli > a Ikiiuhlliy forp-nfli 
Hell, Vn lerl’kvl.orj,. Virifbilu Vnii urn 
hnndky f-Onloj’Udell tki hi- uod JiU|iejk| in 
lb* ikbkiSi* i’UtlDtxt nnliMv wlllrll I* u MQtl 
in funwinau timi eartiitt mui eiui. Mari 
tu im reeo nte it in Itoob 1 fpiigu lutt inkbln 

Cei 111 1 1(. Ilf l Pi('Oil til 4 TklJ III j- 11p-f ms* (11(f 

firriiii iVnirt it KJaaiinriiia-, Daoraln 
I'kOVkity Ptnrtdll, OK Ike ,'1h:( dpiy *.f Mureli 

V ft HeIii, (11 ol p-f (li-r^ii 11 * of (pew* |if*- 
eunti-PNo bk’liiu eikh-riil iiiiuluai you in 
>,U d enniM' lit! Hrtbt dur Wlttiuaa Ho 
Ifnikt-riiblp rraiLk V Ukoitik u» Jmlte f1 f 

Nil .dkoil' *i|l llli-d Court. .I lti y ^ 

Clofti ItJi'fnof, and tike PO*rt1 Of i :H'1 CiiiilLD. 
nl HK*1 11 *ini'* fi*i*untu CnoiKy Plortdii no 
III IP (lie VMl U dfty nf J-poiiurv. A ll UMl 

dark cMi'idi f mtM, tiaraadh iv>uiit.s 
ftmtfi ilf PJarMIji 
IClraan Cituri Eramii 

Jty VV (■; Cniiud 1 > C 
Murni> h c JirirMruei. 

Mi-tii-It 11 r for i iipublHlkniui 
i(lMlnk«io- Hnrl'l:' 

J 'Hr r ST 

Nvflm irt rr*4ttrtF* 

Ifi 1 In Court of i hi- s*iwtikty JudHu, O* 
.■■'nip Cunnly, Niatu of FlnrldB In r»* W» 
tntu uf Lola b. Alton. |rt'i'i-qtixl, 

Tn all Crt'dRor*, Lev«tma. fMHtNihmumi, 

and .(El l *1-rm'i 11 a bivllut CliU#i,a or TN- 
ifutuda iLgaluwi an lit MataU 

Tou* and eimh nf you, tin* lieratiy tiftD 
tiioi 11 nd ruqtiln*dl t>» (imumt atiy etabftw 
a ad dciiuinda wbbh you, or either nf you 
may Imu- MalluM the Ritiln of IdlH F 
Allrtii, dimflaaad. Ist- mf uaraaitn rnumv 
Ptoridii, to the 11 mi if W Oliver, 4 'aunt 1 
Judge uT (tray Ida iVtlliLy, nl til a oftleu in 
NikviiIji t'nutkl r. Fb>r*4rt within Iwulwu 

MH" Oittfliy ... . in K laaluurk*.-, 

lie ■ nl h* t rutn I he tlltr huroul 

Datod Jim iff* A l> ififtsi 

Kara'lltor of |kie Ratutf- of 
T.nla !■: Allen ilw i‘.i+'ii 

Fi*i « AtirA 

llKDFK ill I-l-Hl.t CATION 

In Circuit Cuiiri In and fm Oanervl* 
■ 'iiiiiLly In i’Uanruryj Ibierae BI. Richard 
CoiuiibbfiNiU, yotaui Thisintia it Hustn"* 
tJiLiouk It llushra* arifrt of TMuiru (1 
UnirMa. and A. II CbuyRnaii. a aluglu 
Eisa bt duf.-ddEitUa OtUtRH til’ rCTM.H A 
TltiN 10 A M chT.pmaiB 11 nuideni of 
«hk* BI it l(- rtf Florida Whom HddrvM 1* 
iddlaik boll. Florida Till VHP TINTED 
in COMMANDKII TO A1*l*EAR Ik 'ihein 
u lit I l|ed eu ik pa tu Rill uf CuniblalM Hrre 

in rllral airalPMl yosi by fvraref VI. Hb'hanl 
■■a lihrnurj 17. bJWfl Aaid an it 1* bro uy h I 
Ik* fi»D*rlura' rtlNl iwrtikbi mnnuuira rn’»rtlml 

Uk irarratlkL i’imiuIs, Flat Ida M-irlfatfe ITfrtk 
"t " iiukii' 'JtJT. 

unNlCKX flip Uonurabl. tiauk li, 

nhs1 1 1i 11 ltd my htiuiu aa Clirfh ebrniif. a*ul 
M"al of * 11(1 Cfkurl at lii 4*|ikim"-e. flara eln 
CuinMi, Kj4krbia on Ihia dth dqy of Jaw 
unrr. I UN. 

it. I* nVBRRTRBier 

aufk of llrtuil I'uuri. 

o*cuo I b * 'min t \, t'lnrId 11 
icimbt Court Krt*n 
1., M. CAltKKIt, 

Atlorury fur Cuiiiidntikrtnl 
Jan It Jau Aft—D. M c 

A 1 tin - |t-ipik-‘i uf minis tiiiHiuiiebl 
' Nlri'iiii *.»f Mile txmjitf 1 liftv<* iTib 
efttral in UDDimmy niir] In* ii ctttuli 
bill* foi nipt^ttntflllir fr>tm iKuuvibi 
■mnty, Hiib.b's't Tr» itu* will of !hi* 
Hfinmcrulic iirlnmry If « 4 nnlrtnf*yl 
mmI Hot hM I wltl )M*rfuPm Mu* tjrili*-* 
<sf 1 biri offlty iu Mm I mtd of my old hit 

Vidb'u at V|i|iUiallnn tor Tin M"«l 

Nhdb-e E* tki-n liy hU'ikl tli.d l* Turn 
UBftbi-. Hr , holder el' I'JK 4'*'N Iftejlli- 
No 1>M .r.i 1 id I be 41 u u-ir I*r July A t* 
IWT, Uelm III raj hi id ii>r}lD(ttt« Iu ruy of Hr* 

ii mM iiiade BtiplleuNeh fur fii* dtwdl Irt 

laanu I lietvols III ueentbUHeu With Uv 
Hold ra-rllf1i*rtU* 1 out*rump she fellow U\l 
EleanMhiLi 111 ' k i*r-i 1 s Hiiiudail 111 ilp-s^da 

Cell lit C lur Mil. In SS l| BKH of HjE!l, *kf 

Hrulliitk lb irkWaablfy vfi Roolb bauue -I* 

The Jiuairabho-oi 1*1 *iild |irejki*r1> Uo 
■Je|- I lii" a* til ei-rt ItU'JIte |p*lk*d «Ui in Ilu 
Millie or CmhTOkWKi 

CoIiolm (oiid vertlde^JUi- *hab 1»* d-il-i'mral 
uii-iirdliut In law. tp* itww) will Ibbii« 
thi-rraui 11 ci No' 1 1.1 ibis uf Vljirab S D 
lie ill 

1 hslml Nil* Villi t|m of jHHUfiy .V D 

rb-rk Ciprsiu Cmir* 

1 tai'iNkin Cunuty. I Iih i*]* 

4'Ire 11 if Weal 

Jan !Ui Fsrt* 3J J Ul 

Sol ice nf VsIkiiinDl idint 

I 10 I iMrtk Hipidnai ir 

10 i oLirt of the County AoAjc- OifwilN 
t'ouoly, k)ii|i’ id" hi I" rid It Hi t* liwluia ef 
J 1 *bo v Mlm. 

Nd|H> \m hereby eI SCSI, in *il whom 11 
oiu> rainaoru. 1 bat uli No* > 1 1* day »>f 
Mon li A !■ lUftll, I Bbill ipjily i«* Mu* 
IlfMinmhte J W Nllvi-r. 1‘ikiit** *r -eld 
CmiH. ut J w4jt’* uf TrolikMiu, fo-r 11 Mum 

ill fell utils- HP ViiinSnl^Nalm' sif He I alLltik 
Id .Jlilirt A Mlo1 1 ilMrtLLSii'd : iiiul ihiil »< ill*' 

PiLm(k 1 urn- | wtM imtH««ii to mid Coim 
iu> Huai nra'iuijkl ■ n* Admim*Lrii lor of 
Mikbi euinte, nurt ii*k for ihull ap(ir*i il 
1 uti id Jan JI, A D ItBW 


If* m Aduilidairuirtr 

I onnl> (niuHiMkHifr l>t<4hil N<*. 1 

f hrrnDy iniiummT* iiiyM*|f ns n cah 
■Intnin fur (Viunlj 4VuumiMaioru-r fur 
IHlrtflrt N<i L HUhJwt In I*i*HiiH*rulK* 
jiflmary In .TtiiM- 


Advertise in the Tribune 

lo Nil* Cuuri of the County Judyn, D* 
rtrtcfla I'Kuiily, Kfalr +it Flurirti. 

Ik m the Palm.' of rmnMln T Wnlli- 

Tn all Cfrabiur* tvi'gtLtuws. UImi Hbi»ira>« 
mu] nil I'l-raoua Imvlny CVutina m Me 
Link Oil* HtfilltlMl alibi Raldtsi ' 

V i ill, amt CM (Ji nf yuu, im lu-u-hs *i#n 
U ral mid rrtijnlrfti) in imwei any Halifta 
*ud duuuUrtlM widuh >*uv nf etthrr of run 

Ik III r him n uk itu* l the i-MLlle of Irmikbi’ 

T VVolfe. flei eiiP. LV Life of Mura dd Coltidc. 
Fb-rldu, Ln Use Hull, ,1 W. Ojln t, CrtHAty 
.Hid Be Ilf 41* i eu Irt i'duilty. Ill hi* ofllre Itl 
i tie Cnunty Cournirtuae tn Kl«*luiihee in* 
raodi* Coil my, PlrtTbln, within iwehr 
munlha IfiilB l ho date liun-of 
Ilu led lun 10. a li Hmo 

C V |»1 HK 

Kaeeule- rtf the hiatBli' at 
Crunk I Eu T WsiH*, durtamral 

Jem Irt Virit I if 

Nmki k ben I.} *us eii lbn( ii, V and 
Riidts C UhpiI. holder uf Tub i rtnUlmin 
S'. Ll( datral ilia 4th tiny of July. A I>. 
RkfT (me ttfnl ralliJ IWrtlhlMlti" 111 tisy ofllee 
atul imsdi JtpiilLrntinj. ter t-.t -Jee.i in 
I**ii#* then-in in iLeeunlaiMW wiiti luw. 

Haul * **r(lllrni(» .-lUlihira'K (H* 1 Uillcwiiie 
il.’uidkit uruiHirly Pitnatad in ocptiIh 
fVsniMy, Pl’irlilo fn wil | r mu| Hra-unb d 
in book "I iimte IIL*B of W licTIDN JJV 

less imillt> w Mil 'TK. Tblisitu 1W Kn*l 
Tile n kiMe-Mu ien t of *.iti| |i Ufi \ u> r I y un 
Hit Mb' milil t*rri1llrj|(rt ia«sii-d vu* in life 
initio* ii r A T Fruuch. 

I nil >h - kill ev-rtkill ill 1 " drnlL in redra'iooil 

mri.rilltiB in In w, to* if and. will Dtim 
ihen-ku on fhr l*t dny uf Mnreii, A li 

ftuled thin jfift dny of January, \ tv 


t I, OVMthTIlKKT. 

Oerk t'irrnli Court. 
l>ai*i,e|,i CouiiK Klurbiii 

l'll rub Se,.J 

_ Jbil Jill 1->I( »*I 

The State Tax Adjustment 
Board having extended the time 
for adjustment on taxes for a 
period of thirty (30) days, the 
local adjustment hoard of Osce¬ 
ola County will continue to 
operate during such period,and 
the date fixed by the Comp¬ 
troller for the sale of tax certi¬ 
ficates is postponed until the 
second Tuesday in March, 
A. D. 1930. 

in thu Circuit Cnurt i*f ihs* Huvurtluunih 
JtidiulEiI CH-ruil in nnd far c,.unty of Ob 
**«)», (Run* of i b'MilH, In ChursuaryL 
VJI is ii 1 k- Ctart rl n nrt Cnm r>l »t un in . i*er*ua 
Ml Hi i “TikiiJ.kOLl bi'li'lllUM 

I "Ikll Nl] M’l WhOHO IIIKl (kltUU (,f r. 4 »id(*UCrt 
win. l*bkljj}i*inirjJi ijiii'lira 1 , (Vamatiu niut 
wtinw* Imki kiiiiviEj jiddn«p ws* the "-aind 
VCkC a ILF. ll'KItunV roMMAStiFli lu Jib 

! 1(<*1 r bk I hi* 01 Mi VI* rtll|lrb-d vflliW (HI tUr 

ink liar t*( Mtifrtii. ia win Mamb A, 

tttrni Tiku ulHiVrt ciLiirb'd alklt 1"i*IU|f for 

Nkii kllKknlgl)»li of thi" hottilH ut bSuirlliuuiy 
WITKKbrt. tins lloruimbb* I" rant A 

Htiiilh, .hlfliCi* id tin* Hluiva Cm INI jlhd Us) 
niuie in Hurls ihcrraif mid ihi* pual rtf thn 
mild Cisuri in KlKHbuirtf**. Ni.i'i-.iJu Oimly, 
PlnrEdn un ibr mb dp-y uf JmiiiBry, Httft 
(Cl N Ariill 

<Turk of ctrviiit Cunri 
OrtuoalB CfuiiUy, pjorldu^ 

L. M VAbUFlt. 


NOTICE is hereby given 
that in order to qualify 
for the City Election to he 
held in St. Cloud March 
29th, 1930, poll taxes must 
be paid on or before 
Saturday, March 1st, 1930. 

ti b 1»ST1H, CrnikFklidiiRtsi, yrrmnm MAN- 
L-'liV A tiAVtH DwfuridanL OlMiRTi Full 
P1 .1 Nt JI i A TN Wunufs'ii DiiVIb, BEriul 
h-iv Knuluikra* Cfibuty. iHiiudw 
lol A1! Tj 11KUK11V dtlMHAKOWD TO 
HF ANN AIH'IHAH In tl.*- nbovu **ft»itln4 
emiap lirtfun* our clrmit Cuiirt ul KE-wia*- 
him., ripra.oia c.iHidy. fi uridit, *ui 11 m* Bill, 
day of Pfdsnliiry. A N. IWRi muW urrmlf v 
uf da«i*w jiro ruiifoBRu (lUlnc iintutTut 
mrnkbui y«u jin -u l i emam an thu State 
Kay in Mat' h. A + I). liUMi. iu- wit. ihu Ard. 
day uf kfii iaft, A. ft, iftatt Wjilu-pp thu 
lloiLihkYiMi- Frrnik A Aailth, in* ludn. nf 
thu Mbuv** ini iikrtrt nnuft, nriit my rmtnu «■ 
ClUfk | In'Hu ut, and Ihi* ra-nl nf art 111 CiUJfC 
ul XIpbIui litO mvuIb iVuitnty, Florida, »n 
fiiiu iiu *ih drtt uf itnimry. A. D vm 
NTrutllt Cnurt flrtpll 

j I. ovKittn itiewT, 

dak Clrmu Cuurt, 

Own .kin I 'mini i', Flnrldii 
11 jr W. U pOCND, tl. C 

Mn 11 ell ur tt*t i 'ftln (itnl li a nl. 
klisinsiii'i'. Klurldn. 

Jib, il Fub A *4 W 0. 

Alloriiuy fpr 
Jan * Fab 2* 

Id nil JaukiMn, Ankle f *sf : Tfli fVrtlfirni* 
Ntk. mmi diilrtr Ilu- rttli liny i*f Jane, A D- 
lAMI- T*A (_SlTl1fle*fu Ni*. 2BHW ■ laird the 
ilh day of July. A b (OffT Akb ftktl *md 
iviniffoatn* in my offku aud mndr a pull 
ranlikb far in a nw*l t# Ipmsie* th^rron In 
armtdaiii'ft w|lb Uv, Aabl rtnriifluat** 
umbra,"* itsn r*ilbswltkB iluafrlbral umpediy 
*1!naira! tn Oatwuli Ciiiinly, FUsflda, to 



Clerk Circuit Cuurt, 
Osceola County, Florida 

intirtd Ihi* mb day of January, A U 1 


{Clrinli iNiurf H*>K 


l HIT* (TtVblt 4*ikfflTt. 
eibtuuJp f'nqniy, Florida I 




\>w Wu> Into tin* rifM’ini’ «*f tJ*»d." 

Morning pmnlilng wrvUv nt 10:4.** 
M 111 Mi n |l I * PtM’llttMlI. M»|*Tln- 
lrlMl. nl nt* lIn■ I«II|»«l*>t Wonillll'M MIm 
» iMiiiiry l i*i<*R »*f Florliln, will *Hvu|»y 
lIn* |Htl|»li Knndny uiftrtillui >*!»«• I* 

until limit tug. 

\ >*nng * innidlmi til 0:u> |* m 

ICvniliur i*r<»««l.lnn -erxl*-*** Ml 7 *U» 
j» in Ri'rfnou tvitic. “A f)iun»li«n That 
Interval* Krrry on**.'* 





Hurrah! Parradee Leads 

Others Wilt Follow 

Edward Parradee has just located Mr. and 
Mrs. ( Jeorge Jones from Stamford, Conner- ' 
tieut, on some of his lots on Maryland avenue 
last week and they have started to build. This 
is the first house to be built in St. Cloud, since 
the publicity campaign started. 

Mr. Parradee also stated lie has <x>ntracted 
wdh four farmers from Illinois and New 
V*k to come later and locate on his “FREE 
FARMS" and through his advertising is in 
correspondence with over “100" more, many 1 
of whom have promised to come. Ask those 
who have done business with Mr. Parr;nice , 
about his way of doing things and if you do | 
von will go to him for Free Lots and "FREE • 

Howard V 4 ampix-ll. DJ>. MlMff 

undny I at 0 30 n m 

YJnrt iiu; wrvkt nt 10:40 n. at 
Oh <* t .n rndonror nt 6:00 P m 
Kviu.'uw awtkv nt 7:60 p m 
PpRjrei IlMS-iin*. Mini M» 7 :.*R> |*. Ill 
SiiiiMl Moinliu "Vinton ind 

hii-ltlllf- "Hock H»«* IHwi I’liliica." 
sn imirrs nuil l**»irUt« pnrtll.tllv n*- 

l Hint It. UlTNhlp xi ltl» Ha. 

JAIL tram JackaonviMa of* • lusurloua 
new ship! L«*l than ovrrUnd 

travel Farca includa •learner and rail, 
• nd meal*, regular berth on *leam»h*p. 

Akr«« IJB JI lodmeapolk §43 OU 

AiU'U'Citv <*M J§§» 

« u. . ,nh. §••§! PRt.b.»r«k J §11 

H, i| |» *4 12 fw 11 **»<l. M». *>*•-' 

1109 r>..' **•#» 44.13 

4JCM *>-.«.♦ 4J.7§ 

ir.TJi j»ti r M4.. J*>l 

, . l,.,.,bw. »V J» T*woa»e 47 T» 

l>.„ ,i 4) J* Waeb.oaton 3t.7l 

• V i >!»«■ «>-•« br ••*! • • - 

it... *. 542 *2 PWU §14 ' lUtl.. §30 1*41 

lackionvlll* to Phila fvrrr Mon., Thura. 
Tm H.>«ton»|t«l'-mo »-• .“very Sun.. Thur*. 
5 P M (:loi.lo.. rou!•*. Mart K, April, %U 
DIRIlT Norfolk connection. Apply to 
our Orlando Office. *an Juan Motel, or 

Redpath Chautauqua 
Opens Season 
In Orlando 


Transportation Co. 




I tom Iti IlMrollhm. rtliio. Juiittiiry 1 . 
1 HKV Ris 1*1 V.-.l III* rdtHMllon tu 
IHiiaii aidiiml III Tl‘H*mlt»is*«ii. N v.. 
Stutr Nnriinil m hm*l it t Kn*l Strom* 
1,1,mil. Pit . n§§«! .Mvtmalui. Wla 'Vilen 
17 ( rrnr> old wit* yard !*•*»• for 
ton l.mulM f tV».. Noil It I**. \Vit 4 h . moved 
to N.mBoIi. wu. early i*nri of iwrj 

UltOPr Ik enlcM'.l I lit* lMII|4l>) hi Will, 
Kutegi'r CV. ii wRoleaaWr atld rrtRlI 
hardware ii I Hi mutiwry roitcern. 
where In* wnrbsl fur M yittir*. 

tin Li unary 1 . litiM hi* wr» **i*vHhll* 
mo of wtili h ly nti tin* wutd fur Lather 

♦lux 'IJiilu ll.iiitifuettin* lV».. dm In* Ike uwnmff 
t»f tiirti* >«■« i In- wu** l.roiwhi 111 off 

1*1 nli l l(el I ill** IihiiI nIt-1 III.Ilf** i*aMlrttilTIt Mil***- 

|fip I m.tou.o Ifnlitttitf I tint |****IM*'ii **l>ly 
L I nlHiiii fw» triuiitliu Mini wn§ mud«* 
iil.lif of tin* hit. liti»lui( f >«<|a. 1 1 in*nl 
%* nit | Ur 1 I***' hilt* v/prnill«*n n inimMrtp m*l 
IuuhIi I •t***k. |hi n lui“line uiul H»lr* ri*roril*v 
1 I Ju«t |*rlor l«* ll»i« wur wan imuli* pro- 
I ilmdlotl imllolgi l iitlil ►H|bTi»l*'Hi|POt 
* M " i nf (In* philif wllli IiIa olhcr work. Ill* 
inn** Hu 4 flr*d «.u|a-» tnt**Mil»‘iii In Mil* 
iv.iuk. i- In |dini- iilrly •**» u it*'tunlie* 

| m ivm tiuiitill‘1 4 * Uti ! t.illir^ 

1 i'iinir* In Ni 4‘lomt «iiniliH*r of 

^ ^ 11 |*| tmlll llo Now|»>ri nil KlRlItll a||'<* i d 

pill l it \l \NNOi vi r MKN I 

W <• . ,) i illnili |uirl<*r id tt»* *‘IU** n 

' I (Hid (i.iiiM mil v«.nidt for Ml** 

I i tii«- V(»C* I* f OpcpuIm r«»uuly I rci'.Vrod In miokr **f - "no vonr 

I hntit.y nnnoimrp niym-ir n - .. ... ,, i (l „ n ,| r y wlumr In* Im- f..r Him. - Attonmy f«*l th** u| , |# , „ vlllH f ,, r »,| m -. If ood .loill’. 

*cv, ntii'tilli,Aal Ctr. ull ••* | h .„,,rat.) 

P««r »00 E. Bay §t 

l HEt^TIW ^ UAi K 4 111 HI II 

rk * • 41 '*r * 1 *^* tkwhjayft **f 1 fiC 
«, *t th* • t»r -t i. n HrfrBcr 

•• <v| , orrw r ♦ I Htob^'l* itr&tl * 

t:. <*atl> v m 4 «*c* Aiitil*). rd*rH 

i Kk 11 iV* Ni It t\ 1 iH*aini 


It* i. I . M. I egins prinNl In rk©*r» 
Hondo 1u, & I6lh SI. 

I liurrti It R ; If* a ni 

Unroirg «rnrlM «! 11 :iV b to r tnrmmloiL f I rot 8ni» Uf I 

I u irmll I -urr fi.r M».- P •r.-nlc-mb 

' , II * ' * r • -• ' I » 

i * >, ••*>! it a uimty H* * Hnhevft n** tfi tu 
i ipb .u< * - u . i* .i. • n 

hitd»taut i«-r*u*» .1 W*«,l* Turb^r rt at. 

I *. f.<n«l.i|. i • Noflcv #*f Ralf. 

Vi.iln* ir her. by *ln . toy (be ini«l**e»tiriie.l 
4 t M|t«<ciftl M.ial. r toefaln h'-r( lofup 
I'.dWl** d !•* t*l*TV (9*0 I be l»*r*>«* .*f ill. fttl.ll 
h**rw nONtnl In Hi** nliuvn •tiitib <l '-tui** 
.•r th« <lt. v «*f .liiMU.i** \ I* I CO. 

Hud pltfvttant t*> tit, 1 .-MU 4 i<l •al.1 derre** 
I ihofl offer for M4l«* atoll •*•11 to tin- Mluf 
I on.| i.eai M.f.ii-r thrref,t|. t•**- liiirNtt* 
i.f | bo, J Wtole Tu< I of ud 

Ktlti*. I* THfkt r. Iti* t»lb', I*ntt.-il<i| I :• 
Infra. In, r t f'l.<*Ma t»»-l N 
P Itryan. •• -neb ltot**rri»t rttReil H iue 
*.f tbr lUMllulliei of tt»«* (»!**•'» 
tilled •toll «•* «* **lt»rr iiccru* -• Hi th** 
MUitlnr «|r*aTll»e,| |o >mIm* •«**-«•• *•» 

l la.-eelo Cunitty, I lurid., «1* tt- u*** ' • 

Ili a I*.*t,«lreU lilt) aU f.d E..*l atnf 11 •• 

hi’U.Irml fnriy-lkr-a ami imM towth* .'-.-t 
K. -till nt the XnrthH.*f fOMpr ef 5i\tl-,i. 
PH’tiU. TeH(.abl|» twrtolf Ovr ► • , I. 
Iltotur iw.-.iiy »»ln»* K(**l. H*d **• . llr-n, . 
M4.Mll* tltto-r It uiitlrtv.1 n!u«*t> four * i 
Hi*rre *oti|li fofti tw.* «|i«t «IH* ktoll le 

fvr* \V »I alt. Imi.ili'Ul l«", l»-. 

• bviix- North elf In hiimlml ai%t> ••*»»- 
fend. Mm un- R**l fnor l*',..ilr*v«l tint 
ii*rw f.y*t In hwrinnlnr . out. lining *i» 

re* !«*• one KBIT acre >"M t>* l« Id* 

• *-*;«ti.O MI*.I niurtiinl toy Him fttlPe ajiv*. 

• ml . v . ptltof sbeniroiti hImi Iiot It * •< ot 

nie.-w |J otiiHinir It* I plot 'if f'olonlal 
i i MnId nIi* to •« .nr on * It Rut 

Day tu M r. to. \ I* |l*» 0 . *«. •«- * U* 

Ii (lit* a nit ***1*1 .tale, IH ll.f Marrh 

third lino. toeftoPA III*, •'mirfh*>n*4- at KU 
ilrtiUkPA fitirlHit A 41 I 0 l*« l*t. InAilt' »•* III* 
Metoeat Milt 1.,-v,I |.|*1der With n‘t|UlPPIItrut 
uf <«ah or depwull ua In my Ulitrtllt 
MI'IIK Im-*| m( Hot** of niflKItia v.M-tl l.k*t«* 
'Uto-lMMV Tu pet fi.r d***,! lit la Jtiutur* 
itotl. tivtd 

Ml It tUT U t»4 • *t at UK ITT 

M|. I« lit I M,|*|, r It. rom 

Pi* *,-11114.01. KlttlMlto-. Flu 

Ali«*tttf> for Pm, ll|«lull.Kill 

It Ik VVUIlutdi U ,*•» i.l* 1 
h J. J«>llH«Tn|* ilu iiUoltlk'itl 
• *r t . 1 l«» t fm ill it (it)* 1 1 \r-»«M liit t< 

I li;%r 4 HWSTIAN ( HI K( II 
1 «*r hmikirM lif. 1 Iflb M. 
4Mt» Uliilrhunii lM*l»»r 

ldifftto nitfi* fin*: 
In month at 


'iW w«>tMto Ilf tut*. 

V«M| i*Vltafl*nt 


I 1*11 *»AI.|L— Wood, atovo Wood, flu** ba«i* 
abort .-nil* fnr aitiall Itc.lrr* T|rUlM«vf u 

Wood tfirl, iiir. Nlntti ttt. and Delaware 

• *r 

r r«‘ll<toa§ rwUliuL 
Qrth Tluirvlflyx onrli 
1 *fn* l and kltun«*iM*tj| 

rod -Vl.K—<»*... 4% b. i* Isiiur,*d. u« 

Hoard motor. In flito condition r*i ho 
•erto runulliM toy *tp|»»lltffiiAtt| for deinoto 
•t acion Apply It* iSrrey Tindall at tbv 
nft*r Mhop IJ* 4 f 

All orrvl<r^ Kitiidny will U* It* oltwrir** 
of Fvau*elt».t 1'ntil t'rnuk 

Nimitny e*.lUT*U Major t'runk kU- 

in> iiiii*i a hi* •iil.Jorl will I*.* Tllll*' 
fl«*ltj||ull. N * till 4 * •»!«»■ U(< ono *|l**ttld 

IIIK N Al.K-v* *.,*.»f» to«Mar. «. alrv. Ilahtr 
H.iilt plaiaaa ilirn. frail* l>4iM*a«, abult 
ire* * * lor* HMaXao Cor VMM Are A 
H 4 .ale. 0 rd l 4 rbw aaoeo .«• ot^ao A 

. 'I I Irtf.r,. ,«;j arnoa 

Are » iMtyd 

Ml rilOlHsr EPISC Ol'AI. (III Kill 
II. M. \iulrrw o, I'idor 

Tli^ liioffiirig w-rrln fi9irm« nu rnfi-a 
• tm* Ahmhatn 1 . 1 m otn Thi* vrtrmif 
"f Uir flag tif<* Inviitd The titn* U 

16:4.1 u m 

'11m Iitlil*. «t tmnl >imlliiUtoto |it |trtw, 
HfT liiol Mniutiiy. Uittal ttil«*n*«l In i 
h»*» FI.•> •!*' .dull cldaoiw Tittle t* | 

v :ui n vn 

Kpwnrih leiigui'N nt tl m |* m 
Kvetlllic eVitllRel t*.t |r «©f%teC* Ml 
7 :mi iv in “The Ne«l of ®rut)gpH«Di M 
A 111 tm fit.- «ah|iat. 

Vii «fT§ iufoll«Ue M-nie** wttti Eran 
cidlatu HpniKT oml (Iidti** will lavln 
<timlay. t, t.riinry IKfli 
Pmyer - leo, Wi*d at 7 on p. m 

xito *%L»—Valencia. Lue HWa 
Ruby bln hI and llvmtBa »*4 Orani 
r»>a rb Imuon rvwtL Uct mjr prl 
Hum*It V. arerly, rta 

i (Iona 

TJ. T 

Itnvliu ,nllre‘% imicrR***! »h 

J itio pun ttov of litIV r**. t ••• |4 iaI to'Vf'i 
II I teen yniro t tpcl ttmt I am qualtfliHl 
r *«, r m t » iliitie 4 of *»tir1i nfflev 

Who* n- y w * ' 1 1 ,*» f * thnl Utniuie 
•ml a nt.v a* *•* i in I o«l 4 *urt * f ho*ril, 

UN 4 Up | all III*. eu«<v« to In* irlmt l»y iNo ■t.itp - 

•1 "with iirfitrrw** |n t 1 >t cnnitty will '•*■ "*i|*lbtl 
T nt to an* tin 1 I- i ;•*»»•• where the dentil 
lit* | |n unity i" a»kfil. while In tt»*iT***la 
_. nut \ nil r-nofa Wnllltl tm Ifltil (tint 
^ id. 

If flo« loti I «•>* ii re you (tint I will 
|n*rf<*rm my Uutle* to the twot of my 
ability If you frrl that ymi can civ«* 
tm* your vote uful eittritotrl. It will he 
.ifitly uitprwlatol, 


Jl It 

xrittititbb, Mud*-in "Mii.kv. )9*r. i.Mi« 
Ml - 1 Muiall pay 

•I , »to>9s n. i.»*(<*»h-i |.4«rrH-ii*rut at At 
lto.% 1UL 4t tleud 30 It 

I *K Hill. Iltllt ItllfHh 

il i III* h*j i»<irtcwlly in 

.al ti.,1 brooded, l..-gb<.rita .»•<•! . 

i t ,d t*att*-r; bateMuf cyg*; < M*4om 
lug A. M l 11 ■ * M \ 4 K 

t 4*§4 **tl.W Uk.Mt.- taland llaby I'blohe 
I.* - )«♦•»» i.f yood la vine Harr*d U.hA i*ut 
na w M*uiinr At- at tu> 




Koofa of Asboaton. Wood Shingle*. Compoaltloa Shlnglei 

• • treull t'nitrt f.*r the Mrt» *.*-•* iib I i, 

Jadlrlul Lin-nil *d Photoln Iti nud *, ] 

i*a« 4 vu|a f uunli 1 1 . Ihano'-r* No All 1 | 
Mra Pantile It ioa, a widow • '*.niplalil«nl 1 |. 
t.riH iiHtri., It iruyeou. ui nl, o-f I,, 
ant** N«»ti(. f MaMurt Hal* .N«u* - 19 . 

tl**v .-*. 9 ,’lvti* Ii) like titodefalaned . 

Special lUder )M«relll her.-l-.l..*,- ap)N>4ote«l 
ii. r »r> out tb** Term a **f thi< tonal il"t' 
outeml In 11 * utoore eiitlUe*! enua* ,.e 
».•».*.-v .‘Mb. |<<U>. 1 but |*nr«i* •*.* ». *1 . |- 

in, - I knll t 

iiiti! *m *t i,i tb. !ilith«**d and »**-» t»ld*l.-t § 
Mierefur lb.- tl.teretota »*f* It Im» •* 
. 1 Klin ii im 4 

M‘,.Her l« Murt *r am.I Kl*l<’ '1 xiaru>r hi* 
X'.lfe r.» • (it - Ii inter-** rdild it tto> 4 ,1- 
<*f Iba luallinlltiU **f 1 be mL.iv*- a\|ll -M |» 

Mim *. acrrued. In tl*. fullowlna <l*-a. rilvoal 
l>r*'Utle**a bn-.iie,i in 11 1 L'ouiity Plt.r 

Ida, trial Lot fnurleon ill* «>f III.,, b m. 
tit H* a et,nil tig la Hi* plat nt aald land- 
lielitw the Pb.rbln I lea In, ,1 Land i'»*u> 
l»«ny'* Kubdlvi«l«*fi No. I, now of roeord 
lit lb*- uf It**- of I he 1‘lerk of tto* Clto-i-i* 
mart f*»r <»)*• mutit,r *,f o*<eui*t, Htot*- of 
I- |r,villa, to* Plat Itook 'It t*aae« <V« a»-.| 

Formal Opening of l 


Friday, Feb. 7,19301 

Legal Advertising 

luk KVA T— Turn lake d apaituMtola •• 

p,)M>d air.-, 1 . AU ronvenlant ta baalnawa 
•••*'1 luo AUo room an,1 (,*»•** far tnr 
n,< 1 ImjMire 4BI Peann. Aw. M#rtb 14 If 

In llrcttll fuUVl (er ttou StienleoiUb 
Judicial 01 mill of Ptoolda tu nnd Jm 
1 •»,vi>b* Oounty I*' Obane.-n - s *' 

Jubu J JebkMao, «• Receiver of rto* 
Peoplew Itonk uf Mt Clvttd. etc. *-mii* Hi 
I'luud Really Po„ -t a I, defbndaata. For*; 
eloaure ••( Mortaaa*' S**llce of MaatftT* 
Hale Nolle,. »• to* reby glc u toy the tin 
dofalgnvd, tin Hfieelal Maaler herein Iwie 
1 ..fare appointed l« carry out the tertna of 
1 to- final a*" rw «'nU*n*4 In tho ntoove • »» 
tilled rauM> on 1 •**» Llth .lay ol January. 
I'.*;M>. that purauaut to tin- tefiua of wild 
Awwl .lacree, t ahall -.ffer for >ab- -.n*l «•»» 
to th** lilaheal »»*d to«wl totoldei theef*** 

I bo iMU-rcata of Hi Cloud Uenliy . *• 
eurpornUnh. and It Prank Patton. In and 
to (be fullowlna dr»* rllo*d |*r**iiil*« • I ***-* 
t«>d In Urcvola County. Kt otw i*. l.o**» 

r*7. jw*. jm* :ikT», stl. 8 ». >ift' «wu ;vmi in 
Meettou out*. t*.w**ahl|* tweuly m.utb, 

Uni* a* tlilriy Ifluat; nl* 4 * L**j* -71. 

373. -74, .HA. a»l. .ULl **»*l !h (**•*-• l«n 
•lx. TowmmMi* iwanty-ala Houib. range 

IIV are glad In am tk*( ear old fd*w4*» eomtuu l.a.-k frota the Norik. Kmm 6 - 
r-er ibv \t 4 *wry Apia, aro r.ady fwr yak* 
All ...oileru • on*- uloo.ea §10 Pta Aw 

»<»m ica.Ni I'leaaant dowuMtatrw for 
nUk. i Mpirtmuiif. 4 largw roenia .«ad Jotet 
nveptlon rvotu •'.•<* per inontb. uloe (a. 
nlee •l.i-plox rnoQt* Up nla*r» .T» I* 
Mu a*, tv, I Rtf 


a txi M* t 

w-anle n home 
uf old folk* 
Cloud. Pin. 

middle aged %*,,*•*• ti that 
to k*M«p buna** for u waph- 
Addreoa I*01, tliy W 

111 4§n 

All new Spring and Summer stylus just arrived for the 
opening of our new Shoppe. 

n %NT#;|» A -t.rtH/ik.vf for PI***. ()P 0 %- 

t’nrk f**r the •t.muv-r montbM 1w R II 
Herat* ten. I fox 124© or on tbe gruand 

1*0 t»i* 

UXHiKir— Man le «*arw h»r a roe# and 

burn*' place. R.-»*4*n/ihb* n»nt for bam«> |o 
cburgtil agatnat pay for work «*n vote, 
Wrlln Col I. A Wood Hi * loud. *•„ 

I inf 

Specials ,for Fri., Sat. & Mon 

45 Gauge Jersey Bloomer, Regular iM.50 «i n< 

In cin’Kli Court for iki- h. 9 , nt»*ei,ih I 
Jnitb'lr I t?!f< nt! of Kb,rid.t in god to*r 
fieri*,.In C**ilf*l> lo CIu*m,-i ry loltu J 
Illt biir.U ('•unplalnaiit, v*. K * Itrvw*,, 

11 nI, Ivefr-ndanta Pore. l.,%nr*> *«f Vl>»rt 
g.ige Order of .,»*>,„ t o K C 
llrow-n KUeliot,*.-*- I *»« ,•,,*i» County, I'l-.r 
Ida *< ippuurlny from »<•« rtdurn >■* 
Hh.-nir >,r tloeiwita Counly, Florida on »h* 
«lil*|toenri leaned In tide eaum* ogalnel you 
gml frt.rn afllitavu t.f uttoruey L<r *h.- 

< ivillplillbNPt (Ii I hie cauec tlu*I you < 11 
>a roun.l In till* County and Itml *-,u ur«- 
4 t..i*< ••ullnu y.Miraelf en that pf ,*-♦••• In 
thin •:* »•< eaonol tie anrvMl upon you 
y«n ore b, r*»t.y 4***! *., h*» *...| np 
pear In the ntioro .-niltb-l cnu««- lo-fore Cjr*'Ui» 4Veilrl K|mnI|iiio*«> IMo'-ilu 

Count.y Kiorida. ou the ilrd duy of Mar. k, 

\ I* ItcMl under lly *»f din*rot* |,n< 

• on fee •>, Iwlng eiitereil ugaitiel > 0*1 of, 

.. «* >> *»i aald canai «hi*H t- > mil • 

fnrmdfioo tkat rertnln real *-atnl*> uiorfyag** 
iconh'd In MorlKAK*. |to*»h «. png*, *C. 
ptitollr rwidile of OmcooIii (Stunt) Florid-, 
X’ttnoaa the lton**rnl*le Prank A. HtnKli. 

Judge of tin* above foiliH-d Court <«l 
Klaeliunioe. Meet,la f'ounty, Florida. thl* 
if*, jin h day <>f January, A h run 
Clerk Circuit **nurf, Oeeradu (Vunty, 
Mtale of Plorbta 
Ry W H Pound, l» C 
icinuil Cnurt Real) 

Murray W Overnimet. 

KoilrRot tu, Complainant, 

Klaajmmee, Florida 

J » KIT 

MAM m HUNT N**»y l*,y inonlb) an 

1 uruletH’.l miloie wdb Ineolo di**,n* wo at 
•*-*••1 *••-■ r*u»m can In- ,i<al«sl by wood 

-love lt*<e«t. r,.r I Ilia and Itlinola. Mi 
Ctuud Rt-llto 

»II AT »*> itn law* . prlivel eottage 
•*uy in hi c|«ud fa*- nod .dear? I 
XI llttod. nor. c.ih an.l llllm.i* Are 

(iuaranateed Fust Color Print Dresses 
HI 9, r > Value. 

null Court fur the IkwalWilh 
circuit "f Florida In nnd for 
County. Mtatn of Florida In 
r . |-;t btd T famuli. tNmiplulnunt 

I ufli* r Tn. II defemlnnt H**h 

, r< ,. . 1 , .i- r "i Putolb 1 < Ion n>- 

Flortolu I** Luther Trufwdl 
l«, -ivnuiMMM. V..U am hemtov 
ltd «(» to*, amt appear l*ef«r*’ I he 
l onrt Ooecola County, nt Kteelin 
•rid**, oil 1 h»* Rule l>".v lii March. 
Lhe I bird day »f Milreb A 1> 
the above enlltlml mil* under 
of deer*pro eonfowau toelug en 

rm# city U*t» him! Fnntm In A>** 4 ^*d, 
County. A|*uly tr. Khlxvnnl Pnrcminr 
Fifth strecl nnd MUmoitrt nvnuniN Sf 

(M . * ef 

Silk to Top Ciua ran teed h*ull Kashioiied Service 
Hose, Jf 1.50 Value_ 

CAXCNk eperlallal «>awra 
bixaiulnatton fr,« v »r S. 
•4-tft N New York Ave. hi 


tiMKMtoMAKINO—Your sewing 
•atlefeetury to you and ajtpmc 
Mra. U. It. Puty, Co 1 , a nib hi 

roll YOfilt PAINT Mini 
drop Win Abbott a card; 
(tenter J.tlta and mof p 
Abbott Mi Cloud. Pla 

County. Florida mi tbla .lanintry .'inti 


Clerk t*lrrult Onurt. o»<***»iu County, 
Hint*, *>r Florida 
(Clmitt Ceorf Heal) 

lly W W Pound, l> C 
Pal Jobnaton, Ktaalminee. Fla 
Attorney far Complainant 



100 Broadway Next Door Poatal Telegraph Office Kitaimmee, Fla.